So this is going to feel like a laptop keyboard, and I have uh done a review about the foldable keyboard and Im going to put a um the link in the description. The reason Im mentioning that is because the keys on that keyboard are actually much softer than this one. These are going to actually be more firm than the Giga gigabyte laptop that I have so um. According to the manufacturer, the keys have a Scissor foot bottom structure which give it a nice rebound effect and comfortable typing, and I can tell you that theyre not actually lying about that, so its actually very comfortable to type and very silent as well as you can Hear so I really like the typing on this keyboard uh. I feel like its very comfortable for the size and each key actually feels very nice to um to press, so it has different lighting effects. As you can see here. I like this uh effect here because it looks more professional, so if youre doing some school work or if youre with co workers um, this looks more suitable than the RGB lights, because it looks more playful. But you know it depends um your taste, so you have different variety of options that you can choose from. So you also have a breathing mode here. You can also turn it off and then we have the same effects back again, so something I did not notice here is that theres no, I cannot reduce or increase the brightness.

I think theres only one brightness, with the lights and but yeah, I dont think thats a big problem here: Music um, so you have a different, also um functionalities here, depending on what operating system youre using. So if you uh have the keyboard connected to an Android, then you have uh different options up here, that you can control the brightness uh the volume, and if you um, connect this to a Windows, then um. You can also um switch the the keyboard and be able to use all the F keys at the top here, so this is also going to be comparable with IOS operating system so um. I think that its a very nice keyboard here, um, according to the manufacturer. I saw on on on the site here that they said it had a 280 milliamp hour battery, but here on the manual they actually show that it has um 800 milliamp hour battery. So, Im not really sure what would mean the correct answer here, but I can tell you that, as you can see, also it has a automatic um. It can turn off automatically. So its going to save you, energy and I dont think you will be using this as your main keyboard. So you know I dont think that it would be an issue here um. I want to show you here on the back of the keyboard and theres. Nothing here that is actually that is going to help.

You um incline this so thats one of the problems I can see here, so this is going to be like a. I think that this is a aluminum plate here on the back in here on the front is plastic, so its also very lightweight, so this Waits about seven ounces and thats. One of the things that I really like about this. So this measures about 9.5 inches and about six inches and, as you can see here its as they say its ultra thin. So I cannot really measure here its not even half half an inch here, its less than that so thats, something very nice because you can put in your backpack and you can travel with it. Something that I can say is that it really feels a little bit fragile, so you may want to be careful to not put in where you can bend it too much, but yeah its just um you. You have to be careful with that um. So with the um, if you need to Incline this one solution that I found and you need to be creative with this, so in my case something that I use is this case is here – and I just put it on the back here and that just works Perfectly fine for me so its much more comfortable when you have this inclination here, but if youre, if youre going to use this on a keyboard tray, it will be in a lower position.

So you probably dont need no nothing to Incline here, uh, so yeah! I dont think thats a big big issue, so you will have to be creative and find a way to make it more comfortable. So this one does not come with a stand for the phone, so you you can use a a phone stand like this. This also works for a tablet, so I did a video review of this and Im going to put a uh the link in the description so yeah. I think that its a pretty good keyboard, um Im actually very impressed, and I would actually recommend it so Im going to put the the link in the description where you can buy it. And if you have any questions you can.