A8. We will go through all the specs and features test it with the apps like WPS office, Sketchbook and Lightroom, test the camera and, of course, do a gaming test. There is an additional accessory that can be purchased separately, a Smart Keyboard. We will test it as well, however, before we do that lets. Do a quick unboxing of the new uniform tab. A8 in the box. We have a SIM tray removal tool, a manual and a warranty card, One USB 8 to USB type c, charging cable and a power adapter that may differ depending on your location, also included in the box. We have a removable kickstand cover which looks pretty cool its. The first time Ive seen such an accessory come with the tablet itself, so its a nicer price. We will test it later back to the tablet. We can see the main specs on the front. Protective film lets remove it and check out the tablet itself, and here it is guys the new uniform tab. A8. My first impression is the build quality. Everything looks pretty sleek and tight its one of the best looking tablets Ive tested in a while, and lets not forget that this is a budget tablet. It will sell for less than 150 bucks. There is a link in the description you can check it out. The tablet comes in this silver finish and I have to say it looks pretty cool. It has a super thin profile, its only 7.

3 millimeters thick and weights 483 grams, which is quite light for this solid, build quality. On the right side, we have a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack, two speakers, a USB type c port and a SIM tray on top of the volume button and a red color power button, which is a pretty nice touch. On the left side, we have two more speakers and on the bottom, are the connectors for the Smart Keyboard. On the back. We have a camera and a flashlight now lets talk specs, starting with the CPU. We have an octa core mediatek, mt6762 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage expandable with a Micro SD card. Dual 4G LTE support a 10.1 inch full HD IPS display 13 megapixels camera on the back and 5 megapixels on the front. A 6580 milliamp hours battery quad stereo speakers system and the tablet runs on Android 12 out of the box elephant. Tab A8 supports dual 4G LTE Sim and if you run out of storage, you can expand it with a Micro SD card up to 256 gigabytes. The tablet feature squats around sound system. That sounds pretty good, although this is a budget device, the sound does not disappoint. It is loud and clear without a distortion, even when the volume is increased to the max princess. The tablet also comes with a face unlock feature which is quite responsive. The uniform tab A8 runs clean stock, Android 12, with no unnecessary app spray installed, which is well appreciated, using the tablet to serve the web.

Everything runs smoothly Pages load quickly and you can multitask between different apps without any issues. The 10.1 inch full HD display has a decent quality and its great for watching videos. You can also wirelessly project to a TV and watch movies or play games on a bigger screen when it comes to the display quality. We have a 10.1 inch full HD IPS display, which is quite bright, so you can use the tablet Outdoors as well. Overall, its a decent display – if you are looking for an affordable tablet for school, the uniform tab A8 can be a great choice. The tablet is fully capable of working with large document files. You can also connect an external keyboard and type faster or use it as a Mini PC. This is the uniform, Smart Keyboard. It is sold separately. However, I definitely recommend it as a combo purchase with the tablet. The build quality is pretty good, its easy to connect and the keys are clicky with decent feedback. Of course you can use any Bluetooth keyboard, but you wont get the same experience with the Smart Keyboard, its much easier to create PDF files and presentations and, of course, type much faster compared to typing on the display. If you like to draw, you can use the drawing app like Sketchbook. The tablet works pretty well with an active stylus pen. You can find one of these active stylus pens, pretty cheap and you dont have to spend a big bug on a super expensive tablet to be able to draw.

There is a slight delay when drawing, but this is normal for a tablet of this class. If you like to take a lot of photos – and you need to do some editing on the go, you can use the uniform tab A8 with editing software like Lightroom to edit your images. The cool thing is that you can simply transfer all your images to an external micro SD card and then edit them directly on the tablet. This is a large image file taken with a DSLR camera and the tablet is fully capable of working with it. The elephant tab A8 comes with a 13 megapixels main camera on the back, even though this is a budget tablet, you can still take a decent images and videos with it. The best condition for taking photos and videos with the tablet is a bright environment. To get less noise as possible, however, you can always do a little editing and brighten. Your images, if needed now lets check out the most important test, which of course is gaming, since many of you who want to get a new tablet will most likely also want to be able to play the latest games from my tests, I can say that you Can definitely play most of the games from the Google Play Store. However, as this is a budget tablet, you cant expect to crank all the graphic details to the Max and get a super smooth experience. Overall, the tablet delivers a pretty decent gaming experience, and I have to mention again that the sound quality is pretty good as well.

There is one more thing left to test today, and this is the flip stand cover that comes with the tablet itself. When I saw it in the package, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually you have to buy them separately and even some brands do not offer such accessories at all. The build quality is pretty decent. Not only is a flip stand cover, but it also protects the tablet if you drop it so its a great accessory to have and most importantly, it comes with the tablet itself. So guys. What do you think about the new super affordable tablet from ulephone uniform? Is a brand best known for its rugged smartphones? I have reviewed a few of their products on my channel and theyre pretty good. This is their second generation tablet and I can say that is very well made with a slim metal body. This is one of my favorite budget tablet designs. I also have to mention that there is a haptic feedback which is a new feature for tablets, and I really enjoy it. The battery life is decent too. I get about 9 hours of screen time. However, this will depend on the usage and, of course, the display brightness. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and Ill do my best to answer you until then, thanks for watching and as always, dont forget to subscribe, like and comment dont be shy, stay safe and Ill.