There'Ll be six millimeters well right here, we've got the tranny room or, and it has a 10 millimeter driver which is larger than most, and you would think that okay, they'll probably be focusing on the lows then so these will be all about bass, and surprisingly, they Aren'T you'll find in the box like other brands, they review two extra large tips and then two extra small ones or small size. So they do come with the mediums pre applied and i find that they give me a good fit. We get a little guide and also right here. You can see 15 month warranty if you register the product. Otherwise the box says it's 12 right here and the USB to type c cable for charging. So you just use your USB charger to charge them. You'Ve got that with your phone, probably and the case will take two hours to charge them giving you four additional charges and the earbuds themselves will take one hour, so you get about five hours of runtime and then the additional 25 so 30 in total. So the case is a very good size and it does weigh 54 grams with the earbuds in them. The earbuds themselves weigh only four grams, each so super light, so there's a magnet with the lid here that keeps it closed. Now this plastic valve use does have a matte finish to it, but in the inside it doesn't – and this tends to pick up a little bit of smudging and fingerprints, but that's kind of normal for this tick that I review clearly labeled left and right.

When you remove them, they will take about two seconds to pair up if you've already paired them to a device that is, and you can see right now, the status LED and red means it's charging. Once it goes out, it has been fully charged so along the front here. We'Ve got these four status LEDs each one of those represents 25 or in this case, with this particular case, it's one charge gone. Okay, once one of those lights goes out, you know, you've lost the charge. You get four additional charges on the bottom, just your typical brand, their name and a few other things and there's that type C port on the back to charge it, and as mentioned before it takes about two hours, so the earbuds they do have paga port connectors. Like all the other t, tobias tick, that i'm reviewing and there's, also the label there to tell you that this is the one. So the tips these ones are just the typical silicon. You can replace them. If you want with foam, which I highly recommend giving you a better seal and even a bit more base to it's, really important that seal a lot of people don't realize that so find the tips that fit you the best, you can see it's just a tiny Little port here little cutout now, that is, for the ENC. So this has environmental noise cancellation, which is nowhere near as good as proper active noise cancellation.

It does just help a little bit with blocking out passive noise, but I don't feel it's that good and that noticeable really with these now, you can see a bit of a seam on the earbud here, but there's, no sharp edges or anything with the plastics use. Overall, the build quality is good, we've got the logo on the back here and you can see that status LED flashing. So this is not a physical click in button. Sadly, I prefer four controls the clicky type button, because it works how to be seen at the time with the touch. I find that when you tap it it's, not always working 100 of the time just now, and then it won't register for me, which is a little bit of a pain okay. So just how do they sound out of the box? This is the default sound profile that they've used the way they've Troon these with the 10 millimeter drivers I fought are: they would have tuned them favouring bass just like everyone else. Does they often common error that a lot of people make is well? These have got great deep bass, they're amazing they're sounding, but then you find that the mids muddy, the highs are not very crisp they're, just not good, but these ones very, very good. So if you're a bass loved it out there, you, like your RampB, you, like your hip, hop rap, then you're, probably gon na, be disappointed with the bass out of this.

Now it doesn't distort – which is great, but I find it is actually a very good balance of bass. But to me these are more leaning towards people that, like John rustling rock. This is where you really hear the difference both days, that the highs are great. You'Re. Hearing the individual instruments – soundstage is good, vocals come through clear and the bass I'm not saying it's underpowered. The bass to me just seems to be very well balanced. So Tamiya is really good instrument. Separation. There that's not to say that you can't just go into your favorite mp3 player, your media player and decide. Ok, I'm gon na go and just boost up the lows. Then you will have some heavy bass coming through and in my experience so far I mean. Are we pushing it right up the bass a little it that it doesn't distort, but I'm actually happy just to keep this on a complete flat default equalize it not even mess with it because out of the box, I think they sound really good. So this audio is pretty quite bad, it's very muddy. These are, in fact, worse than the Holly hi EA twos that I just recently reviewed, which are even cheaper than these headphones. So you can hear from that that it's a different weakness, that this does not have great call quality to me most of them don't. If you want the amazing call, quality go for ones that have four mics in total, normally to get two on each ear bud.

So what about the latency? Is there any noticeable lag when watching video content and thankfully no it syncs perfectly with people's mouths? So if you're really sensitive to that, these earbuds are great in that regard. Okay, so I want to talk a little bit about they fit in the comfort of these that they're very light. And, yes, you do get some noise reduction, but that environmental noise reduction, I think it's more of just a bit of marketing really for people to go. Oh, hang on that's going to have active noise cancellation or think it's something similar, but do not make that mistake, because these are marginally better than the typical passive noise reduction. You will get from any other tws earbuds that I have reviewed in the channel. Now. The microphone quality terrible it's quite muddy, there's a little bit of interference. This, unfortunately, is often the case and less on the box. You see that they state crystal clear or great call quality with four microphones. Then you've got some active noise cancellation, but these mics not really good. You always have to factor in look where the microphone is. The microphone is here when you're talking on your phone, the microphone. Is there a lot closer and, of course you get that compression via bluetooth, and it just seems to be using a very, very small mic in there, so poor quality, so not for your uber drivers out there or your people that are, of course just using them All the time so mono mode that is working if you just want to power on one you've got that option there now do they fall out.

I haven't had them fall out on me, but I just have to say that they don't give me a huge huge amount of confidence like some of the others do, which I feel like. Oh they're, never going to come out. Okay, like the sound pits that I looked at the true engine toes, they were just rock solid in there. They had rubber that went into this part of here as well, and they were just locked place that you could just jump and jump all day and I wouldn't pop out. But these, on the other hand, if you're going to be running or using treadmills and things like that, hmm, I think they could start to loosen up a little bit there now disconnects I've had no Bluetooth related disconnects, but I have had twice in my week using These now that's random, just out of the blue I'm listening to them, and it just says power off and it powers off and you're going to turn them back on. It'S happened twice. I don't know what the issue is. I think it could be related to the touch controls that it's, somehow sensing, that I'm touching and holding even though I'm not doing that. Now those touch controls I find just like all the other ones, with the capacitive touch control, not the actual physical clicking button that it's hit and miss these aren't too bad. Okay for the controls and you've got, of course, your Google assistant Siri.

If you want that as well so but we're, these do actually shine for the price that you're paying so they're selling for about 40 US dollars is the audio output. They haven't gone too heavy on the base, so some people will be disappointed to that. So if you're a huge bass lover, you love to really hear that powerful thump in there, those big lows, probably not the one to go for, even though it does have the 10 millimeter driver, not to say it's bad, though you can actually just crank up a Little bit the lows using an equalizer in your favorite audio app, and they will tell sound good to me, but where they do shine, is the soundstage instruments. You can clearly hear different instruments. The highs are very crisp. They'Re good vocals sound good, so they are to me focus where most of them at least the products are being really aren't, is being more balanced, is leaning towards the mids and the highs, and this is where I can recommend these for that, but not for your Voice calls definitely not with that mic, but if you don't place a lot of voice calls with tea, Boba's earbuds, then I'd say take a look at these ones. Here the rumor from tranya – and thank you so much for watching this tws earbud review. I will be still in the channel now and then focusing on a little bit of Bluetooth audio because really we're forced into an out.

We because a lot of tech, just like my Galaxy Tab, is sick, say, for example, no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on that, and all the mobile flagships now are pretty much just going to drop a course rip on 5 min here, 4 jacks so hope to see You back it in the next video! Thank you so much for watching bye.