It is the uru bolt gear now this features an amd embedded system on a chip solution, and this one here is the v1605b maximum turbo is 3.6 gigahertz it's a quad core with eight threads in total, it can take up to 32 gigabytes of ram using sodium Slots there it has two of them of course, and it also can run up to four monitors at 4k 60hz, which is pretty impressive. When you see the size of this thing so in this review, i'll go through quickly the unboxing. What we get in the package setting it up a little bit and, of course, some performance tests and benchmarks use and even exporting some 4k video one minute of footage, which it does it in a surprisingly fast and quick time, which i didn't really expect to see. From this and overall at the end, my opinions of using this after a few days, what i like and what i don't particularly like about it. So it comes in this rather large box for such a small pc but that's, because we've got all of these parts right here at stake, so we've got the urubult v8, the middle case, wi fi module our power supply, the eu and us cable. So what we are going to need, of course, is ram and ssd and we're also going to need an operating system as well with this. So here are the contents there's the case under here. You will find our pcb the little motherboard the fan all in one unit there and it's just got so much in this and i'll get onto that uh very shortly too.

Here are power cables, so we've got us1 and there is the euro power. Cable and right here is our power supply. Now this power supply, i can see, is rated to a maximum of 65 watts this one, and they also include these three udoo stickers, which is nice of them to put that into the box there. So there is a guide here to get set up and started. So this is talking about how to install the wireless wifi module installing our ram and how to assemble the case. It is pretty straightforward. I think most people should not have any troubles with this and then on the other side too, it's just telling us what we get of course inside this box here, if you were to buy this particular bolt gear kit, so top down view of this motherboard and You can see just how much have they managed to get crammed into this thing. It'S, just absolutely amazing how they've done this. So what i've got is two upright ram slots here sodiums now you can install up to 32 gigabytes. I have 16 installed already two usb 3 ports right here. We'Ve got a front facing there's a 3.5 millimeter with microphone support, so that's for your headsets and there's. Also a 3.5 audio out right here, two hdmi twos that's, 4k 60. They support and then two usb 3.1 ports. These also support 4k 60 on that. So yes, four displays four displays out on this 4k 60.

All of them. That is really something from just one tiny little board. Gigabit lan is there as well, and we also do have a 3.5 millimeter audio out, which is there as well too now, both of those type c ports. They do also support power delivery in and out so that is great to see there's also on this side, plenty more connectors. So we do have some groove connectors we've got the druneo compatible, pin out as well here for those of you into, for example, building, robots or drones, or just other things like that. You have plenty of options: a set of three or sata3, and the sata setter power out there on that, one too, as well so there's, just as i mentioned there's, so many options here now. This also does have on board a compatible micro controller for that adrenia, which is the at mega 32 u4 that's on board. This particular pcb, then, on the other side, we've got a lot of storage options so right here we have an mvme, so this is pci times four. This is key m and that m.2 slot is 2280 in size, of course, so that's for our fast ssd. So i will be installing one of these right here, which is a sabrin that's, two terabytes really quick drive, and this is where our wireless ac card goes, so that is included in the box. This is it right here. I will also install that it's the intel wireless ac, 31 38 – so not the 3135 that i commonly see, but just a slightly different model there to that one, and then two antennas for our wireless now a little tip here with the wireless antennas when you install Them in the case, you put them on the side, but you want to put it on the side.

You know that is actually facing towards your wireless router, just to add a little bit in that speed there, of course, and of course, you've got the lan port there too. If you don't want to go wireless, so you don't have to install them. So i have my nvme drive installed here: that's 22 by 80. But sorry i made a mistake before that. This is not a 2280 size one, but this is in fact 22 by 60. Millimeters and i've got a sandisk that i'm going to install on there, but first i need to connect up the wireless antennas for the wireless card which i have already installed. So this is very, very easy to do you just slot them in place, screw them down, and the build quality of this board. I just wanted to comment on is excellent. It is really good, so this, i believe, is the way it will go in and you just need to then slot the inner part in here, and then you need to just pull it up once it goes inside the case. Here you've got to pull it up and then screw it into place. I'Ll show you the end result once i get. This done just make sure those cables aren't in the way there and you pull it up and you can see the fan is actually just right under here. So this is what the end result will look like without having, of course, the wireless antennas just floating around.

I need to find an ideal position and where to put them exactly which i'll get on to later so here we can see it's, quite good. It'S got this gap underneath here that's. Actually, where you put the 2.5 inch drive, so they've included all the screws and bits and pieces you need for that. So right here is where you would do that. So two point inch drive goes here and the cable comes just underneath there, keeping it neat and tidy and clean, and you put some rubber feet on too as well we'll go here and here, and you can also mount this. These points here are for visa mounting too, as well and here's. What the back of it looks like too again just ignore my uh wireless antennas, they're floating around so very good. Build quality in this case overall is really solid, and i like the design. It is definitely different from the typical kind of ones we get this kind of size, at least from intel, for example, so, first up our bios and yes, of course it is completely unlocked here now there are some interesting settings to go into, so one of them Is under am d a cbs, and this is our power limit. You want to go into mbio common options. If this hasn't been set already mine out of the box, was actually set to 25 watts. This is our tdp. It could be on 15, but set it to 25, of course, which i will be running the entirety of this review here, to make sure that we do have maximum performance.

So if i get out of this i'll just quickly show you that we've got a lot of other different options in here. Everything you pretty much think of is all here so it's completely unlocked and there's lots of settings in there. You could mess up, but if you do run into problems, just unplug that battery on the other side of the motherboard to completely reset the bias. Of course, let's jump into our windows now, which i have already installed, set up and got all the drivers installed as well, so it didn't have too much of an issue to get set up. You just have to download the drivers from amd for this particular chipset. Here so this system on a chip is the embedded v1605b and it does have the vega 8 graphics. So if i move over to the graphics there, you can see we've got one gigabyte that is allocated to that so that's shared ram. But of course we lose that so out of this 16 gigabytes i'm only going to have around 15, or so you know that you can use there so the maximum turbo. This one is up to 3.6 gigahertz it's uh, four cores, eight threads and overall the performance i've been doing a bit of a test slightly ever so slightly disappointed. I was expecting maybe a little bit too much out of this chip, but uh i'll show you some of the results here so first up a cinebench r15 here, so just over 500 cb.

That is actually pretty good. Okay. This is not bad at all. That'S not a bad result, cinebench r20 and that should be popping in, but it hasn't there we go that one is just over 1 000 points there and okay. I was expecting maybe about 1100, a little bit more than this, but hey it's, it's still pretty good. For what it is – and i did also run a benchmarks – uh, including geekbench 5 – here – that you can see so almost 800 there – and this is where i just thought a little bit disappointing now – i'm sure the intel guys well, the amd guys. Sorry in the comments are going to say yeah, but this benchmark favors intel blah blah blah, but hey i'm, just showing it. This is just a reference. Okay, i don't care about amd intel sort of stuff, and here we go here is geekbench 4 2, and this result um. This is where again, i thought it'd be a little bit better, but hey it's, not too bad for what it is. Okay. This is just a small little chip that can do a lot a lot on this motherboard as well now just for reference here. Okay, this is just reference. This is the score. I got with the intel part that i just reviewed last mini pc it's only because it was the last one i reviewed and it gets a much higher score and it's the same kind of setup with the four course eight threads.

But it has a much higher turbo. This one can turbo up to single core 4.6, so a full gigahertz more on that, and that is probably why you know it gets those better results there and yes yeah. Maybe until geekbench does favor intel, who knows okay but i'm, not really too worried about that i'm. Just reporting the facts here, guys on what i get with schools with this one. So i am benchmarking. The drive that i installed, which is that sabrin rocket two terabyte excellent results, so there's no problems here with that port running at the full speeds that it should definitely that nvme drive that slot there and, of course, you've got the option of adding a set of Three 2.5 inch – and you can also add in a set of three m.2 ssd 20 to 60. Millimeters is the size that you can do so typical spreadsheets and things like that really good performance. So this is quite a big one – okay, 859 pages, because it actually is quite taxing that's. Why i test it out. I normally test this on more lower end tech, but even so i just thought i would show this and spreadsheets as well quite large one here. 700 pages again for these kind of tasks with windows, at least it handles it really well, no problems at all with this it's really good, so jump into some video files as well too, because i want to see how it performs with playback of something really demanding.

So, first up this one is a 4k 60 frames per second and look at this. It is really good pretty much flawless that is i'll skip ahead again, really good performance, so that vague 8 graphics is handling that really well okay. We step it up. Even more now, with higher bitrate hevc 10 bit 140 megabits per second look at that super smooth. Absolutely no problems there whatsoever, so it handles video files really really great, no problems with that there at all. Now, if i was to jump into chrome, chrome performances stating the obvious here, it is really good. Okay, no problems, lots of tabs open and the performance as expected, there's no need for me to cover that one there, but what i will look at briefly is we're. Just gon na jump into adobe premiere pro, and i just want to show you what it is like at editing: 4k video and i'll export times with this one as well. So here we are so i'm just going to scrub ahead a little bit here and we'll. Take a look: you can see that the cpu loads get up to about 90. In fact, it'll, probably max out with this one. Now i have got the preview window here, just said, and uh quarter playback resolution, so i'll set it to full it's, probably gon na, be a little bit too demanding but see um little bit slow there to catch up, but actually that's, pretty good that's, not bad.

At all i'm gon na hit play here and a little bit slow, but there we go that kicks off and no problem really with this, so you'll be able to edit and do these kind of tasks here with nothing too strenuous in terms of videos with like Heaps of tracks you don't, want to have a lot of tracks. You don't have a lot of transitions and things, and then you will definitely start to notice a little bit of slow down. I feel with this. So if you stick that on half or a quarter with our playback resolution, that is definitely going to aid in uh. This video editing performance i find too so i'm going to do with the typical test that i like to run, and that is to export now. I'M, going to export just one minute of files, footage sorry and the youtuber preset, okay, which is just under here, so that is youtube 4k ultra hd and i'll find and get one minute of footage right here and we'll see how long it takes. I will also have this time too, as well so i'm gon na tap on the export here and then i'm gon na hit the okay on the clock. In fact, i'll hit the clock first and it's just giving it out by one or two seconds all right. So start and then export okay see how long this takes it's, actually looking very good. The last intel i checked out did take one minute and 18 seconds to do one minute of footage 4k, and this this is looking impressive, well it's going to be close, it was off to a really good start, but i still think it's going to be able To beat the intel here in terms of definitely look at this okay when that disappears.

Okay, so you can take that as an actually probably 59 seconds, because it was about a second before i hit the export. That is an excellent result. So that is a good you could say almost what 20 or 18 faster than that last quad core intel mini pc. So really impressive, i'm really happy to see this. Actually, that it's, really quite good at exporting that time is definitely not what i expected considering the other benchmarks. It just goes to show you you can't, always just rely on those synthetic benchmarks, but real world tests like this one. Now i have run a 3d mark benchmark here. This is fire strike and it's sneering towards 1900s that's, the score we get with this one and i'm going to test out some gaming performance, so i do have in the background already running loaded up, and that is wolfenstein 2, which runs with vulcan graphics, which should Actually be okay here with this particular mini pc. We should get some decent performance, at least at 720p. Oh and i've lost my fps meter here, that's, not good or my temperatures too. Okay, so this one does still look to have playable frame rates. We'Re going to have to sort of estimate here definitely dipping below 30.. Look at that a little bit of lag here, oh it's, getting a little bit choppy, so it is semi playable, but yeah, especially with a lot of enemies. On now, that's that's got ta be running like at 20 frames per second or something that is is really quite hard to play like this.

This slow all right, let's move over to another title and that's another aaa one grand theft auto 5 and see how that performs on this midi pc now gta is running really good. Here. Look at this frame rate. This is over 50 frames per second, sometimes over 60 and that's. What we want. This is good, very good. This is much better than the intel uhd 620 graphics that i was looking at and the whiskey like you mini pc, which was the mini piece. I reviewed just before this one, so this says a big step up. That one was, i would say, good 20 25 frames per second on average lower than this one here. So even just at okay, not quite 60 frames per second, but it is still just so. Playable good to see now it will sometimes dip down into the high 30s, but most of the time, it's not really going to happen. Now, when you play at a night here in the game, it's a little bit more demanding so expect to lose. Maybe about 10 frames per second on average, but it is still playable frames per second, which is the main thing here so really good to see this now i'm going to test out an even lighter title, and that is counter strike. So, even though this is just the warm up, i'm just going to run around to show the frame rate here that this is looking like it's going to be most of the time over 60 and that's.

What we want so this at 1080p is stable and, of course, if you want a higher frame rate, then just lower that resolution down to 720p but i'd still keep it i'll keep it at 1080p here, because i think this is, this is pretty good. This is not bad right over 70 here so i'm, already, probably going to be dead, and no, i didn't die just yet so on to all thermals that i have been monitoring now for almost two hours and i've been pushing it really hard the whole time – and These thermals are impressive, very, very good, so the hottest temperatures in this are, in fact the ssd, which is kind of normal 69 degrees. They do get very hot. These ssds, but let's have a look at the actual cpu, so it's getting up to 66 max 54. There that is really really good. That is so good, considering the kind of performance it has, especially the vega 8, a gpu that it's got, and if we take a look then at the gpu 2 as well. What did that get up to well 50. that's. It 52. very, very good, and if you have a look, then also at what kind of maximum wattage we were pulling up to about 26 27. So, yes, it was running at that 25 watts for the t dp that i set there. So it is performing as expected there, but these thermals are just so good, very good little cooler on there and just the chipset itself, of course, does run quite cool okay.

What about fan noise? Now on the youtube bolts? I noticed that it is constant and it is a little bit loud and it will sometimes turn off when the temperatures permit when it gets actually low enough, but that doesn't often happen not at least with my 25 26 degrees. Ambient temperatures right now running uh the cinebench test here – i'm – just pushing it a little bit to give you a sample of that fan, noise, which you can hear right now, and it is slightly annoying. This is probably one of the bigger cons. I'D say of this particular mini pc, just like others. Actually, so overall, this has been for me a fantastic little mini pc. Yes, the cpu performance for me was a little disappointing. I was expecting a bit more than that and i questioned whether actually it was at one point running at the 25 watts, but it was in the buyers and i said it – it was originally there as well. So i went back and double checked this. There was a bias update that came through as well too, and it remained at the 25 watts, which is good and later on. When looking at the power consumption, you could see that, yes, it was using 25 watts. The vega 8 does perform really well, and you saw that with the gaming performance too there, but not only just gaming performance, which is very good for a little tiny mini pc of this size, but also that 4k export time in adobe premiere pro there.

One minute of footage with the youtube 4k preset on most other tech that i review yes, intel tech will take about one minute 20 seconds 30 seconds depending on what chip it is for a quad core. This did it in under one minute. That is absolutely fantastic. Really good to see that and the performance there we're getting and then even back onto the gaming performance too. Quite quite quite well actually look at gta 5. The frame rate was just so much better than the integrated intel graphics here. So the vega 8 is good. There now, when you set it all up, you're going to need to, of course, jump on and download the drivers from amd's website there. I did have a problem with the amd software, sometimes occasionally crashing on me, that you know that flash menu that comes up with your different options. In fact, it kept doing it, and i don't know why that is it's a little bit buggy there, software, which is no fault of udu, but the bolt v8 and the bolt gear here, that's in this very good. It really only for me has just two things: well, you could say a borderline three, but the big thing for me is the fan noise. Now those thermals in this fantastic. They are so good, considering the power that's in this. So i believe they've got a lot more room there to tweak the fan profile, just lower it down a little bit and just give us a little bit more head room without that fan, coming on and then going off, and it will stay off for hardly any Time at all, you have to do something super light like it's, almost when it's idle, then the fan goes off.

So i can. I think they can push that a little bit more and it's just a little irritating the noise it does make. So maybe with future updates, they can adjust. The rpms give us, maybe slightly higher temperatures, but lower fan noise would be absolutely perfect there and i know it's got a lot of ports on this. I mean running four 4k monitors at 60. Hertz is great and the usb 3.1 type c ports on here power delivery, both in and out, is great, but i would have liked to have seen just one more full size. Usb port we've got two usb ports, full size ones, type a's, but i think three taipei's would have been really good for this particular model here and the other borderline. One is the setup. I know they've got guides on youtube, which are really really good, but i didn't really know where to place those wireless antennas um. I think they just leave it up to the end user, where you want to put it there and when i checked their guides, i couldn't find any info on on that unless i was looking at the wrong place. But overall, this is a really good. Little mini pc and i've enjoyed my time testing this out. It is really quite good, definitely comes recommended from me now. The retail price is '9 us dollars which a lot of people might go. Hey. Well, hang on an extra hundred us dollars.

You can build yourself there's, always those guys in the comments and you've got that option, but will it be the size? Can you put it on the back of a tv or a monitor with the visa mount with visa mountain set up? Probably not definitely not.