. So welcome back guys. Where going to start our unboxing Outside the box of tylex xm’. We can see the specification. The tylex xm’ has 3 available colors black gray and white. I purchased the black because it was on sale on Lazada and shopee 55 sale. Usb slot strong bass aux and led light Lets start the unboxing. I was able to purchase the speaker for P299 pesos. The original price of this is P350 pesos Let’s, remove it from the plastic. I will give you a bit of information about this tylex.. The box of tylex xm’, says it’s a wireless speaker, but it is actually not. You can use it for mobile and computer. You can also use this as a microphone because it has the connection for it.. It has a very long, cable wire and usually we put it beside the computer. It has 3 connection a usb to power up the speaker. This speaker is not rechargeable. It has no battery, you need to plug the usb in order to power the speaker. This has 2 3.55mm jack for Audio connection and mic connection.. The black one is for audio the red one for microphone. Let’S see the tylex. This has 2 led lights on left and right side.. You can also turn it off.. It has a volume knob on the top side for volume control. At the back of tylex xm’, we can see the microphone plug the sound out plug the on off led light.

Switch. right power off the middle is to power on without led lights, left side power on with led light on.. The good thing about this product is, if you don’t want to disturbed others, you can connect a headset on the speaker without going to the back of your computer.. This speaker has also a built in microphone, so lets test this with my smartphone and use it for calling.. On the front of the speaker, we can see the two led lights and two speakers inside the grill mesh lets also check the quality of the sound. on the top side of the speaker is the volume control and the microphone pin. Hole. Lets connect this to my power bank and connect it to my smarphone. Lets, connect it to the power bank. When I connect it, the power bank, the speaker, turned on Where going to test the speaker, but in order to connect this with microphone, we need to used this splitter plug.. If you do want to., You can also just plug it straight to your smarphone, with the 3.5mm headphone jack, because I’m going to use it for calling I am going to used the spliltter cable. So now I can use a microphone and speaker. This is one is for the audio, and this is one is for the mic. Now, my cable is a mess were going to test music for now were going to look for copyright. Free music lets check. The sound quality were going to max the volume on my smartphone and adjust it on.

The speaker were on the half volume were going to max the volume to see the limit of the speaker In terms of sound quality. The sound is decent even in high volume.. The sound is not bad and it has good quality for its affordable price Base. Your expectation on the price of the item, But for its price of P350 Pesos mobile and computer speaker it’s a bang for the buck for this tylex xm’ Let’s now test this for voice, quality. Let’s put it to max volume. The sound quality for voice is clear. I can hear techtablets voice loud and clear, Now let’s check if this tylex xm’ has really a microphone.. I am going to ask my wife to call me, and I will answer the call with this speaker as a microphone.. I will answer the call and let test if she can hear me, I will max the volume., Hello, …, Hello, …, Sound Hello, …. I can hear my wife call through the speaker. We can use this if we want to have a group call or greet our mother happy mothers day. We can use this if we want everybody to hear the call mommy talk, I can hear your voice clearly. She can hear me clearly while using the tylex xm’ microphone. My distance from the speaker is three shallow I’m in front of my camera smartphone. She can hear me clearly. Can you hear my voice clearly, I can hear your voice clearly and its not choppy.

I can confirm that the microphone of the speaker is working fine. for the price of P350 pesos.. The sound is clear. You can also receive calls from pc fb messenger using the microphone of tylex xm’. Speaker. This speaker is not wireless. You need to plug the usb to power, the speaker, Good quality. The microphone is working good, build quality. If ever you become interested in tylex xm’. I have a link in the description box for my affiliate. Please use it so I can get a small commision. If you like, the video guys dont forget to like it, if you dont, like it dislike it and for more pinoytube videos dont forget to subscribe.