04 is here and it’s time to review it, so i’ve downloaded the latest version of ubuntu, 21.04 and i’m going to provide you a review of this version. So we are here – and i have just booted up my virtual machine using the latest disk, so you can see in my optical drive. I have ubuntu 21.04, which is for 64 bit pc. Now this version, the installer, looks same as before the upgraded one for 20.04 and i’m going to install ubuntu, and hopefully all the you can say, steps would be same as previous version minimal installation no need to download and just continue. Oh, my virtual machine is only for 2gb ram, so i would just check for the performance how quick it is in case of uh, the minimal installation, which should be very light in size. I would say okay, so just go for. Let me check for the advanced feature as well: okay use lvm with the new ubuntu installation. It is disk use zfs, oh no! I will just go for none and just click on install now. So this is the basic you can say a very minimized version of installation, wizard very easy to install whether you are a newbie or whether you are an expert in using ubuntu for quite a long time. I’Ll, just put it my name and just sample password and i think in the oh, the option is for use active directory. I forgot to mention that this feature 21.

04 has an option: uh integrated with microsoft, active directory, which is as per their latest. You can say announcement: they have support for active directory integration and also they are working with microsoft for uh the microsoft sql, and that is a good news that both microsoft and canonical are working and improving linux, specifically ubuntu. So as they mentioned that support of microsoft, sql server will be improved and coming release, so this is quite fast. It is copying it in lightning fast way. So let me see how much time will it take? I took around two to three minutes now and it’s. Almost 60 percent done with a 2gb ram virtual machine, so i think it is better than 20.04, because when i was installing 20.04 in a similar configuration, it took a bit of much time. Okay, it has copied the files now it’s going to install the system. One thing to notice is that i’ve selected for do not download any files, but you would see that it’s still retrieving some files over the internet and it takes some time for it to install i’m, not sure which files these are so in case you did not Do not select for retrieving files from the internet or you can say doing a software upgrade. It will still retrieve files from the internet now running, update grub, and i think it will be done in a few moments. Okay it’s installed now, so i will give it a restart and let’s boot up install system, okay, so let us login and we’ll see so this.

The interface is on vland as soon as you log in you get this uh pop up to connect your online account. So i will just skip it not required to send an illegal – or, you can say, usage report and no access to the location services. So this is i’m seeing it in the first time in 21.04 and i would just say no and then there are option to install some softwares which are recommended. So just press done. Let me just install the guest addition cd so that the so as to improve the resolution, so it’s only a few moments and i have updated software as well. So let’s see there’s 6 kb of ubuntu base there’s around 706 kb of total files. Let’S see what are these software updates, so this is pretty good. I just uh it’s, not even a single day, since the version is released and still we have an update. Let me just install it it’s only 706 kb now just press enter to close it. Let me see if the issue is fixed, not yet i need to restart so let me restart it and i will get back to you so after installing the guest addition it’s now in good resolution, i will just show you the settings here. The ui is pretty smooth just like in twenty point: zero four windowing system is uh wayland it’s using genome three point: three: eight dot, five osm is a one two, twenty twenty one point: zero four, so options are similar to twenty point: zero.

Four, you have background of hippo here. In this version you can customize the appearance to dock. I prefer the dark one, and then you have the notification manager search options in the application drawer, uh the privacy settings, so okay, connectively checking uh sorry connectivity checking. They have introduced, i think, in this version – location services, thunderbolt file, history and trash screen lock, so they have this privacy setting. So this privacy setting – i don’t remember if that was in 20.04. You can connect your online accounts, you can have sharing option. Okay and you have sound settings power displays mouse and touchpad. Let me try to connect my wacom tablet as well and see how it responds there would be some improvements. Oh i didn’t see this before. I had only open in terminal in the previous version change background when you right click display settings and then settings so this is, i think, improved and let’s see if and ubuntu software centers. What are the newer okay. So this is the software center. We have the softwares, let me just install okay there’s one more update, i don’t know what are they doing i’m, getting updates again and again? Okay, let me just have my waycom connected to this it’s connected. Let me go to settings and see if it is able to recognize my wacom okay, it has recognized my wacom, so this is good. This is perfect, so this is pretty good. I would recommend you to download it and use it and cheers for ubuntu 21.