As short, i think there are a few videos, a few youtubers. I already make a video talking about this app already so, but i really like this – i will talk about this right now, so click to the app and connect it via wi fi. So, as you can see, i already set up everything and it’s already um connected with my um Music connected with my laptop, but let me go through a little bit, so if you have a laptop, you have to um. First, you download the app these apps cost about 14, or so at this time i buy this. I don’t know if they um change the price uh or not, but there’s a lot of the updates current um, currently so um yeah, so for info first, so i have this app already uh bothered to see the um, the repos uh application. If you um want to try out this, i think they have three days a trial uh when you first download the app and then you have to pay a fourteen dollars to continue using it afterward so yeah. This is about the app and we have the setting. Um oops. Oh sorry, i would like to go to the setting, so the setting we have the orientation is normally landscape, because we would love to use this app on your uh with your tablet, which is obviously gon na, be landscape mode, um paint type or you can just Use this with your finger touch or you can use their stylus on your s, pen, um, etc, um for any kind of drawing the one thing.

That’S really interesting about this app that set off this outstanding from all other um remote display. Apps is its support, pain, support, stylus and they have kind of pressure sensitivity. I would say um so yeah to taco mode uh connect uh automatically and this other um and there’s other um change. If you wan na make, then a pin pattern function uh normally, i will set it at um right click. This is a default set i’m going to click it that much of you. I want to change. So this is option, so um there’s an option for you to set uh, so you can set it a control, alt and sift, and then uh. That was just quite quick, there’s no other function. I really know about that and then a two option for you to connect to your laptop one is vr, wi, fi and one you can connect it with your um card, which is not wireless. You have to connect it with your usbc current and then connect you to the laptop. I think the uh playback will um considerably um shorter uh than if you connect it with your wi fi, but i find this either so there’s an option. If you want to um, you can check it out there’s three days trial before actually purchasing them, so yeah you can try it out, definitely and connect to your wi, fi uh, so it’s, pretty quick, uh setup. I would say, besides, as you can see this in my desktop screen um currently i mean um laptop okay.

Let me show you my laptop, so this is on my laptop a little bit of a flicking. I don’t know why it’s, maybe because of my phone yeah. This is my laptop and um, as you can see um they already connected with the um the tablet and, as you click to this and go to the project mode. As you click to this and go to the project mode, you can see you can expand. It screen a second screen, only uh duplicate the screen on pc, only something so yeah, okay, also yeah. So this is my laptop and i collected a vr wi fi, so that would be a little bit of a playback. So let me show you we can actually run um. I will okay, i wish setup is at the second screen if you set up the project as duplicate so okay, so this is my screen. If you set up the tablet at duplicate, it will actually copy the resolution of your um of your computer, and you can see that is a kind of looking a little bit awkward uh and the resolution looking pretty bad. So normally, if i chose to use um my tablet only i would just use you know either expand our second screen only so as you can see a lot of difference and it look uh more sharp and it’s look more. I know quality yeah, so any app that you want to use. For example, i would say i will open um the clip studio, um paint that i normally use for drawing in this app you can see.

I also have the blender the photoshop some things like that. So let’s open my clip studio. They um do takes a few minutes to run so yeah it’s already open um, i would say the playback uh um kind of a little bit seemed too impossible to draw. But if you connect it with the card, if you connect it with the usb c and then to your laptop, it will definitely work much more better. So, as you can see, there’s a little bit of playback there, but definitely not some kind of like um impossible to draw, they also are able to you know like tap double tap for redo and um double tap for undo your action. They also have, as you can see, bun pressure sensitivity with the s men that i’m have right. There uh click to the side button, as you um see uh previously i set the side button to um, right click and then, when you decided to right, click go to uh, remember, modify the key settings and uh scroll down a little bit when they say scribe Right click right: there click to change to temporarily and go to settings and set it as eraser. So if you set like that, you would able to use this as a eraser yep, so yeah, definitely um so service, right click and now make sure to change um. The source key and then you would, you would be able to use this.

However, it’s open now uh. We have to wait and load so yeah um. So i will open this also. Okay, so i create a new one. As you can see, i have all the function available for me: there’s, nothing, um, yeah, it’s, a pretty uh, interesting uh, app that you can either make it at a second screen. I guess it’s completely separate um from you can use the wi fi and you can print your tablet. If you have you know, if you connect via wi fi, you can bring the tablet to another room which are printing the whole laptop, which is quite convenient. In my opinion, so let’s, for example, i chose the black color um. I will change the paint. I have a lot of paint brightness to go with the sketch press. I suppose it’s a kind of pencil and also use the key. The key keyboard on my laptop to um shortcut and you see uh, it does quite laid back. Uh playback are quite like this. I also have the process sensitivity uh, as you can see right there. It looks pretty nice in it um and i don’t think yeah. I don’t think the um eraser would this eraser for the paint workers in this topic either. But if you use this um, obviously it’s going to be a right click right there. But then, if you go to the setting and then i think, if you modify the circuit a little bit, then you will be able to use the sub button as an eraser like normal um.

One of the things i would like to say, if you don’t have your key part just next to you. Maybe you bring this to another room like i say, and you don’t bring your keyboard along um. This is a app of course, download on your um laptop uh. This is um, so remember correctly, so this is the let’s see i forget the real name of the apps, oh, so, okay, so this app is actually the tablet pro okay. So this is the tablet pro a touch mouse, contour component, i um, so i i discovered a few uh months ago. I think you know i discovered like a year ago and it’s like a side button for your tablet. So if you use your um, your tablet or your computer or your laptop to draw and you don’t – have the um the keyboard like separately uh – and you know like if you work in a space like this, you don’t have the keyboard, but you would like to Do some shortcut just click there and they have a lot of shortcut right there and you can also manually um change. It uh. You know there’s a lot of setting um um laid out and you can edit it. They also have some um. You know really advanced stuff, uh it’s free um, not completely free. If you want to have more advanced function, you definitely have to pay for it, but uh over is it free and for some kind like um, minimal, editing like this is is really convenient.

Is my opinion – and you can also change it – it can be a sidebar can be some kind of a pop up on the screen as well. So this is the setup um. It does take a few minutes to open the app. I don’t really use this um adobe shoot uh quite regularly, um, because i’m stopped drawing a lot like now, because i have college i have to work and my major in college definitely not um any kind of drawing designing related, so um it’s, actually that’s pretty fun. In my opinion, but it’s not it has nothing to do with enjoying and designing. So i have to set my happy aside and i’m doing my schoolworks first. So this is our shredding, as i suppose that it will work normally and you can, you know just work like um, your any of your drawing um, i would say so yeah you can definitely work as if this is your completely your computer. So what a best set for this, i think using this app as a second display is, would be more um convenient because you will have two screens working at the same time. You don’t have to buy a separate display and over more, this is a half pressure, sensitivity uh. These have um. This is really small, really convenient and you just have to make it one time. If i remember it right, if you use an apple or an ipad, you have to be actually monthly to get access to a similar as like this on apple, so yeah, a one time payment, i don’t, think, is um too much as only 14, and it can Replace a whole display a whole monitor it’s like a wacom one, so yeah uh yeah.

This is really interesting. I was saying you draw a lot uh yeah, so i think you definitely want to um. Have this app and you can see – i can just work like normal, with the illustrator, with the um, with the um, with the clip studio and with the um photoshop, so yeah. So this is my pre review for the super display uh. I only have this on my tablet right now, um so yeah. I have also have blender uh. If you don’t know, planner is like an f4 um, so i also have blender and if you don’t know, blender is a 3d uh modeling rendering app i don’t i’m. Not gon na get um too deep into that so yeah. I also have a lot. You can open any desktop apps on this um super display. I think, and it worked legally like just another second monitor. Unless they have clean stuff. You have the pain you have processor, uh pressure sensitivity. You have everything it’s like a welcome one uh yeah. So this is my preview for the f and thank you for listening out.