And yes, this is a worldwide giveaway, so here’s. What we’re going to do. We have teamed up with our good friends over at evga to bring you an amazing upgrade. So some of the stuff is on the table here, some of the stuff is there but we’re going to talk about all of that right now. So parts are hard to get. You guys know that, and i have probably done more consistent giveaways this year than i ever have in the past, i’ve done over 30 giveaways and i’ve, given away probably a quarter million dollars worth of product in the time that i’ve been running this channel, but it’s, Probably never mattered more than it is than it does right now, because this is sometimes the only way you can get your hand on any of this stuff. So i told you guys in our last giveaway, at the end of it at least on twitter, if you guys don’t follow there or you’ve unfollowed, because the giveaway is over, then you wouldn’t know any of this, which means you’ll be back. I said i want to completely sponsor your next upgrade, so we’ve been giving away graphics cards and that’s cool and all, but this time we’re gon na give someone one lucky winner anywhere in the world where giveaways are allowed. Yes, i say this every time there are places where you are not allowed to have free stuff. They don’t want you having free stuff, your government hates you, but anyway, moving on i digress.

We are going to be giving you a complete upgrade package involving our friends over at evga, so some of the stuff is provided by them. Some of the stuff is provided by me, but let’s go ahead and get started. We’Ll go and start with this guy right here, because you can see this on the table. You are going to win. Well, not necessarily you, but the winner yeah i’d check my words there, because legal stuff, the verified and confirmed winner, is going to win an evga rtx 3090 for the win 3 ultra graphics card. This is the same card series that we started off the overclocking challenge. Where we started doing ln2 and air conditioner cooling and all that sort of stuff, it is a giant triple slot. Uh top tier rtx card there’s, nothing higher than it or even the rumored 3080 ti coming out soon is not higher than this. This is the halo flagship card, there’s, nothing faster when it comes to rtx graphics cards. Yes, this is going to take all your frames to the max and probably end up leading to some sort of a monitor upgrade for you, but we are also going to be upgrading the main platform itself, so i am throwing in my brand new i9 11900k cpu. Now, for putting that and there’s an overclock cpu, obviously up to 5.3 gigahertz very easy to overclock and it’s, the only cpu i’ve been able to actually run the fast 5200 dim megahertz dims that i have on it without any tweaking needed whatsoever.

So it’s actually a very good cpu when it comes to games and high clock uh when it comes to memory, you need something to put that on. So evga is going to be sending you one of their brand new uh evga z590, which is the platform for 11th gen for the win, wi fi, motherboards, so you’re. Obviously, gon na have a for the win graphics card. You have a for the win, motherboard you’re gon na have a for the win cpu, i mean no, i 9 1100k and then in terms of memory, because you’re going to need some sort of memory. Obviously, to run your system, i am throwing in my aorus rgb memory kit. This is actually a very fast 16 gigabyte kit at 4, 800 megahertz. So, based on what i said on how the 11th gen has been so good at allowing us to run really fast memory without having to even tweak any of the settings just enabling the fast xmp and off you go you’ll be running 4 800 megahertz dimms. More than likely uh with your new 1100k and your rtx 3094, the win. Okay, jay that’s really cool, but if i upgrade this system i’m not going to have a power supply good enough to run a 3090 and all this stuff and overclock well, fortunately, that’s. Why they’re also going to be throwing in one of their brand new evga supernova g6 1000 watt power supplies. They literally just launched these power supplies, so i’ll put links to these products down below, so you guys can go and learn about what it is that we’re actually giving away a thousand watts gon na be more than enough power to power this graphics card and have Overclocking headroom for all your parts, if you want to go that route, no worry about whether or not your power supply is going to be good enough to power, it we’re going to be giving you one as well.

Now, when it comes to gaming gear, we want you to have a brand new gaming mouse and keyboard, because what good is all of this stuff, if your peripherals suck so evj’s, also thrown in one of the their z20 keyboards, as well as the x17 gaming mouse? Now let’s talk some quick rules here. This one’s gon na be running for a little while, not a really long time but longer than the typical four weeks. I normally run a giveaway that’s because, obviously, with the amount of stuff that we’ve got on the table here and the value of all of this, i obviously want to give as many people an opportunity to win this, but also enough people to find the channel, and Hopefully, you know find our channel through these giveaways that’s. Why we do it. We want you guys to have stuff. At the same time, we want to uh, you know kind of bring new viewership to the channel as well. So you guys will find a link down the description below to our gleam giveaway. A lot of you guys hate gleam that’s. Besides the point it’s what we use, because it keeps things as fair as possible. Uh there’s gon na be multiple ways to enter on this. One not just the typical three or four obviously we’ve got some evga links on there and each one of these are going to give you a higher chance of winning so also too.

Regarding the legal stuff. If you live in an area where it’s void or prohibited for you to win free stuff, we will be voiding the entry. We do this on the up and up. We do this legally and we’re, not going to just say: oh yeah he’s, just a friend of mine, you know from wisconsin you know and then we’re going to send it over to i don’t know no, not nova scotia, but i think i don’t think giveaways are Banned in nova scotia, but i think quebec is one of those areas where you’re not allowed to win something. I could be wrong there. So if we cross reference, your address that you send us going – oh my god, i’m so excited to send it here, and it is not legal. If you don’t have an alternate address, then we are not going to be able to ship it to you whatsoever. Also too, you have 48 hours to respond to the email that will be coming from my email address, not gleam telling you uh to respond within 48 hours. A new winner will be drawn and your entry will be void and thrown in the trash. Guys. It’S happened more than once it really sucks, because that person always ends up finding it after the fact and then they’re kicking themselves going. Oh that sucks. I didn’t have notifications on and i wasn’t paying attention to jay on twitter, so i lost out.

It’S happened more than once, like probably five times and it’s it really sucks, but it is what it is. So there you go guys. It’S very simple: um go to the description down below check out the evga links i’m gon na provide for the products that we’re giving away here and what i’m also going to provide. You is support on assembly of this stuff, because you’re gon na get all the parts raw right, it’s, obviously no case or anything that it’s going in. So, if you guys need help putting it together, um i will make myself available to be able to help troubleshoot any issues that might pop up so that we can get this up and running as fast as possible. So, as always guys, good luck make sure you read all of the rules and notes and stuff that are going to be on the giveaway. That will also tell you, when the giveaway is going to end so flooding my inbox asking me: when is it going to end? When is it going to end those just get thrown in the trash bin? I don’t respond to those, because all the information is on the page you have to go to to enter anyway. If you can’t be bothered to go back and read the information, then you can’t be bothered to win either that’s the way this works anyway. Thanks for watching guys, good luck share this with people, because uh the whole idea here is to get someone’s ultimate pc, upgrade sponsored by evga and js2 sense and, as always guys, we’ll see you in the next one.