Today, we’re going to take a look at one of the most powerful gaming devices on the market to see how it performs the red magic 6 comes with a snapdragon 8 and an adreno 660 gpu 12 gigabytes of lp ddr5 ram 128 gigabytes of ufs, 3.1 storage. A 5050 milliamp hour battery a 65hz 6.8 full hd plus amoled display and wi fi 6e i’ll put a link to the full spec page of this product in the description box below beyond the amazing performance that you’ll see in just a moment. The screen on this phone is a real highlight. You have the ability to pick refresh rates all the way up to 165 hertz from 60, and the only unfortunate thing about this is that there is a severe lack of games available on android that can take advantage of refresh rates. This high this isn’t a new issue, and i hope that within a year or two, we start to see more big players opening up their games to refresh rates over 60 hertz, the red magic 6 sports. A smooth curved back panel with two red leds on both sides that are very faint. It doesn’t bother me too much, but these lights are nowhere as good as the ones that you’d find in a black shark or in an rog phone a new thing. This time around is a rather powerful fan to keep the aaa cool and it does do a good job of keeping temps down under heavy loads, especially compared to normal flagship phones.

But it doesn’t mean that this fan can substitute the performance you’d get with a dedicated cooling solution, as the back of the phone can easily get warm to the touch. If you’re playing really demanding games like gentian impact or doing high end emulation of 3ds or switch red magic advertises a fan like this on their own page. So they are fully aware that, even with all of the work that they’ve done on this phone, there are still things that are impossible to achieve when we are trying to cool current gen arm chips within a confined space. The last bit of details on the outside of the phone also point towards other accessories that you can buy from red magic like dedicated controllers, that slide onto the sides. But i don’t have those so i’m just going to be using a variety of third party ones. For this video one last bit of hardware that i want to talk about is the battery and charging performance using the stock charger. You’Re gon na get a blistering charge rate of around 5300 milliamp, but i was actually able to go over this by using a better charger from another device. This is the first time that i’ve ever seen a phone charge. This fast in person and it’s really crazy, especially since i consider anything around 2 000 milliamp to be perfectly adequate. I don’t want to spend too long on software in this video since there’s, really not too much worth talking about from a gaming perspective, except for a few quality of life.

Improvements that i wish other companies would implement. You can get into this dedicated launcher by flicking a switch on the side of the phone, and this is both cool and the fact that i enjoy the tactile feeling of using it, but also pointless in the way that it makes a few other aspects of using The device more annoying, one of the cool things that you’re able to do is map on screen actions to the two trigger buttons on the side of the phone, and these both come with an overkill touch sampling rate. The screen itself already comes with a touch sampling rate, that’s overkill and, if you’re coming from a non gaming phone, you’ll notice how responsive touchscreen games are immediately. The thing that i like about these triggers is that, in a pinch, they are really nice for times when you don’t have access to a dedicated controller. The funny thing is that when i was filming this clip, i actually didn’t know that someone was around me and i kind of just laughed at how convenient it was for them to pop up on screen the moment that i started trying to show off shooting. This is pretty much standard on any gaming phone, but the red magic also supports video out over the type c port. It’S really a shame that more phones, don’t support video out, because it’s a really amazing feature to have and controllers are so good these days that you can do pretty much anything.

You want with good screen mapping software strictly as an android gaming phone it’s really hard to beat this implementation of the triple eight but i’m, actually more interested in what the limits are for this chip in terms of emulation performance to find out we’re going to take A look at a variety of different emulators to see how far we can push this phone first up. We have ps1 with duck station running at 1080p, with the widescreen hack, enabled you’ll see some clipping in these titles, but this chip has no problems with this system. Next up, let’s jump over to n64 and let’s. Take a look at two titles that are notoriously difficult to emulate running at 640p. Moving on over to 3ds with the citra emulator and we’re, getting some of the best 3ds performance that i’ve ever seen on any device that i’ve tested for this channel we’re running at 2x render resolution, and this thing is easily outperforming some current gen windows handhelds with Ease moving on over to psp and god of war speaks for itself. The game is running at 5x render resolution, and this is also some of the best psp performance that i’ve ever seen in a handheld now let’s take a look at gamecube with the dolphin emulator. This is the official build of the emulator and we’re running games at 2x native resolution, with the widescreen hack enabled ah Music, just like gamecube wii is also running very well on this chip at 2x native resolution.

I could have gone higher than this, but there really isn’t enough of a difference on such a small screen to justify using more power. Oh Music. Finally, we have playstation 2. i’m using the open source play emulator, as i was really interested in seeing. If this thing could finally compete with the trash damien ps2 emulator with all of the extra power that we have, but this performance still isn’t good enough and i hope to see some big improvements going forward. That’S it for this gaming centric. First, look at the red magic six i’ll do a follow up video later on covering more aspects of this phone in greater detail. This phone is currently on pre sale at a pretty substantial cost over on the red magic website and i’ll have a link to that below this video gaming phones are a niche within a niche, so you probably already know if you want to buy this, but if You don’t, i just say that this is a good phone if you’re on the market for one, if you have any questions about it, leave them below and i’ll try my best to get back to you happy gaming.