You need a phone that can take a few knocks, drops water, resistant, splash resistance and something this overall is going to be solid. You often break your phones, then this might be something to look at. This is the Ulefone armor six. This has a Helio p60 in it. So, unlike the previous models, it has a slightly newer chip. It is faster and you do notice their performance difference with this. One here, so there are some specs right up here. If you want to see all of those specs listed out and following that, as some time codes there so feel free to skip ahead to whatever part of this video. You would like to check out about this rugged ip68 phone here in the box, the phone comes with a pre applied screen protector. You get an additional screen protector, a user manual, a fast charger. This is using media tech pump Express so 12 volts, 1.5 amps and there's a current promotion that you get a 10 watt wireless charger too, as well that's Qi standard, and then we have the red type C: 2. Usb cable. We have a type C 2 USB adapter there for your on the go and, of course, a 3.5 millimeter to type C adapter, and this phone sadly does not have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and you're, probably wondering why? Is there a plastic pry tool in the box, and that is because the covers over the ports? They are a little tricky to get out, especially if you don't have long fingernails.

The phone is a thick 13 point: six millimeters that's with the camera, Bob it's, its thickest point and a heavy 267 grams. So it is a chunky, big phone. The phone has a metal and rubber housing to it, like other, durable phones here. So this rubber housing it's gon na protect the screen the corners where it will most often hit and just bounce off that solid rubber there. This is why the phone feels so heavy. It does feel really solid in your pocket. It'S, pretty big with that 13 millimeters and the weight of it too, so it feels quite chunky, as mentioned so we've got the middle on the side. That does say shockproof. I personally wish that it didn't actually say anything, but you know it doesn't look too bad that some tray on the lift is covered with a gasket. Of course. This is part of that ip68 rating that it has now, if you happen to break off this gasket, eventually they're going to wear out the one on the type C port is going to be the most susceptible as both a pro and a con. I see it so the pro, of course, it's not going to get dirt and dust in there, especially in the type C port, end up blocking it. But the kind of course is that eventually it's got rubber in there and that's going to wear out eventually, and there will one day you might end up losing it and once you lose it, then you can kiss goodbye that ip68 rating and that's.

Of course why we do have the wireless charging on this model, so they're put in that 10 watt fast wireless charging, so you can use that instead of having to plug it in every day and that's going to help, and hopefully that won't mean that if you Try not to use this gasket open it all the time, it'll last a lot longer and you retain that IP rating on the right hand, side. You will find another piece of metal there on this side and in our metal volume and power buttons. So these buttons did, you have a quality, feel to them. They feel very solid and you can see there. It does say waterproof on the side and those two cameras on the rear. They can do an average portrait mode. So we've got a 21 megapixels sensor paired up with a 13. If that can be believed, because other material was saying it was 16 and 13, so I don't really know there now those little holes on the back. Those are microphones along the top. There is no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on this, so they decided to ditch it probably for that waterproofing. They just found it too hard, maybe too expensive to do that, and you can see it does say ip68 on the top, so it has an IPS screen. This one has a maximum output of only 360 Lux, so it's not super bright. So if you're in a really bright environment, direct sunlight, legibility is average and yes, it does have a notch which is housing or 13 megapixel front facing camera.

There is a status LED to the right of the earpiece. Now the earpiece, I sometimes question the quality of the air pieces in these waterproof phones or ones with IP ratings. They tend to be a little bit muffled, but it's not the case here, it's only muffle when a bit of water gets into it, but when it doesn't have any water in it. It sounds good to me very clear in fact surprised me. Apart from that, slightly disappointing maximum brightness, I feel it should be a lot more for a rugged out or phone the gamma isn't too bad it's a little off here. You can see about 2.1 2.0. It should be 2.2 blacks, aren't super deep, as you'd expect from an IPS panel. Overall, when you look at real world images, they look. Ok, they're, fine. In fact, the screen I feel the quality of it is actually better than the likes of the honor of view. 20, the v20 that I reviewed that mobile phone, so it has a very minimal amount of IPS bleed and you don't really see too much of that a little bit of a dark patches around the knotch but it's very hard to see nowhere near as bad again As that view 20, I looked at it is covered with Gorilla Glass. Now, of course, I put that on there and I don't know what version it is. I believe it could be five, because that is a tougher, more drop resistant screen.

The phone is powered by that octa core Hallie Opie's 60. Now this one puts out a run about a hundred and thirty thousand for the antutu score. This isn't a bad score. The performance of the ROM in general. I find to be good it's reasonably fluid. We'Ve got six gigabytes on RAM on here, which I believe is helping a little bit with that multitasking. So when you go through that – and you do see sometimes a little bit of slowdown, what I've noticed is sometimes the app launch time can be a little bit slow, but overall for the chipset it's got on here. I find the performance to be reasonably good. So this ant running Android. This is eight point, one that we have on here and, as you can see, it has a November security patch level, so that's getting a little bit dated. Now there was an over the air update. This was bug fixes, but it didn't increase that patch level. Unfortunately, out of the box, you don't really get any bloatware. Would this perhaps the game mode, the translator they put on there? And yes, it does have FM radio, but you need that type C. 2. 3.5. Millimeter adapter or plug in a Type C headphone for it to work, of course, because it acts as the antenna for the FM radio. Now, if you're a tradesman, you might want to use some of these here, maybe not! They do not not be actually that accurate, it's just using senses after all, but there are some tools on here in the app called tool bag, one of them which measures UV light.

So you can see right here that is our UV sensor. It'S gon na tell you whether we have extreme UV reading, moderate and it'll. Just let you know now for free space. You get here, you can see over 100 gigabytes, free, so that's, not too bad and the storage speeds. These are good. These are respectable. It has an emmc 5.1 speck drive on here, so no problems with that a bit in an outdoor kind of phone. Yes, GPS does work reasonably well. It'S not going to lock on to every single satellite accuracy, will hover around the 4 meter mark. So if you're gon na get a hiking tramping mountain biking or whatever at least it does get a quick lock and it seems to keep it, which is the main thing, 4G reception is excellent, in fact, it's even better. If you can trust those bars than my samsung galaxy s, 9, Plus this surprised me, I'm, getting very good downloads through it, and the reception call quality is where I've made some calls, and I find that is excellent. The mics seem to be alright the mic on the bottom there, so that is good. Now our wireless speeds. They are really good. However, I have noticed that the wireless range in my testing at home is not as good as other mobile phones, and I believe the culprit is our metal body around us and all that rubber is affecting the signal strength a little bit it's, just not as good As it could be, you can see here with wireless analyzer with other phones I'm.

Getting a lot better signal strength. So bear that in mind that the wireless signal isn't the greatest the strength on this one, the armor 6 – has face. Unlocking so just demonstrate that now so the power, but on the side tapped that to wake it up, look at the camera and it unlocks it's, normally really quick. The fingerprint read on the back as well: well, it's, not the most accurate. I have noticed that it will probably work, maybe every 8 or 9 times out of 10, so I'll just demonstrate it now touch it and it unlocks it takes about one second, so overall, it's not too bad and it's. Just that accuracy could be a little bit better, I feel so what about the camera is now normally these kind of phones. The focus is not really the cameras. It has very average cameras on this. As expected, so low light is not great video quality. I will give you some samples, but only a short couple of cut samples up to 1080p maximum, so there's no 4k on this and you see the standard kind of media ticks it up here with a few tweaks with the camera app, the viewfinder often suffer from A bit of lag, so this is our video. It does not have any electronic image stabilization and the microphone quality is average and I've noticed that sometimes the focus goes off as well, so 1080p max no 4k with us it's, not amazing, quality it's better than some of the other media tech funds.

I like that, but you can see there that focus struggling to get a proper lock here now, if you do, plan to record in low light expect very poor quality, as you can see that it's not amazing, it's a little bit choppy and with the front facing Camera, if you wanted to shoot some vlogs or something like that, it's only 720p max here, so quite a low resolution. I was hoping for at least 10 ap with this 8 megapixel sensor, but it's not the case here. So you are able to game on this phone in the frame rate. Most of the games. I'Ve been testing is quite fluid. It'S a lot better. This hello, P 60, the GPU they're, using than the previous Mele GPUs they had and the older media tech chipsets, and you do notice that now, of course, some games that are really demanding once high graphics. You will need to alter the settings just a lot of things down a little bit, so you get anymore playable framerate, but overall, I think for the most part, most of these games are gon na, be running well, smooth frame rate. Now it does generate a little bit of heat of notice, so after this is lineage 2. After about an hour of gaming, it was getting quite warm just around this area here, that's on the normal settings, so do expect a little bit of warmth after gaming. For a while, so the phone has a single loudspeaker.

Just on the back here, that's it right there that little gap, it will give you a sample of it just a second, so I mentioned before that voice calls do actually sound, really good on this phone. Now, if you use a 3.5 million to your typical headset, the quality's, fine it's, nothing to rave about, I didn't notice any static or any problems really with it. Taking a look at our battery stats now, so it is holding up well, it does have a five thousand milliamp hour battery, which is a large battery, and you can see screen on time almost nine hours I haven't made many calls only ten minutes in total over The period of a day while this has been on and also a good bluetooth there as well, so I think you can possibly get maybe 10 hours out of this it's gon na last, most people two days, possibly even three, so it does have good battery life Charge time on the armored, six here is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully top off that five thousand milliamp hour battery. So if you get the offer with the free wireless charger, it is a 10 watt Qi standard one and has a good bill to it very nice. You can see middle on the bottom all rubber around the outside, so it's, not gon na slide off a table. Anything like that now charge times are quite a bit longer. This is 10 watts at its charging at and it takes just over three hours and 40 minutes to fully charge.

So you'd – probably just do this at night before you go to bed. So, who is this phone for? I feel hikers trampers treyton and someone that's rough with their phone, so you're a plumber. You keep dropping your phone, you keep knocking it around and you've cracked the screen on your phone a few times this doesn't mean the screen is not going to crack on this one, of course, because it just depends where you hid it. If you did have this fall on top of a rock, then it's possible you're going to crack the screen on this now I know I haven't shown you any durability tests. Why is that? Well, I don't believe in smashing up perfectly fine tech, even dropping it. At least marks on the rubber on the outside, and I do actually need to sell this on – to recover my costs of this video. So that is why, if you don't think that's a little of a general reason, well, there'll be other videos out there I'm sure that we'll be doing those kind of tests so check those ones out there. So you buy this phone, I feel for that durability and, of course, the extra speed you get so other durable phones, the ones that have IP ratings on that they've got normally weaker chipsets this one's a little bit more powerful and to 230 thousand six gigabytes of Ram reasonably fast storage, 128 gigabytes of that as well.

So no 3.5, millimeter headphone jack as a little disappointing there we do have a status LED on the front voice. Calls are very good 4G signal reception as well surprised me, it's, quite good, and the voice calls sound a lot better and then I was expecting with this phone there's a one weakness er that I did pick up on, and that is the wireless range compared to My other phones, I believe, because of the middle housing on this, is inhibiting the signal a little bit so wireless, that is on the 2.5 gigahertz band and 5g, as well as AC. Just doesn't seem to have that range that I would really hope for. In a phone like this, the screen as well could be much brighter. This has been advertised as a hikers phone, a tramp as phone and him using the GPS out there. You want to see the screen well for that maps when you're going and it could be a lot brighter than what it is you can make it out in the Sun it's. Just not amazing there either speaking of not amazing the cameras, the video quality, so you wouldn't be buying a phone like this at all for the cameras and the better life good, you can probably get over 10 hours. I was quite hard on that and there's continual battery test that I do and I wasn't taking it easy. So the battery life, I think, is definitely two to three days on this one good standby battery consumption as well.

So, thank you so much for watching this review.