So this is a mediatek helio p10 powered mobile phone with four gigabytes of RAM let's have a look in detail and see whether the phone is any good or not. The super has a 5.5 inch 1080p screen on the rear you see, it's has a metal housing, we have a fingerprint scanner, do LED flash and 13 megapixel camera, as well as the secondary mic and, on the right hand, side power on volume up and down, and A type C port microphone and loudspeaker on the left hand side. There is the Quick Launch button and the sim tray on the top, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a front facing five megapixel camera earpiece and proximity and light sensor. So the little bit is quite good fits in hand, quite nice and easy access to the power and volume buttons right there and all in all. I do like the build of it. So the screen has 342 lumens of brightness, which isn't the brightest screen. But you can see here in the shade I can still make it out just fine and now under Sun I'm, still able to see just what is on the screen. So the centauri on the super support 2 micro Sims or you can use a micro SD card and a sim as seen here, it's running Android, six with a stock launcher which is good to see and they haven't installed any blood applications. The only applications that we're on there we're, just basically the Google apps the essentials there you get, Google Calendar Play Store of courses there and other stop.

Applications like play games play movies, so there are only a few tweaks, so they've made their. We do have a turbo download mode which allows you to use your sim card and wireless at the same time to help increase your download speeds. There is a notification light down here that they call the Harlequin LED. You can change that tweak that a little bit and there are virtual when I first got it – there were virtual menu keys and I thought hang on doesn't. This have home button and back and menu keys. How do we once yes, it does, but you have to actually go and enable that for some reason it wasn't there the option until I downloaded and over there update it is now there buttons you can choose between button type, the physical buttons or then the virtual Ones to change to virtual. I of course here prefer having hardware buttons so I'm, not losing any screen space, so the ROM itself performs really well. I haven't any problems with it whatsoever. I haven't seen any stutter or lag. Everything opens up quite quick and easy. Definitely the CPU side of things of the Helio p10 is perfectly fine. I do find that to be acceptable and I'll just run through now some of the benchmarks that I did run. So this was the first. This was the over there update that I got so that's the version that I'm reviewing here. You can see that's the you me super revision 3.

0. This is the Geekbench 3 score, that's, not actually your bad scroll or considering. This is a mid range. Chipset has an optical, and these are the internal storage speech. These speeds are quite good because it is running in each MMC 5.1, so the faster one and there's, actually a Samsung, emmc they're, so good sequential reads, writes and the randoms too quite fast here is the antutu score. So this is where the device starts to show a lack of performance, as in the GPU, the GPU, the meli t8 60 is only a 2 core and is not really the fastest there. So scores are slightly slower when it comes to 3d performance and with slingshots as ice storm. I still my limited score now. The 4G speeds I managed to get some really good upload speeds. You can see 32 megabits per second. That is quite good. The download, I think it was down to the network saturation. It really does vary because sometimes there'll be a lot of people on and the same antenna using the same tower as me downloading a lot. But I find those speeds that I got quite acceptable and the GPS works quite well locks on it. Didn'T have any problem at all, actually getting a lock. The first boot only took literally about three seconds and moving around town and using it. In my car I found the GPS performance to be perfectly fine. I have no complaints whatsoever with it.

Now I did run the PC mark, a battery life test calibrated through their display to 200 lumens of brightness, as they recommend and I managed to get 8 hours and 31 minutes now. The first time I did this test, I only got 6 hours, so I fully discharged and recharge the battery, and it gave me this score here, which i think is more correct to the capacity of the battery, which is four thousand milliamp hours, so not a bad Score at all, you can see there that it just gradually declines and then once the test gets to 20, it does actually stop there and the screen on time was 7 hours and 14 minutes so battery life. I think, definitely acceptable. So you might have seen that super. Has this shortcut button here and what it basically does is just that you quick launch your own favorite application there so it's a little bit of a gimmick, and you have settings right here. So there are shortcut button settings you can go along and select the application that you want to launch. So here I have the camera and select. For example, I want to launch clash of clans with that button, so now simply pressing that will now start clash of clans, so it does have a fingerprint reader on the rear for increased security, and here I've added my same finger five times so I'll just demonstrate To you, there's the reader on the back didn't work, didn't work, didn't work there we go so that took three attempts: I'll lock it again, we'll try again that works straight away.

That works straight away. Didn'T work, sick and go so it's, not actually flawless. It tends to work, I would say a good three out of five times so it's not perfect. I found that when you haven't used the phone for a little while and go to use your fingerprint to wake it up and unlock it. It won't work straight away, but once you used it and you're using it and then you put it in and then then it will work for some reason. So there seems to be a little bit of a driver problem there. The fingerprint reader does work, but it is a little slow and definitely, as you can see, it's not always working a hundred cent of the time. So the camera is a 13 megapixel panasonic sensor with a 4 by 3 ratio and honestly there is not much to talk about when it comes to the camera so I'm not going to spend too long on this. We get various different options on their settings in there you can add GPS all the standard camera mode. There is a zero shutter delay and I found the shutter to be okay, but when you're in low light conditions, the two shutter and the viewfinder lag is quite horrible, it's a little slow, the camera and the video mode. We do have electronic image stabilization and the video sitting on fine is in 1080p. The problem with the camera is the software. I will show you now to some sample images that they've just got the colors completely wrong here.

You me this photo in particular. In fact, all of them, this guy is supposed to be a nice blue. This see nice and blue and there's an orange kind of rock look to it, but everything just seems gray. The sky is gray the same here. In fact, this really demonstrates the fact that the sky should look a very nice blue tone and it's. Not there it's, just gray it's awful front facing camera also takes the same kind of grade odd, coloring it's, just not really that good at all, and here is a 1080p sample. Yet again the colors! You me your software optimization is completely wrong here, so not good. At all, tap the screen. Well, the camera does capture some detail really I'm, find it to be truly the most disappointing part of this mobile phone so I'm, going to quickly play a track here in YouTube. Just to hear how the loudspeaker sounds by the way, the performance and the browser like any optical mobile, it's, very smooth, very fluid. I don't really need to go into any detail deal with a browser, but the loudspeaker let's check that out now high numbers in volume. Okay, so the loudspeaker is disappointing. It should be a lot louder than what it is, but I can report that the 3.5 millimeter jack very good to see that it does have one and not just the type C port. This port outputs a lot louder than the speaker itself and the quality is quite clear and voice calls.

I have made one voice call on here and I had no problems at all. Listening to the person on the other end, the quality they said seemed fine. They didn't notice any difference for me. Switching mobile phones. What I normally use, which is a galaxy, is seven or my me max no difference a whatsoever, so call quality seems quite good and at least the 3.5 millimeter output is good, but the loudspeaker thumbs down so let's have a look and see how the yummy super Games this title here is GT racing 2. So, despite those lower benchmark scores a 3dmark and n2 to attending this game, fine, the GPU can still handle 1080p gaming. I think ok title as Marvel contest of Champions. This last title is Mortal Kombat X, so that's running smooth. This is quite a demanding game, so the Mele t8 60 can handle 1080p gaming just fine it a probably struggle with a 1440p screen, but here with 1080 super smooth, no problems. So while the yume super, I don't think is a bad phone, the camera differently, let sit down there's some serious software, optimization that needs to be going on there. You may need to really focus on fixing that otherwise it performs well. It plays tech games quite well. 1080P, the GPU can handle that so benchmark scores from the GPU aren't great, and you can get mobile phones out there that have Snapdragon 650 S or the helios x10 for about the same price and even slightly better build quality from the likes of Lee EKKO and Show me so maybe you should look around on the market.

There'S. Definitely other options out there.