We are going to take a look at the umi dg a11 tab, but first things first lets unbox this beauty. So it comes in this big yellow box, with the red and white umid dg logo in the corner, plus a barcode on the side and some main specs listed on the back. It comes with the mediatek helio p22 octa core chip clocked at 2 gigahertz the power vr ge 8320 gpu, a 8 000 milliamp hour battery 4 gigabyte ram and 128 gigabyte storage, bluetooth 5.0 built in gps and 5 gigahertz wi fi support dual nano sim and micro Sd card support a 10.4 inch 2k ips display 16 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel front camera, plus a led flash side, fingerprint sensor and face id unlock and last but not least, stock android 11 os with ota support. So here you get a lot of nice hardware. Ok, so here we have all the stuff: first, some instructions in english, sim ejection tool, a black and red usb to usb c cable, plus a wall charger with 5v2 amp, which seems to be a standard charger with 10 watt. Next up lets have a closer look at the tablet, so it comes with this cover, which also can be used as a nice stand, while watching movies or youtube its a nice extra and good for people who travel around or just as an extra layer of protection. So on the left, we find a usb type c port and two speakers at the bottom, some pins, which can be used with an extra keyboard sold separately plus a dual nano sim tray and on the white again two speakers and a side fingerprint sensor, which also Works as the power button last in the top a microphone and the volume buttons.

The selfie camera is on 8 megapixel and is using the sony imx 219 cmos sensor with aperture 2.2. Besides of the matte foil, it also comes from the factory with a pre installed thin screen protector lets just remove the tablet from the case, and here you see the case in detail its not high end, but its okay and more than enough for standard protection. The tablet looks cool and is just 7.9 millimeter thin with a weight on about 527 gram, its impressive that they managed to put a 8 000 milliamp hour battery inside of this and even give it a quad speaker, setup. The frame and back side is made of full metal, so lets get rid of the plastic in the center. It says umidigi in grey and in the corner. We see a rear, led flash and the 16 megapixel samsung s5 iso cell camera with aperture 2.0. The build quality and materials are really top, but i noticed that we are missing two things: nfc and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So there are some shortcomings that you have to live with so lets now boot up the device for the first time. You see that it is brand new, as it shows the initial setup, and here we now have the main home screen. The speed seems good and its very responsive. The tablet comes out of the box with close to stock android 11.. The brightness is good, but can be set even higher overall, a really good looking tablet with some awesome features.

The 2k ips display has nice colors and a good resolution, but, as you here can see, the viewing angles could be better its okay, but till that it does lose. Some brightness and clarity now lets go to the fingerprint settings and the face unlock settings which i already have set up so lets test it with the middle finger. I turn it on and it will directly unlock by identifying my face with my face turned away. It will not unlock, and, with my index finger touching the power button, it will use the fingerprint scanner and also directly unlock this works. Really good could be a little bit faster, but it works while the face unlock is not really reliable, as it sometimes can fail because of the angle so also the left. We find google news and overall, the touch and speed is very smooth and nice in the quick toggles you can switch to the built in dark mode, which i personally prefer, as it is better for the eyes and battery. The tablet does support ota updates, which indeed does work, as i already got one update offered with the app drm info. We unfortunately can see that this tablet is only white wine, l3, so not l1, which means that it is not possible to play. For example, netflix in hd still netflix, disney, plus and amazon prime will of course work, but just in standard definition, the built in google play store is fast and also certified.

So this is good. A quick look inside cpu set shows that it almost has all types of sensors built in like light sensor, compass, gyroscope for 360 vr, etc. Only a proximity sensor and a wake sensor is in fact missing. Another nice thing is that split screen works perfectly on this device. As you can see here, Music here, the stock, wallpapers and widgets out of the box, it doesnt show an app drawer, but this can locally be changed inside the home settings on the tablet you can set on screen buttons or use gestures like i here do a Special nice thing is that you can fast swipe at the bottom to jump to any of the open apps. In the background lets check the four speakers. I think they are okay, loud with clear and decent quality, Music Applause, Music now to a game test with call of duty mobile, which basically wants okay but with low settings. So this tablet can want bigger 3d games but expect small hiccups. So, honestly, its not really something for hardcore gamers. The tablet gets around 103 000 points in antutu, so nothing special Laughter, weve taken the lead contact with enemy enemy Applause, weve, taken the lead contact with the enemy Applause, Laughter, enemy, Music targets inside Applause, so lets also have a closer look at the cameras. The camera app is close to stock, and here you see the different sizes in picture. The quality is decent, but not on level with smartphones in picture mode, you can shoot pictures with autofocus or with manual focus.

This works fine, but i did stumble into a small block with the front camera in picture mode with autofocus. It is all good, but as soon you use manual focus the app hangs. This is luckily not the case with video here it works. So i really hope this bug will be addressed in the future new update from yumi gg, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so thats it for the video. Now to my final verdict, the umidigi a11 tab offers a nice build quality and hardware plus a lot of features. The only real drawback i see is the weller weak, mediatek helio p22 chipset, which isnt the best for intense 3d gaming, but for most users who just want to surf the web, use social medias watch movies and youtube. This is a good choice. It is a bit disappointing with the white wine l3 and the bug in the front camera. However, its something i still can live with, because movies still look good and i rarely use the front camera in a tablet, so its not really a problem. For me, what makes this tablet good is the four speakers: 2k display stock, android experience, long battery life and the sleek slim design. Currently the price varies a lot depending on what site you order it from, but overall you get a good value for the money.