. Although this model is around a couple of years old now, Ive had my eye on it for some time as its got everything Ive been looking for in a monitor. Lets, take a look at the specs of the panel to find out what makes it so interesting. Its a 34 inch monitor with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio. In terms of resolution. It runs at 3440 by 1440, which is bigger than some of the other cheaper ultrawide monitors out there. Its also got G Sync, which again is going to up the price a bit compared to FreeSync alternatives. However, as Ive got an Nvidia graphics card, this is perfect.. The panel also runs at 60Hz out of the box, but it can be overclocked to 100Hz with no problems and, if thats, not enough for you check out the newer X34P, which goes up to 120Hz., Its also got a 4ms grey to grey response time and a Peak brightness of 300 nits., Usually with these kind of specs theres, some trade off like the panel being TN, but thats, not the case here as its using an IPS panel.. This allows for wide viewing angles up to 178 degrees vertically and 172 degrees horizontally, and while looking at the screen on any angle, I personally had no problems at all. Everything was still clear with no observable colour. Shift. IPS panels also generally give great colour, reproduction and Acer state that this one is capable of 100 sRGB.

So Ive tested this with my Spyder 5 Pro, which confirmed that it is indeed capable of displaying 100 of sRGB as well as 73 of NTSC and 79 of AdobeRGB. So it seems like a pretty good choice for content. Creators like myself. As youve, probably noticed its got a curved screen. Ive always been interested in this, but at the same time, didnt want to spend a lot of money on a curved monitor without trying it first to see if Id actually like it and overall Id Say it was pretty good. It was a bit strange, editing, video in Adobe Premiere as the timeline didnt look straight, but with a display this wide. The curve definitely helps in seeing the far edges. Its got a 1900R curve, and I dont personally find it too harsh to me. It felt fairly subtle. Ive also performed. My usual backlight bleed test on the display, which involves having the screen show a completely black screen in a dark room to help emphasize any bleeding around the edges.. I then take a long exposure photo with my camera to help display any bleed. So basically, this is a worst case scenario test.. We can see that theres a bit of bleed towards the corners, and I didnt personally notice it during normal use anyway, although this will of course vary between monitors., Its, not all just about the panel, though taking a look at the rest of the monitor its got.

A solid metal V shape stand with a handle on the top., The bezels arent too thick at around 1.5cm, based on my own measurements, but honestly they werent even noticeable as theres, so much screen to look at.. The stand can also be removed, revealing a standard 100mm VESA mount.. The back is a black glossy plastic which easily shows up dust and fingerprints, although this probably isnt too much of an issue unless youre going to be looking at the back. Theres. Also two 7 watt speakers on the back and I thought that they actually sounded pretty good. Music was clear even at maximum volume, which sat at around 80 decibels and there was even a little bass., It does sound a little distant as its coming from the back. But if youre against a wall, it sounds better. The IO on the back towards the bottom faces out and from left to right, theres, a DisplayPort HDMI port power input, 3.5mm, headphone jack and USB hub with 4 USB 3.0 Type, A ports which are accessible once you Connect the included USB Type B, cable to your PC.. As for the rest of the included cables, you also get a HDMI, cable, a DisplayPort, cable and, of course, power. Cable with external power brick., The metal stand in addition to large panel size, makes the whole monitor fairly heavy weighing in at around 9.9KG and due to the size, I wasnt able to weigh it myself., Although its quite sturdy considering its size.

If I bump the desk, the panel does wobble a little. As for the overall dimensions, its 82.55cm in width 37.6cm in height and 9.9cm in depth. So its fairly big youll definitely want to measure your desk first to make sure youve got enough. Room. Theres some level of adjustments available too, with 5 to 35 degrees of tilt and 13cm of height adjustment with enough tension, so that the screen actually stays where you leave it., No swivel or pivot. Here, unfortunately. Pivot, I understand, but a little swivel would have been nice.. The on screen display was pretty easy to use and navigate through. There are physical buttons underneath the front on the right hand. Side.. Also under the front is the LED lighting bar with 9 lights, which can be changed through the on screen menu options., The colours can be changed between blue white orange, red or green, and the effects can be changed between fixed breathing, flashing or ripple, and you can Of course turn it off if you prefer. The operating power, consumption for the monitor is listed as 54 watts on the spec sheet and while testing at 100Hz, with minimum brightness with the LED bar on, I found it to sit at around 25 watts at 50 brightness. The total power draw rose to 42 watts, while at 100 brightness it increased to just under 60 watts.. Turning the LED bar off only seemed to change things by 0.4 watts or so.

. So far the monitor looks pretty great, but how was it to actually use day to day Ive edited a couple of videos with it now and Im still getting used to the extra space. I actually feel like Ive got too much, which sounds strange to say. I probably just need to get used to it. More. Playing games such as PUBG was a bit different too. The field of view is quite a bit wider, which really helps with the immersion factor. Combined with G Sync and the 100Hz refresh rate playing games felt awesome again, having come from two 24 inch monitors from 2010. However, you will of course need a pretty powerful graphics card to push that many frames at the 3440 by 1440 resolution Im using the Nvidia 1080 here.. As for the price, its come down a bit over the last couple of years, but its still definitely not cheap youre paying for a premium product. In Australia. This model goes for 1299, AUD or 999 USD from Amazon at the time of recording, which seems pretty fair compared to the competition for what youre getting.. So what did you guys think about the Predator X34 monitor from Acer? Overall, I like the design, the colours and materials, look pretty good to me personally without looking too gamery. The 100Hz refresh rate high resolution and G Sync support, make it a great combination in games and the colour accuracy and extra space make productivity tasks such as video Editing a breeze.

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