Before i start, i want to thank you g for sending me this tablet for review now. Lets begin with the unboxing to not make this video longer. I am going to quickly show you what comes with this tablet. First, we have a quick guide: Music, another quick guide for android devices and the warranty policy; 10 replacement nibs for the pen, one micro, usb otg adapter, one type; cotg adapter, a nib extractor and one usba to usbc cable Music. This is the battery free pen. I like that, the shape of the pen is only slightly thicker than a wooden pencil. This is the s640 pen tablet. The s640 pen tablet has a 6.3 by 4 inch working area and 10 shortcut keys before starting. I went to ugs site and downloaded the drivers and installed them so now that everything is set im going to make some quick drawings to test this pen tablet. The first thing i noticed is that the pen is very accurate and the response time is really good. The pen buttons work great, but i disable them to avoid unwanted clicks. I used the shortcut keys extensively and did not experience errors, as i often do with other tablets using the tablet on my pc. I only find one drawback and is the small work area, but thats something you can get used to. As for the experience in android devices, i just had to plug in the otg type c adapter that came with the package to my phone and the tablet was ready to go on android.

I tried some of my favorite apps, like sketchbook art flow and layer paint. Hd all the apps i tried worked and the pen pressure worked fine. I recently found this app im using it is called nomad sculpt. This is by far one of the best 3d sculpt apps available on android. The app works great while using the s6 40 pen tablet on my phone. As a final comment, i just want to say that in general i love the s6 40 pen tablet from ug.