This is a 15.6 inch IPS panel that is anti glare, so has matte coating on it, but it also supports touch and a very interesting panel, because it's light it's portable. It is powered by Type C and has a type C input. It also has our 2 x 1 watt speakers on here and even HDMI ends, so this can be used with a lot of different devices that can be used with pcs Mac books that it can even be used with, for example, PlayStation fours and even the camera, That I am recording on, I could be using a portable screen like this, so this one here is from then pot. It'S called the split let's check it out in greater detail inside the box. You have the screen by itself and I'll just check the weight of that it's 548 grams and of course, you get then the type C 2 USB cable that you're going to need to power with some devices you get a mini, HDMI, cable and then the type C 2 type c cable that you'll be using to connect with most pcs and with mobile phones. I'Ve also picked up the magnetic case, which I highly recommend it's a thin case that covers it and also acts as a stand, and that puts the total travel weight at one point: zero, three kilos, so there's nothing on the back of the screen here it has. This carbon, like fiber design to it but it's, not carbon fiber.

The case does sits on the back there with magnets and you can fold it around like that to completely protect the screen, and this is still reasonably light and it's thin to just under 10 millimeters and getting started as easy, just simply open it up flip it Around and it has a magnet in the top here – so it's going to hold it there, and this is your kickstand for it so similar to the way tablets are set up and that's about the maximum angle right about there and get it back a little bit. Further and that's rubber here so it's going to grip onto a table and you can press against that without it suddenly just collapsing, which is good. On the left hand, side, we have the power on standby button right here we have the control a little joystick. So this is up and down, and it presses in and that's to control the on screen display, which I will get onto later on the on screen menu there and we have the type C port in so this is needed to power. If your device does not output enough from the type C port on the right hand, side, and then you have to use this to power the screen. It supports power delivery to specs, so it's, going to run off five volts right up to 20 volts and on the right is where all your inputs are. So we have a micro, HDMI, 1.

4 spec port. There. We have the type C port. This one supports data. Video in and charging as well, which is really good, so it will output charge to keep your mobile phone your tablet or your laptop charged at the same time, which is great and then a 3.5 millimeter headphone port here, which is great for perhaps say Mac users. That a lacking ports that you don't need an additional dongle, because you can output the sound through that along the bottom. You will find either side two rubber feet and this tiny little slot here. That is, in fact a speaker. So we've got two one watt speakers down here: I'll give you a sample of them now they're, not amazing sounding, but they do actually sound a little bit better than some of the tablets and take our review. So the calibration op, the screen on the standard preset, is actually very good. Only the whites are slightly off just leaning a little bit towards the blue side. There it's now more of a neutral white once I've calibrated it, but for most people out of the box calibration is actually quite good, and normally you don't see this with some manufacturers. It can be completely off so it's great to see that they have it properly. Calibrated one area that is disappointing, however, is the color gamut coverage, so they do claim that it has 89 srgb. But with my testing here and with the panel that I have on my unit I'm only getting 63 percent of srgb color gamut coverage here and Adobe RGB – this is 47 in TSC as 45, so the brightness on my panel doesn't, come up to spec will be A claim so they claimed around 280 Lux, and this one here is only about 160 Lux, which is well short.

I do have it on a hunt percent brightness which, by the way, is actually the default brightness. You can see so 100 right here. It'S always said on 100, you can tone that down, of course, using the little controller there, so the screen is touch and if you're, using a USB type c USB 3.1 device, which I'm using at the moment, which is the jumper easy book x1. Then i have touch now: windows already, has the driver for this II just plug it in and it will install the driver, and you can see right now, touch is working now. It has 10 touch points. The screen supports that I have tested this and it does work well. Sometimes I have to tap again now that could be because I'm, not on the most powerful chipset. That might have something to do with this, so you can see here like scrolling and things like that with Windows, that's, all working well, the Start menu and all in all it acts like a normal touchscreen would so. This is probably just a little bit slower because I'm not running the most powerful as chipset I'm. Only running 4 gigabytes of RAM here but it's just to demonstrate that it's gon na it's gon na run fine on even low powered hardware like this. So the only real issue here with me with the screen – the brightness – could definitely be a bit bitter but indoors it's perfectly fine indoors.

It looks great and like the fact that it is matte coated as well and not glossy, so you don't have any problems with the flick and it's a typical IPS, so the viewing angles they are perfectly fine, you're not gon na, have any issues with that. Being an IPS panel, one of the main reasons for getting a screen like this would be what I'm doing right now so you've got dual displays and it's a lot easier to then multitask. You can be a lot more productive doing this now. I'Ve got touch support on both of these devices here and, of course, it's gon na be working just fine, as you can see right there now. If your device doesn't have a type C port, then you will still have touch with the windows you just need to plug in the type c cable to the port right here on the right hand, side and then once the drivers load its touch and you plug. In of course, the HDMI cable onto the right hand, side, as I showed you at the start. This, of course right here, is where the power goes into it or that type C port. So it depends on what cables you have how you're gon na set it up and you'll be able to run this with touch, and you can even connect it up to things like in the Nintendo switch PlayStation, 4 Xbox. Anything really and just run it as a standalone HDMI portable display then, and you can then use a portable power bank to power the screen or you can just plug it into an adapter.

So you can have a powered app they're going to type C. So that's going to run five volts right up to 20 volts there and it does support power delivery and that type C, as mentioned another use too, is you can use this as a screen for your mobile phone that supports if it does desktop mode. So, for example, right here I have my samsung galaxy s: 9, plus I plugged in the type C to type C cable. Normally, when you're traveling, you will have your charger as well, so you plug that into the other end to power the screen, because the phone by itself will not actually be it. Doesn'T have enough wattage the output from the type C port to power it it's, working and even touch which surprised me. I thought touch mine at work and it actually does run pretty good as you can see, and if you get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard and even a bluetooth mouse pair that up a course with your phone and you've got yourself, then a laptop that you can use When you're traveling and because it's such a thin and relatively light screen too you're not carrying around that extra bulk, if you wanted to do some emails and do some proper work and whatnot through there, then that is all possible. As you can see here, I've just loaded up my website, tech tablets, I'm able to add articles, it does have a file manager too, of course, with Android and the phone and if you've got a far way.

The mate 20 you've got the p20 between hiepro mate 20x it's all going to be working as well with this. So the touch support with that one should also work. I think it's just a standard Android driver that's using to power the screen here. So this gives you a little bit of added productivity with your phone and it's hard to see bit right down there. You can see it is charging my mobile phone as well. So when I'm, using my samsung galaxy s, 9, plus here with Dex it's, going to be charged at the same time so I'm not losing any battery, which is great. So the on screen display your controls here for the panel it's pretty straightforward. Here you can control the brightness contrast black levels, you've got different, other things that you can tweak in here as well, your colors, so the one that I always go for this is the user one that's, the one I have measured and right now you just got Some settings here for the actual menu itself, so you can see the transparency of it and to time it out a few other settings here. Even an HDR mode – and this right here is quite handy. So we've got a blue light filter on here. So, if you're using this late at night, you just press in by the way with a button to actually make it work, and you can start to tweak that up.

You can see it's removing now the blue light so then poke here. The split is a very practical screen is so much you can do with this screen. Of course, you can run it with anything that has a display out and it's via HDMI, so you can run your ps4 and Nintendo's Switch. You can even use this as a large monitor screen for your camera, for example, at the camera I'm recording on. I could have the HDMI going out into this to use it as a monitor there to have a look and see if everything's in focus and are you able to do that so it's got many uses it's going to work with Mac OS. It works for Samsung DeX's, your Huawei phones, other phones, that support HDMI out and the disk top mode, which was really great. So you could perhaps check this, throw this into a bag and have your phone there. And if you bring along a Bluetooth keyboard and a mouse, then you can use it like a laptop like a touch, laptop or even tablet, and it just makes it quite practical. Yes, you're going to have the cable there. Now most people would be carrying around their type C charger with them, so that's not too much of an issue that he can plug it in. I would like to see a version, perhaps where the battery on there, that you could at least get a few hours of battery you see didn't have to bring another cable.

If you didn't have happen to have one with you, but I don't think it's too much of an issue because it keeps it slimmer, you're not going to have any problems in the future, of course, with batteries going bad and things like that. What I would really like to see more than a battery, as I believe that it would be great to have on this a USB port, so one USB port along here means that I will be able to plug in a pendrive or something when I have it Connected up to my phone and access that perhaps plug in a Logitech wireless receiver for my keyboard for my mouse would make this even more practical. Hopefully, in the next version they can add that so the screen is great it's good for indoor use, but it doesn't have the same color gamut that they claimed so they claim, and then it has an sRGB of 89 and it's. Nowhere near that, coming out around about 63, the brightness as well, it tops out at around about 160 lux on my unit. I'Ve got it turned down to about 50 brightness. At the moment, you can see here and indoors it's perfectly fine and even in sunlight, you're still going to be able to read it so that's not really too much of an issue. However, if you are a professional you're, gon na be using this as a portable. Second, monitor on your laptop you're doing color work, then I don't know is that 64 srgb color gamut coverage going to be enough for you now this is selling for around about 200 us, and I do believe that you can get various different uses out it.

So the price I think, it's justified considering out there on the market. There is really nothing like this and I've been looking for a long time for a type c portable screen with this kind of features, but also the nice modern look with the slim bezels. So all in all, it does get a thumb a thumbs up from me. I do like it it's, not perfect, and hopefully that VIN pop, they can add a USB port and perhaps give us just a slightly better panel and this in the future. One that's more closer to their claim: spec thanks a lot for watching this review.