If that’s the idea of what a phone is then there’s a whole army of two to four hundred dollar phones that handle that extremely well. There are very good reasons to spend more on a phone. I have been a huge fan of portable monitors and laptop docs pairing them with productivity and content creation. Phones, you perfect makes a line of portable monitors and they sent over this the you perfect x. For me to share my thoughts – and i really like it – this is a full laptop dock keyboard, trackpad, internal battery ports and io with a touchscreen on a full 360 degree hinge. One of the major issues in getting more compute power out of your phone is simply control, there’s, a reason why laptop and desktop style interactions have persevered so i do i kind of get it when someone rolls their eyes at the idea that you might want to Write a document or edit a spreadsheet or cut some video from a phone even on a larger phone that screen size can be a bit fiddly, so give the phone a keyboard and a track pad and a touch screen. You perfect hardware here is pretty nice. The hinges have a nice stiff feel to them there’s a bit of play, there’s like a little bit of wiggle when you flip the screen all the way back, like it kind of bounces back open a little bit when you try to keep it flush.

But this is still pretty respectable, considering the price point of play 1080p display here, full touch, support on many premium tier smartphones and on windows, 10 computers – and this is a little bit brighter than some of the other docs – that i’ve used in the past, which really Helps when you try to take this hardware out on the go, a critical feature on this, the you perfect has these little monitor, controls, it’s a gesture area. You swipe two fingers down and you can dial in exactly the monitor settings that you’d want to use. This is really handy and i don’t think i’ve seen any other laptop doc style solution employ something like this. The keyboard is nicely laid out with very good key travel. It feels kinda like, but maybe not quite as nice, as the excellent keys on my pixel book, with only minor case flex to the top of the frame. The audio is super weak though the speakers are dim and if you have a nicer phone chances are real good that the phone should be able to best what’s going on up here. Ditto, the headphone jack as a pass through option: it’s, okay, but this isn’t audiophile grade, i think it’s convenient it is nice to have, but considering that i had this mostly connected to an lg v60. The v60 audio was certainly preferable. What i dig about this design, though the hardware is flatter on the sides and better laid out for ports and connectors there’s, the single usbc for phones and computers, that support data and video over usbc and there’s, also a mini hdmi, which is a little annoying.

I think mini is the least common flavor of hdmi, and i have a lot of full sized and micro hdmi cables, but not a lot of mini. At least there is a mini in the box, so you can connect this to other devices that output hdmi. Like cameras and consoles and connecting cables is just a little bit easier here than on my old neck stock, simply because the sides are flat, the slight taper on the neck stock kind of made it hard to feel where to connect, and this this is cleaner. Just for being easier to feel the compromise for this layout, though, there is no other usb input for other accessories. Most premium phones can support usb otg storage like flash drives and hard drives, and a lot of phones can also use things like ethernet adapters. If you need a cabled data connection, i wish the u perfect x, had just one more port on it, but still it’s tough, to find anything nicer than this. When trying to turn your phone into a full fledged pc, the 10 000 milliamp hour battery on tap delivers incredible runtime for the whole setup and even after you use your phone for more demanding computing tasks. You unplug it from this dock and your phone has been topped off it’s ready to be used as a phone. Again, i keep preaching this and i wish more folks would pick up on it. These kinds of accessories radically expand the functionality of a phone but they’re useful for other situations too.

This is a fold up and ready to go second display for a laptop battery powered, so it doesn’t draw additional juice from your laptop’s battery it’s, an external monitor for a camera. You can use it with a game console and, if you’re nit or you like, to build pcs having something like this is so much handier when testing a system than connecting it to traditional monitors and keyboards and mice seriously. You’Ll see my laptop docs in many of my small form factor build videos, because this is so much easier to use to boot and test. This is why i get so lit up about gadgets like this folks complain about new phones not being worth it, but it’s. Like pulling teeth, getting folks to try new things with their phones it’s in these accessories that we can quickly and easily expand the scope of what a pocket computer can deliver. Better hardware can enable better interactions, and this? U perfect, x, is kinda rad. If you’re looking at ways to get more bang out of your gadget buck accessories like these, they can really help. I’Ll, of course, leave some links down below for more info on the you perfect x, where you can shop one of these bad boys online. As always, thanks so much for watching for sharing these videos subscribing to the channel supporting your favorite content, creators has never been more critical than it is today. So i greatly appreciate those of you who are checking out the links down below maybe you’re shopping.

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