So i’m just going to go ahead and restart the computer and i’m going to press and hold the volume up key and this desktop or escape key down here in the bottom. And what that’ll let me do is when i see the splash screen get into the boot settings menu and you can see i’ve got a couple of things plugged in here. I’Ll show you what those are momentarily there we go so now we have access to the boot settings menu from here i can use the d pad and the start key for select and navigation. So i want to boot from this usb flash drive. What i’ve got plugged in here is a keyboard and i’ve just got the power plugged in so in those ports up top there we’ve got two usb type c ports and a usb type, a port. Now from here i could go into the setup, menu and access the uefi settings, but in this case we’re just going to boot from a flash drive and what i’ve got installed on this flash drive is ubuntu, so i’m going to hit, select you’ll notice, the grub Boot loader menu was sideways and that’s because, as with a lot of other handheld devices from one network, this seems to have a screen that was designed for tablets, not necessarily for uh, whatever you want to call this handheld gaming computers or laptop style, landscape orientation. So most of the things when you’re running windows do run in landscape orientation.

Just fine, but this sort of loading menu is going to run in portrait by default and you’ll, see when we get ubuntu up and running it’s also going to be in portrait by default. Um we don’t need to go through all of this, so i’m just going to use my usb keyboard here. This is just a dongle for a keyboard and ubuntu is sideways. Unsurprisingly, so i’m, just using the touchpad here to navigate let’s, say try ubuntu down there. We go and now i’m going to open the display settings and it might just be easier to think about this way. There we go now. The touchpad works a little bit better and i’m going to say i think portrait left is what i want nope. I guess i want a portrait right, so let’s say, revert settings portrait right, apply and keep changes, connect to a wireless network, and so the touch screen is not working but that’s actually not surprising, because the touch screen stopped working on this demo unit in windows as Well, so i think there was just a hardware issue: this is a pre release, prototype that was sent to me, but you’ll notice, mouse mode works. Just fine and that’s mapped to this hardware button which doesn’t just work in windows, but also works in ubuntu, so that’s actually kind of nice that i can navigate this way. Uh now tapping it once doesn’t bring up the on screen keyboard. That seems to be something that is tied specifically to windows um.

I can, however, use some of these multi function keys, so i can press the desktop and that button to get to the log out menu doesn’t seem to do a screenshot, but so some of these function keys are functional, which is nice. I can also get audio and video to work. Just fine wireless is working fine. So for the most part, things seem to work as expected and then, if you plug in an external keyboard, you’ve basically got yourself a little linux computer. I do wish that i could uh test it with the touch screen, but again prototype these things happen um overall in windows. I find that you know mouse mode works so well that i don’t really miss not having a touch screen, particularly when using this for gaming it’s a little bit trickier without access to the on screen keyboard shortcut here, but introducing audio and video everything basically works. The way it’s supposed to and be is all right. I was going to end the video there, but it seems, like a shame, not to show you a little bit of gameplay. So first i’ll show you lesser hardware, but it seems to run reasonably well here. So that’s, just a quick look at ubuntu it’s, just sort of the out of the box experience. I haven’t installed it’s just running from a flash drive there, but it uh for the most part seems to work okay, and i wanted to let you know that.

So you can find more information about using this uh little computer for gaming, which is his intended purpose uh, as well as some other general purpose, things at lilliputing.