My name is saturnax in today’s video i’m gon na be showing you how you can turn your phone into the second display for your laptop or for the pc or for your macbook. So, yes, i recorded a similar video on how to do this like a half a year ago. So if you didn’t see this video, you can just click on the right upper corner to see that and it was basically the same way. But i was just doing this on the android device tablet. So if you have an android device, you can just get into this video and it’s gon na be the same and uh in this video we’re gon na be using the same way the same technique of doing this. So, first of all, you have to go into your um app store and once you are in the app store, you have to click on search, and here you have to type in space desk. Okay, let’s open the app and now the software shows you that you also need to install the app by the name of space disk on your laptop or your pc, so let’s get into this let’s go to the browser and let’s type in here space disk. Here we go let’s type in this, and this is how it looks like you have to click on downloads and, as you can see for my windows, i got this and now it’s downloading let’s open this up.

Click on next let’s accept the terms click on next. Next and next uninstall now let’s finish and now let’s proceed to the app let’s type in here space desk server and as you can see, it shows you, the server that you have to connect to on your phone. So now let’s just take a look at our phone and yeah. Now, as you can see in the connection tab here, we have the laptop available to connect to so let’s click on that, and now you can just monitor all the things that you have on your laptop um just on the phone, so it’s really convenient and you Can just treat this like a secondary display and the next thing that you can also do to get like the borderless display on your phone is to go into the settings, and here you can also select the resolution. So i want it to be um 1980 by 720, so let’s click on this and let’s save it and now let’s click on this, so yeah it’s connected let’s pinch into zoom, and now i have the borderless display Music that’s nice it’s, mirroring the display from your Computer to your phone, so you can just do whatever you want in your computer through your phone it’s actually controllable, as you can see Music. If i want to get into, for example, i want to drag this it’s acting like a mouse. Let’S click on this one, and this is how it looks like you can also zoom in by the way.

This is my blender project and i’m, just considering of making an nft out of it. So, if you’re interested in buying this, it will be appreciated all right, but you might also want to extend your display on your computer to your phone. So to do this, let’s just go into the display settings and, as you can see here, we have the multiple display options instead of duplicating this place. Let’S click on extend these displays and now let’s just keep the changes and, as you can see, i have the blank desk clip on my phone, so let’s just minimize this and um. I want to move this object between this display and this display. So let’s do this. As you can see now, it’s appearing on my second display on the phone, i wanted to be back on my main display. So let’s do this. We just drag this between the displays with the mouse and it’s really convenient, alright guys so, for example, i’m just working on this object and we blend them, and i want to have the second display for browsing the web. So i can just take my phone open up the browser on my main display. Now we can actually type in here youtube it’s, getting into the youtube app. As you can see you just scroll down. You have all the things that are on here and you can just do whatever you want on the display, it’s really convenient and to disconnect the phone from the computer.

You have to just close the app so yeah it’s closed, so yes that’s it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and see you in the next one, like the video, if you like it dislike.