So where are the reviews of the other phone brands that you used to do? Well, I pretty much have given up on them and this phone right here from yulie phone. That t2 is another perfect example of why I'm, not really bothering with these phones anymore, I mean there's, some positives there's, some good things you find out in the review with this phone, but where it is priced and compared to the competition. It is a very difficult sell for yulie phone, so this phone has the hello, yo p7e chipset in here so MediaTek a lot of you're going to sign you're, not another mediatek phone and fair enough. So let's start with a look of what we get in the box. First plain black box, you can see we've got a sim trade tool and here looks like we have ok, warranty card and information here, they've. Given us an extra screen protector, which is good, i believe it comes with one pre applied, although it might just be one of those ones, as you can see here, that's just outlining all those specs of the phone, so you can see how leo p70, 16 megapixel Rear camera 8 front the wireless charging it has and then of course, it's running Android, 9 and we've got a 6 point, 7 inch, 20 to 80 by 1080p screen. And yes, there is a notch, but we will take a closer look at that. We would have a look at the charger and this charger right here is rated to 18 watts, so the maximum output, as you can see, is 12 volts, 1.

5 amps. We get included in the box as well a 3.5 millimeter to type C adapter because of the phone's lacking the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Unfortunately, there and you can see – also you've, given us a type C 2 USB adapter, which is nice to have in the box and a red USB 2 type c cable for charging the phone. So ever quick, look at the case first, so it's, this crisscross design it's made out of rubber the grip that it gives is quite good, so the phone's not going to be slippery at all with the case on it, but it's not giving us a lot of Protection as it is very slim, as you can see, it's only really a few millimeters of protection that it's giving the phone so 4 drops. It will only be very minor lights. All drops on the back here. You can see that it is covering at least the camera lens here, so that won't get scratched when you place it down on a table, and if we take a look at the side, you can see that the buttons are covered, which is good. The rear of the phone is made of glass tapping on it. It certainly does not feel like plastic to me so it's black with this blue. You can see accent that's around the outside and depending on how you move it in the light it reflects a little bit it's, not too bad.

The look of it. We'Ve got a rare fingerprint reader on there, the two cameras, so the main camera is a 16 megapixel sensor below it's 8 megapixel, which I believe will be just used for the depth effect. So that will be taking a photo of the background where the main camera will take the photo of your subject. The dual tone LED flash right here. You can see the yulie phone logo and overall, the build feels reasonably good. It'S, not bad as the frame around the outside does have quite a Samsung Galaxy S 9, or S 10, look and feel it's all middle around the outside. You can see. We'Ve got two antenna lines: the downwards firing mic, which is used for your voice, calls, and also in video and in the type C port, so charge time to charge. It fully is gon na be just over two hours at the 18 watts to charge that 4200 watt hour battery, and you can see the loudspeaker there down with firings. Just a single loudspeaker. There will be a sample in this review of just how it sounds. Doesn'T rate, like a lot of phones, I reviewed, does support too soon so it's, dual nano sim and also a micro SD card. But of course you have to give up on one of those sins. The tray itself does have some metal reinforcing. There is no rubber gasket around it, as you can see so it's, just a simple sim tray.

Now the volume and power buttons that are, on the right hand, side they are made out of metal, which is good. But what isn't is I've noticed that if you get the phone a shake that the volume button especially does rattle around a little bit, which is a slight annoyance, as you can see the left and right bezels, they asked them. Unfortunately, that's quite a wide notch. We have here considering it's, only housing, just the earpiece and the front facing 8 megapixel camera. I really wish that just gone will say a teardrop notch, I think, would have been a lot more attractive there. The bottom bezel relatively large it's about average, really for this price range in category phone, the phone weighs in at a hundred and ninety nine grams, its 8.8 millimeters thick, and if you include, then the camera bump. That brings it up to nine point. Four, this weight is exactly the same as Xiaomi's redmi. Note, eight Pro that I just recently reviewed and here's a close up of that earpiece. You can see it is round and I'll give you an update later on in this review. When I talk about the audio quality, just how it sounds for voice calls because I'm a little concerned that it could be perhaps a little bit muffled being so small. So you can see that there is to the right of that earpiece. You can see our ambient light sensor and probably the proximity sensor.

I can see a tiny little bit of shadows around the edges here from the IPS panel that this screen has the screens maximum brightness is 360 luxo it's. Definitely not the brightest screen out there. The gamma is not too bad, it's, approximately somewhere between 2.1 and 2.0. Ideally, it should be 2.2, but this isn't bad real world images. As you can see, they do look good. This is not a high end display, but I feel for the price that it's perfectly fine. It does have 2.5 d as well, and most people will be happy with the screen. But what bothers me a little bit is the fact that I cannot adjust at all the white balance, even though the white balance it currently has, I would say, is actually good on too now the fingerprint unlocking of face unlocking. So I find it to be disappointing because the face unlocking doesn't always work. It can sometimes be a little bit slow. The same goes for that rear, fingerprint reader it's, an always on capacitive touch one so it's, not an in screen, one which we're often seeing now, but let's just demonstrate how bad it really is, because if I look at it, okay that unlock that was okay, that's, Not too much of an issue, but the fingerprint reader I'll touch it now. Okay, didn't actually work just there. No it's vibrating didn't work and there we go. It did unlock that and took about one to two seconds so that's the problem I've actually enrolled the same finger three times and I'll.

Try one more time so touch it. You can see unlocked, then that attempt was okay, but for me, it's really only working about six or seven times out of ten, which is unacceptable so onto the wrong performance and a few benchmarks. So there is one annoyance with these phones with notches that I have seen before. I think, with someone show me. Phones as well is that, if you swipe down here for your toggles with the knotch that's, not actually going to work, it doesn't register there because it's not high enough. You notice what the UI, because of how high that nachos, that they've pushed the UI elements down a little bit, but you have to swipe either side then to get your toggles, which is a little bit of an annoyance. So the overall ROM performance with the apps here I mean we cannot actually put five icons down the bottom. They don't. Let us do that. So if I wanted to put this one down here, it's just not possible that's. Another thing that I wish that we could do at least have the other five icons day, but overall, the performance is good. I'M, not really seeing any major lag and stutter. I think for a lower end, mid range chipset, the hell EOP 70 – will be fine for a lot of people, especially if you're not a big gamer, but I will show gaming performance after this as well so multitasking going through things as reasonably quick.

You can see that sometimes it's, not quite a 60 frames per second or 60 Hertz, refresh rate that we are getting they're coming through scrolling let's just load up. My website here in chrome is quick and it is smooth it's going to be expected. You expect this really with the P 70 that it's not going to be too bad for that and we'll just move on to just to show you as well just a few benchmarks here. So I'll bring up photos which is right here because they don't have a gallery app, and this for some recent startup were probably the most important for most people is the battery life. But before I just talk about that charge, time is about two hours and 17 minutes that I recorded with the included charger, which is the 18 watt one which is reasonable. So this was the, I think, the third day of testing I've got 9 hours and 31 minutes worth my own personal ass battery life test, which is continuous screen on time, display calibrated to 200 nets and by the way, 200 nets with this display is actually right Up towards the higher end, it's it's a little bit odd, the way it's calibrated and then on to the second or third day it was 10 hours and 15 minutes of battery life. So this is one of the positives of this phone that you do get good better. I standby battery drain is about 7 over 10 hours, again that's, actually, okay, and to to score.

This was a sick and run event to to to see how much it would drop or the third run of it. So hundred forty two thousand is pretty much on par with other devices running this with the six gigabytes of RAM. Here, it was 144 depends on how warm it is at the time of testing. So one of the few good things with this phone is the wireless performance seems to be quite good, so 352, maybe it's per second. The average is here on the other side of the apartment as long as it's over 100 megabits per second I'm happy, and it did 161. These speeds are faster than Xiaomi's redmi. Note 8 Pro, which did surprise me now. Gps performance is terrible to get a first log. It took a ridiculous four minutes and 22 seconds to get a first lot. It was I don't know what was going on. I even updated and pulled through the a GPS stats to pull through where the actual satellites are located to speed up getting a lock, and it still took that long and its accuracy will be about 3 meters. But I noticed that when you're walking around and moving, it will often jump up to 6 and even 10 meters, so not very good GPS. It just needs some optimization camera2. Api support is full, so that's, okay, level, 3, would be better, of course, and to be expected with these kind of Chinese phones that it does not have a wide vine level.

1 suit. As you can see right here, level 3, and that is what we're stuck was so that's no Netflix in Full HD and Amazon, Prime as well. So the internal storage, its MMC, I believe, 5 spec or could be 4.5 spec, not particularly fast 300 sequential reads and 200 writes – is not going to slow this phone down, not at all and the 4k random reads and writes I mean they're, ok, it's, not amazing. On to audio quality, so you've got to use the 3.5 millimeter adapter and order to use analog audio with your plugin headphones and the quality sounds all right, but it's, not a patch on what you get from Xiaomi Xiaomi. Just. Does it so much better, even if it is just type C and not 3.5 millimeter it's, not that great the volume is okay, but it just seems a little bit flat to me the same for the earpiece with voice calls ahead ever made. A few voice calls you probably saw with the battery stats is a little bit of cool time. There I think was only about six minutes or so, but I did notice that it sounds a little flat. The volumes okay but it's, not a high quality earpiece, not a patch on, for example, my samsung s, tin, plusses earpiece, but that's to be expected. Of course. So what about the loudspeaker down the bottom it's loud enough for alerts? And things like that, coming through you'll hear them, but I've noticed that it, it seems a little bit muffled at times.

It can sometimes distort it's, not a quality speaker. The loudness is okay, but I'll. Give you a sample of it now with a sample from your favorite YouTube channel gaming performance here in pub G is OK the frame rate just with the default settings okay. So this is HD and I think it's only running at 40 frames per second by default. Correct me: if I'm wrong there but it's, not the extreme setting, which is the 60, you can override it, but you will definitely see a few frame dips here and there. So this performance is fine. You can get kills. You can definitely get to the end stages of the game without any issues and zooming in here moving around it's a much better chipset than say the older generation Helio X, 20 series. The X 20 series, I knows, was quite choppy and it just had a very poor GPU. At least this GPU is a little bit more powerful and can handle the game just fine at at least the default settings right here now, one of my favorite games. The test is shadow gun Legends because of its demanding graphics, but I just will not run on this phone. For some reason, it always gets stuck on chicking device performance, no matter how many times I try this. As far as I will get, I think it's something to do with the ROM. So before we get onto my conclusion, which you probably know, the direction that is heading, this is the camera app that we have and it's a very sort of stock standard, mediatek camera app here very basic, so you've got beauty modes there.

Aperture mode is very weak. It'S almost like they're using fake, the stitching is so bad. It looks almost fake to me they're, not really using that second lens we've got mono, which is black and white, which is kind of just pointless promo, which only gives you white balance and ISO. That is basically it and you can see the exposure difference right there. There'S no dedicated night mode night mode is very poor as you'll see sorry, not night mode, but night shots, and then the video is well. So here are some video samples and some samples from the cameras and now the rear camera. So this is a real disappointment. First off as the audio which is Missoni in mono, which is a big mistake, poor bitrate as well, and the quality of this video 1080p. You do have electronic image stabilization option, which I've currently got turned on and yeah that's stabilize it a little bit, but really, I would not be buying this mobile phone for its video quality, because there are other phones that can do a lot better than this and A lot of funds will be able to also record in 4k now the chipset does support 4k, but for some reason the application just does not allow you to record in 4k, but let's have a look at the front facing camera now or so with the electronic Image stabilization on, we have a huge crop here. This is my arm out at full length and that's just really almost too much of a crop to be practical, but at least it does have stabilization.

But again the audio is in mono here, which is a real disappointment. They need to push out a firmware, update to at least give this stereo audio and improve on the quality Music Music. So there we go. You can see now why, after four days that the effort I spend on this phone just ring isn't worth it well, I am not really focusing on this brands, but hey let's not be negative here. I'Ll focus first on the positives, like I normally do. The screen is actually okay, the calibration there's, no white balance calibration or saturation, or anything that you nor to get normally get with media techs, mirror vision, application, it's missing for some reason, which is really in a quite annoying. But apart from that, the screen is okay. Brightness could definitely be a lot better for direct sunlight. We'Ve got very good Wireless. The wireless actually turned out to be a lot faster. Then the redmi note 8 Pro that I just recently reviewed the last mobile phone in the channel that I reviewed, which was a bit of a surprise. Better life turned out to be better than I expected the Hallie Opie 70 isn't, actually a bad chip. Okay, not really getting much lag, multitasks, okay, gaming performance, everything out there will be playable. You just need to tweak the settings a little bit even on the last settings. They were pub G perfectly playable, but there will be now and then a few little sweets.

The tsa's, but you even get that on some of the flagship phones, though it's kind of to be expected just don't force the highest settings using a tool like GFX tool for pub G, then you'll run into quite a bit of slowdown there. It does get a little bit warmer on the back, but only up to about thirty five, thirty, six or seven degrees there. So I mean it's, nothing really that concerning when with temperatures so the the speakers a little bit average, not really that great at all. It'S. Quite flat call quality earpiece quality; no, not really that good, really it's it's flat. I mean it's, fine, the volumes. Okay, you can hear people that's the main thing: noise cancellation, I'm, not really sure if it's actually working or working properly. There is the second remark at the top, which is not being used in video quality. The video quality is terrible, as you saw, I mean the audio is just mono. It looks a little bit blocky the blacks tend to just kill the details. It'S it's really not good video quality at all compared to other brands out there, and that is the issue all the other brands out there just offer. I feel quite a bit more than this phone you're, getting better support, getting better firmware, updates and better features. Better camera sensors, the portrait modes, the modes are going to be a lot better. Selfies will be a lot better now.

Let'S just goes on and on so that's it's just really impossible to recommend a phone like this. I mean. Why would I, when you consider the fact that real me show me their offering for the same price or even cheaper, much better phones? It just offer a lot more, so your phone, if they want to continue to exist as a brand, they have a lot of work to do. I feel they need to just really focus on the software side of things. I mean the hard way the book quality is pretty decent it's good. The frame around the outside is ok, it's, not quite as good as some of the other brands but they're getting there. They'Ve got type c ports, of course, and if they just focus on and just try and offer a little bit more or perhaps lower their prices to make it a little bit more competitive, then I feel even there. Maybe not a system not worth considering really compared to what everyone else is offering so it's sad to say that this is the reason why I'm not looking at these brands, because it's just not worth my time, your time as a viewer you're viewing a video that You, you know the outcome of so it's kind of like what's the point, but thank you for those that have watched the whole review here. If you were considering the phone, at least it was educational for you.