I got a million Music yeah were here, welcome back or welcome, and if its not the last one, please let me tell you we do tech reviews and unboxings of Cool Tech like this one. Today, if thats something interests, you please consider subscribing give a thumbs up in this video and share it all around with your friends with this said. Lets start the review of the wow t50 Android tablet yeah this low this one here. So I will let you know all about this tablet. All the features and the price lets start with the price. Oh wow, 2023. 10.1 inches. Android. 12 tablet as a price tag of 105.99 pounds, and you can use the five percent voucher at the time of this recording. Unfortunately, this tablet is now available for us. I will leave links in the video description. Like always, please check him out for best price and product information checking the t50 out of the box. You can see that the quality is premium, its made of plastic, but doesnt feel cheap at all. It comes with a screen protector installed already talking about screen. It is at 10.1 inches IPS screen, it has in cell screen to be brighter and thinner great for YouTube and Netflix on the back. You have a 13 megapixels camera and the flush there is also 8 megapixels camera in the front on the top Edge. You have a USBC port for charging, the reset button volume buttons power button and the 3.

5 millimeters Jack on the right Edge. You have the micro SD slot with a large capacity. It takes micro, SD cards up to one terabyte, its, not normal, to see this capacity on the budget tablet on the left Edge. You have two stereo speakers. The t50 has a digital amplifier chip for crisp and clear sound lets see some of the specs next. So the operating system is Android 12.. It has the mediatek processor, with a speed of 2 gigahertz, with 8 processors, with a 6 Gigabytes memory and a hard drive of 128 gigabytes. The screen size is 10.1 inches ipx with a rest of 1920 by 1200 pixels. It comes with a 7 to 200 milliampere hours battery. It has two stereo speakers. Doesnt look like they are from a budget tablet. The t50 tablet comes with a 13 megapixel camera and Flash at the back and with the 8 megapixel camera at the front. There is no much to talk about them with good light. They are okay, but e is a way of a modern phone, but lets be honest, who uses a tablet to take photos? Unfortunately, I was not able to find out the video resolution of the t50, but again with good light is not not bad. One of the great features of this tablet is the built in GPS navigation with four satellite positioning systems that allows you to easy, obtain your location, information and directions. The navigation is very smooth with great response time when loading playing games is also great, with no lagging in most of the games.

The touchscreen is very sensitive. Doing my testing the t50 in an overheat showing that is a very efficient tablet. If you want a budget tablet with great specs fast Wi, Fi connection, Android 12, plenty of storage – slim, not heavy and with a solid feel the t50 might be the one for you. I will leave links in the video description. Please check them up and thats. It guys this was our quick review on Wow p50 Android tablet.