So this is a 5.5 inch Bible has a 1080p screen and it's powered by a media tik mtk 67 53 chipset that's an octa core 64 bit it's running android 5.1 has 3 gigabytes of ram, so spec wise doesn't seem that bad. But it is more of a low end chipset that chipset, as you can see, the mobile phone is rather bulky and is a little heavy too, but there's a reason behind that it's, because it has a 650 million power battery within there and moving around the phone. You can see along here. We do have this very nice metal trim, which does feel nice in hand and access to the power on button there isn't too bad, and we have a rear, fingerprint sensor scanner there that works, hit and miss doesn't seem to always work. All the time, a 13 megapixel Sony, AMX 2 104 sensor, dual LED flash and, on the right hand side is the volume up and down rocker power on button. Now this little button here is a quick launch button. If you hold this down, it will launch the camera, but there's a catch. You'Ve got to be unlocked by the fingerprint scanner or entering your PIN number. If you're going to lock the mobile phone that is and on the bottom, we have a micro USB 2 port. No microphone on the left hand, side in just the dual SIM tray there and on the front a 5 megapixel front facing camera.

So let's have a look at the phone in more detail, run through some benchmarks and gaming audio tests and have a look and see if this extra large battery is worth it for the trade off in size and weight. So the overall build up the phone. I think is okay. We do have 2.5 deep blasts on the front of the display. We have rounded inches just along here now they have already pre applied a screen protector already on it and to me that normally me personally, it screams out this isn't gorilla glass. Why they putting screen protectors on it from the factory, but they do claim it is, and it does have that rounded corner. So possibly it is. I mean, like I can't, confirm that there's no way for me to test to find out it's not like they actually mark on here at Gorilla, Glass, 3, but all in all it's, not bad the look of the screen and the colors of it at the moment. I have it done 100 brightness. Now it does reasonably good. Viewing angles are good the colors, the blacks, the blacks, look good, so do the whites. These are some sample images I took a few years ago. I Galaxy Note 4, not actually this fine, but yeah. The screen is, quite nice, it's good. I really don't have too many complaints with it, but as you'll see in this next little clip here that the sunlight, legibility really isn't good at all, so here in direct sunlight, the screen is quite hard to make out.

I do have the brightness set to maximum, but it's very hard to see quite a bright day here. I can make it out with my own my sight, but the camera lens and the sense is definitely struggling to actually see anything on screen there. So in terms of sunlight, legibility, it's not the greatest so just using a different microphone here to pick up the speaker, so we're gon na have listen to the loud speaker now and see how that performs. Applause Applause, so it's actually quite loud, and I find this speaker to be fine – now be 3.5 a minute, a headphone jack. I have no issues with the quality that comes out of it. It is also loud as well and there's no static or buzz that I can pick up coming over the jack there. So all in all these sound quality, I think, is perfectly fine and I think most people will be very happy with it. So here's a look at the launcher. Now the whole phone is running android, 5.1 and it's, quite a stock kind of android skin that they use. Now there are two launchers that you can use. You see there that it's android 5.1 and the patch levels from january. There is all course an update system which i did use to get an update for the fingerprint scanner. So the two launches you have either this you launch at or the launch of three this at the moment is launched s3 and i find the performance of it is fine it's, not that launcher itself.

Doesn'T have any stutter or lag everything's good. It opens things up. Fine now the home button to hold that down for multitasking there to switch between apps switching between apps things to work relatively well. I don't have a lot okand at the moment, but one you do have quite a few things. There loading up the three gigabytes of ram. It can get a little bit of a lag sometimes now they chips, it isn't a beast of a chip set or anything like that. It is very kind of low end. I would say more based on trying to be economical power, wise and, and not are you super high performing one that is and the other launcher is this you launcher, which is just basically another theme and the skin that has more of a what could you say How retro kind of look to it with different icons style there? It depends what you like personally there, but overall I find that both other launchers there. They perform fine and no real issues there. There isn't any stutter or layer guest mentioned, and if I quickly move now on to show you just some of the actual phone's performance I'm just going to go back to the launch of three, I prefer that one I did take a quite a few screenshots just To go through and the performance of the phone, so in terms of bloatware to this sorry that I almost didn't mentioned that we really don't get any bloatware which is good to see.

I I hate, having phones, that it is stuffed full of bloatware. I'M. Pretty sure everyone else does well crammed on loads apps. We don't even need the isn't the case here, and we also do have with him radio, which is included so you'll, see from these benchmark schools. Now that it's, not a powerhouse of a mobile phone it's, never really meant to be with the chipset heads there's an octa core, and it does have that Mele T 720 graphics, Searcy multi core school there for those interested. Even though it's an octa core, I mean it's, not really that high at all it just well. It gets almost getting close to 3000 there and it's at the end to to 6.0.1 score 37k slingshot, quite a low score there, my storm extreme, so we're not breaking any records, it would be scores and the internal storage nothing to rave about it does get to A hundred and ten read and fifty nine right it's only an emmc, this isn't using Universal format, storage file, storage, sorry, ufs, that's, the newer form of storage. This is still be older, emmc spec, and that is the work score for PC Mac and CPU Z. You can see a few more details there on the chipset, so it's the media tik 67 53, and you can see that when it doesn't need them, it will turn off the other cause, of course, to save on battery life. Few of these sensors there.

I know a lot of people like to see the same thing on board. We don't have a lot orientation sensor and the magnetic field sensor, as well as an accelerometer and thermals. This was straight after doing some of those benchmarks there, the internals and it's fine. It doesn't really get that hot at all the mediatek chipset, especially this one, because it's only clocked for one point: three gigahertz, I find a runs quite cool now onto a battery life. This is where the phone I think is for me. I let down because it's only really getting about 30 40 minutes of work time and screen on time more than the show me redmi note, 3 or the redmi note 3 pro now that those ones those phones have a four thousand million hour battery this one, as We know it has six thousand and fifty mini eight hour battery, but it doesn't really get any better and has a less powerful chipset. So quite disappointing few details there on that. So the arm the weak battery life – I mean that's, almost 12 hours, that's quite good, and you can see the main consumer there of power was, of course, the screen like a new phone and the screen on time, almost 10 hours, not bad. That was continuous. Now I did calibrate the display correctly to 200 nits of brightness and there's the history. I left the wireless on and I did have a good cell phone signal.

Most of the time you can see there's a few areas just around there that didn't, but it was left in the same position and that's. Just a note there for the wireless update that I got, which you can see involved the fingerprint register process optimized now in quick, the taste. This is just a default Android browser that's in there it's, not Chrome, so I'm gon na go to tick tablets, dot com which isn't the lightest of websites. It does have quite a few images, India, but the website itself will adjust to a mobile device, or at least it should, and it Scrolls really quick, really fast. We do have those equals to help out and really, I think, these speed of it. The browsing is really good there's, just no problems whatsoever notice that I no lag I'm using wireless at the moment, my way and all in all very smooth. This is super smooth, most people that are going to be browsing with that. I think everyone's going to be quite happy with that performance. Now, one of the bitter aspects of the phone is the GPS performance. I'Ve found to be actually surprisingly good and Gili get quite high signal up even into the 40 ranges, and it doesn't take long at all to lock on and I've noticed that even moving around using it when I was out and about it, tends to hold the Signal quite well, which often isn't the case with mediatek, cheap chipsets and their GPS tends to sometimes be quite poor but I'm.

Getting quite good signal and the accuracy seems fine, but overall, no complaints when it comes to the GPS performance. Now the fingerprint scanner, which is on the rear, I do like the position of it. This is probably one of the weaker points of this phone and you li phone are aware of a problem with it, because they did push out an over the air update, which was some new drivers for the fingerprint scanner. But I still found that it to be hit and miss. It only seems to work about 70 of the time and see if it works for me on camera. There we go. It actually did work. That was good, probably going to work for me now on camera. Every single time I try it as it is, and if you have a look at the screen once I put place my finger there, it unlocks, which should unlock that sometimes doesn't, actually work all the time as planned. You can see there that's my own fault, attempt now to unlock it and it's. Not actually here we go. I have had a lot of problems with it, but at least the update has come through. It is good now so seems to have improved it a little bit but it's, not always working which can be annoying at times. There have been a few times where I have actually tried about 4 times in a row and it has failed and I've just got fed up and just used my pen code on the screen which isn't good you don't want to have to do.

That – and here is a quick look at the camera settings we have here so there's. A few things we can tweak here. Resolution is a 13 megapixels maximum. You can adjust the ISO all the way up to 1600 GPS location, a few other settings there, video we don't, really have that much in terms of options. The video quality can be adjusted to fine medium, high or low, which just adjusts the bitrate. We also have high dynamic range, a few other different filters and settings that you can change, live photos there, and you can also use the fingerprint scanner to take a photo now. Let'S have a look at some front facing camera samples right here all right. This is Chris here with the newly powers front, facing camera sample shot in the default settings. This is how it handles direct sunlight and now the shutter speed is isn't too bad at all it's relatively fast, and I will show you some of the samples I took around the place here from the 13 megapixel Sony. I mix two one four sensor you and here is a 1080p video sample should be 1080p. So, look at the focus now on how well the autofocus it Just's, not particularly fast, although it seems to be helling this okay struggling a little there. Forelock now let's see how well it handles the shady area. The exposures quite slow there to adjust – and this is the shady area – a shady sided house – focus again having a little bit of trouble there and again.

The quality is very disappointing if you consider that quality compared to other mobile phones in this price range, I do think it is definitely below them and now on to the fun part let's test out some games on the Julie phone Powell here and start off, while They go to clash of clans. I know this is a rather rather lightweight game, but it can actually lag on some sister when there's a lot going on now. I don't have a particularly large town at the moment. Performance in this game, at least so far, seems good. I have some troops there ready to go, so I will have a small chest of a metal, so you can see that one runs fine. It was a tiny little bit of latest on that battle that I just had. The saddle here is asphalt. 8. Airborne err, let's, have a look and see how it runs. Oh so definitely a bit of stutter there and that's a bit laggy. Okay, that one has some definite lag, because you can see a lot of stutter so not best that one so move on now and trying to another demanding game which is Mortal Kombat its Music, this game, there's wings, it's, actually an old Amiga classic. If anyone had a Commodore, Amiga, 500 or 2000 might remember this, the remake of it and I died so to quickly recap my findings, their gaming performance, as you can see, from those videos, as average it's not the fastest and what was really disappointing for me – was The battery life – okay – it has a very large battery in there 6050 milliamp hours, which is humongous it's huge for a mobile phone that is as big as some 8 inch or 7.

9 inch tablets. It doesn't perform any better than the 4000 milliamp hour battery found and the show me redmi note, 3 or the redmi note. 3 pro the camera performance is quite disappointing and that rare finger print scanner just doesn't seem to work very well at all, even with the over the air update, it hasn't really improved things for me personally, my unit is still only working at least 60 of the Time and I do find that to be unacceptable, the rear camera performance is also quite disappointing. Video performance not really that good at all. So all in all, I can honestly not really recommend this phone. I would just go for the show me redmi note, 3 or the redmi note 3 pro for about 10 to 15 us more than the yulie phone power. I think it's definitely worth it.