An intelligent monitor, stand with hub from lanqueue now lancu does a number of these types of accessories, for desktops and for pcs, and what this is is an intelligent stand that allows you to place your display or your laptop at an elevated level. But then it has a bunch of other peripherals where you can kind of plug in and have a clutter, free, desktop experience, check, links in the description for this product and look at this. We even have a wireless charging stand on this intelligent, monitor, sand, let’s, go ahead and unbox this bad boy and just fyi guys i’m shooting here with the ultra white cameras on the 12 pro max, because this is a big box, but let’s lift the lid down. Have a look there, we go let’s see what is inside this box. Initially, these are the legs of the stand and you can see here and you have all the different types of connections that this stand supports. So you have the on off switch. You have two type c 3.2 ports and you have two usb 3.0 a ports. So this is a really modern setup here and it will work at very high speeds with whatever you plug into it, and we also have this nifty remote control. You can adjust the colors and the modes as well. We have the charging brick, and this looks to be a 48 watt charger there. It is – and you also have an included usba to usbc high speed, cable and here’s the instruction manual for the lancu pc docking.

Pro there it is in english and now taking the actual stand out here we go and here’s the top of the stand, and this is nice. This is almost got like a leathery feel to it and there you see lancu – and this is gon na – be your wireless charging stand. That is pretty neat simple process to build this thing, so you just slot in the legs like so clip into place. There we go and you see all the connections that you actually use to power. This smart stand so here’s where we’re gon na plug into power – and this is basically gon na power – the fingerprint scanner. Yes, there is a fingerprint scanner. I forgot to mention on this unit right here, and that is a very cool feature and there it is guys. Your intelligent, smart stand with hub and so i’m going to plug this in and bring in my laptop and we’re going to play around with this setup and see. How could this work for your own desktop setup at home or at work stay tuned all right guys. So i’m back plugged in to this line, q, intelligent, monitor, stand and now ahead of time guys. I probably don’t have the best setup in terms of computers, but you would normally have your monitor here connected to. Of course, a pc desktop tower or mini pc, and so, if there are any mini, pc or laptop pc vendors out there.

And if you want to send out a review unit to frankie tech, so i can better use this type of setup do hit me up, but for now just want to show you guys here on the side. Is the power on off switch let’s, go ahead and turn this on, and you will see what just happened: let’s turn off the lights, to show you that’s right guys. We do have led lighting on this intelligent, monitor sand and it is pretty cool. Look at this. So you can use red, you can go to green, you can go to blue and you can even adjust it to auto, so it will kind of cycle through various colors. That is a very neat look, but on top of that guys, of course, the whole point of this setup is so that you can have your monitor and then have it plugged in underneath those other ports that i showed you and you can also obviously plug in Other additional hard disks, additional accessories, you’re going to be able to do a number of different connections to your desktop pc and your monitor as well. And, of course, you can imagine, having your monitor, set up and then pressing. The fingerprint scanner and you’ll actually be able to log in directly to your pc, just using the fingerprint scanner, but now, if this is something that’s going to be going into my current setup, there is one thing i do want to try so we’re going to go Ahead and put the xiaomi 11 here, let’s go ahead and put it on and see how it goes and there we go 91, and so there you see it now.

It is charging up the xiaomi 11. it’s a very convenient place to leave your phone during the day when you’re working – and i think this setup for some of you out there is going to be the perfect arrangement. If you have your monitor, you have your phone on the side and if you can take advantage of these more advanced features like the fingerprint unlock and adding more peripherals, i think it’s gon na be a great option for a lot of you, pc users out there To consider for your desktop setup in 2021, check links in the description for more details and thanks once again to lancue for sending this one out, but hit me up in the comments. What are your thoughts on this lancu, intelligent, smart hub and to all you pc users out there? Do you use a monitor, stand or any other type of product like this hit me up in the comments i’d love to hear about it and that’s it for this video? If you liked it give me that thumbs up and if you love the content of frankie tech subscribe to the channel, hit the bell icon for future updates and, of course, i’m serious. If i could get more pcs or mini pcs to be able to review with these types of accessories, it would be great so shout out to anyone out there who is interested in sending over frankie tech, a laptop or mini pc to check out it’d.