Unfortunately, this mobile did not make the cut because there's a big problem with the wireless in you can see it's on at the moment, but it just keeps cutting and dropping out all the time which is super frustrating. Hopefully they won't have those kind of issues with this one here so it's running the same processor, which is an octa core mtk6589 to about 1.5 gigahertz it's Android 7 and I believe, it's just a stock Android 7. They haven't got like some custom launch or anything like that on their 13 megapixel camera on the rear and 8 megapixel camera on the front, and it has a 5.5 inch, 1080p display, which is a super common now and for RAM. We'Ve got 4 gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte e MMC 5.1 spec for storage this one here I got from Tom top and the typical DHL taxes I had to pay on it, of course, which came out to be 28 euros. Ok, so there is a quality control pass sticker on this slide, but that is being broken. I did not break this myself, so that means they must have gone back into their after putting that on it. For some reason, I wonder why, hopefully hey check to see whether Wireless in was going to work for me, so this packaging actually looks not too bad. Considering the price of this mobile see, we have the phone if I can get it out. Ok, it's! One of those style alright so focus on the accessories.

First, obviously, we have the sim tool there, so we can get access to the dual SIM tray, which supports 2 nano Sims and for cables, micro USB. That feels like a quality, cable they've used there and I've. Also included an on the go adapter and we don't normally get that. Perhaps that was Tom top that chat, that in as an extra considering that that one only probably cost about ten simple something power adapter here now it does support quick charge. So this should be rated to Ana's 12 volts 1.5 amps, so it feels rather heavy as expected, with this kind of battery capacity. So you've got some stickers on there just outlining those specs that I was talking about the before there are. There is a front facing fingerprint reader and the thickness of it feels like it could actually be a little bit thicker than the case 6000, although really no they're actually about the same old way and measure this in just a second. So on the back here, they've just got this warning data, which is quite funny. It is dangerous to disassemble easy to burn and explode yeah, of course, because we've got the battery in there. So there's SIM card slot there just explaining that the first slot is either for a nano SIM and a micro SD card, or I should I say, a micro SD card. You can't use both at the same time and then the second slot is just a nano.

Sim now this backing plate here, that's made out of metal. We have a dual tone, LED flash and then the 13 megapixel sensor on the front right at the top there on the left that self front facing 8 megapixel camera, we do have a status LED. The earpiece ambient light sensor and there'll be a proximity sensor in there to this. Of course, we need to remove just that pre applied screen protector just to keep things scratch free. Now the glass that's on here on top of this 1080p IPS, they say: it's, Gorilla, Glass, 3, spec, note the bottom, the micro USB 2 port there for charging and data loudspeaker to the right of it and that little dot you can see on the left of It that is our microphone there, so the home button isn't a click in style1, it's, just capacitive, and there is the built in fingerprint security. The reader in there, on the right hand, side the volume and power buttons feel like they're made out of metal to me and they don't rattle around, which is great. I really hate it when you get mobile phones, these cheaper ones and the buttons rattle and on the top there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack there and lastly, on the top left hand, side V, symmetry and it weighs in at 212 grams. So it's, not the lightest, mobile or the thinnest coming in at over 10 millimeters, so the build quality seems decent enough for the price it's, not a full metal.

Unibody housing like they claim on some of the advertising material because it still does have along the bottom and the top plastic there for the wireless and the Bluetooth, reception and 4G reception, alright, so time to power it up for the first time, see how long it Takes okay, so it took around 20 seconds and it's still optimizing storage, so we haven't really booted right into the OS yet okay, so this is just going through the setup now locate the fingerprint sensor and on the back anyway, that's a common mistake that happens. Okay, so we're in the UI. Now that you can see that they've put some rather ugly, looking icons on here, I can't say: I'm too much of a fan of this they've gone for a black theme to try and make it look possibly make it look a little bit basalis here, but before We get into some finer details of how much free storage we have and the version that's running everything just check the fingerprint unlock. So it works straight away. You don't have to wait the device but it's not exactly what I would call fast it's a little slow before the screen comes on. I guess it's to be expected with this processor, so under settings I considers Playstore already there have a look into what bloke we have in just a second. This will check out that free available memory, wood just under look at about 2.9 gigabytes, free and storage.

We have approximately 54 gigabytes. Of course you can expand upon that with a micro SD card, so discreet at the moment, looks fairly decent it's, probably repairing my camera, actually a little bit so that's maximum brightness hard to see, of course, we're having a black same bit. D from see now that is definitely overpowering. These settings I have on my phone, so she's gon na have to tone that down a little and bloatware applications, can't really see many. It is okay, parallel space. I could count that as one I think I didn't even know what that is, but otherwise it's just got all your standard, Google stuff on there, so Gmail maps and really that's about that now. Fm radio so does support hardware FM radio just to point out the buttons here. So we don't have capacitive hardware. Menu keys down below here actually does nothing. I thought it might detect touch, and this could be recent apps or back or the other way around, but home, of course does work. At least we have that they can minimize these if you want to get them out of the way, but there's not really any point to doing that, because I'm still going to need the back button and then recent apps touch input seems quite accurate and responsive, which Is good and it doesn't seem to have any refresh rate to problems like I experienced with the yummy digi Z Pro, which seemed to have a refresh rate of like 30 Hertz or not 60.

This to me seems smooth it's fine, no such issues with this model. So there is just the one male speaker down the bottom: let's have a listen to it. Music Applause it's got a wonderful loudspeaker, but it does have a bit of volume to it at least, and it was getting over 90 decibels, which is good now side by side here, with the oukitel case 6000, which is on the left, I do prefer the build Quality, I feel, of the yulie phone power to to be a little bit better. It just feels nicer in hand because it has those rounded curved edges there and the screen the plastic around the outside too just feels better. Overall, the quality of this one now there's a bit of a difference here when it comes to the fact that we've got the capacitive buttons down the bottom menu keys, and then we have to use the software ones, of course, on the EULA phone power. Well, they both have very similar spec. This one is picking up, I think, with wireless AC. It could be just 5g wireless in, but so far it hasn't dropped. My wireless network, where this has already dropped it a couple of times so there's something up with the performance, at least with the wireless in on my particular model. Here, it's, not good at all, so here's, the camera application it's got a bit of an Apple, look to it, hasn't it with that shutter button there, so there's a photo mode at the moment and the settings we have here are all the typical ones you get On the mediatek phones duty mode, video mode, those settings go away, can control the white balance flicker again all the standard stuff on the media tip ones.

So it does have electronic image stabilization on video. You can enable that and you can also set the video quality. Fine, I believe, is just 1080p well, it doesn't support 4k. This chipset. Now I can see already that the viewfinder has a little bit of lag to it. Shutter rate seems okay, so I'm, going to take a few photos with this now and quickly. Show you some samples, as well as video from the front facing and rear camera, so I've started here with a sample from the 8 megapixel front facing camera video mode. It can take stills and 8 megapixel, and you see the quality is well now it's kind of to be expected in this price range, so not wonderful and now the rear camera. This is on the fine sitting life that will go starting to rain here. At the moment now the quality to me doesn't, look wonderful, I can see their focus is struggling down there, that it's going in and out of it, and they have a look and see if it's going to focus up close. It does eventually but don't think it's. Quite got the lock there, Music, Music I've, just run the update here to see if there were any Wireless updates coming through over the out dates. Nothing at this stage, perhaps it's not needed, and it is running the Android security patch level from March their first. This year, so there we have it it's a mobile with a very, very large battery capacity and is six thousand and fifty million hours.

You would expect an insane crazy battery life wouldn't you out of this thing, but that's not actually the case, as I found with the same combination here. So this, of course, is decay. Six thousand for the exact same media tech, 6750, t processor in there and the same battery capacity. Now this only gets around seven to eight hours of screen on time, which I find to be very disappointing. Considering so the media tech chipsets just aren't as efficient, which is kind of why I recommend not really getting one of these mobiles. If you want good battery life, I say: go for something like the xiaomi redmi note 2 for all. The readme for they've got the snapdragon 65 in them, and they can get, as seen in my review of the note 4x that it can get up to 15. 14 hours of screen on time a much better phone, much much better, all rounded, I believe, and they are even cheaper than these Mobile's here, the other thing towards.