So this app astropath studio is actually an app that i heard of years ago, when i got my first ipad, this 2017 ipad pro it was an app that would allow you to connect and use your ipad as a tablet. As a display tablet lets say like a wacom cintiq with your mac problem was the thing was just available for mac and i didnt have a mac, and i didnt want to spend thousands of dollars buying myself a mac just for that feature, and it was not Until recently that i heard that this app was now available for windows, which is the one that i have its my computer right here, i have a desktop computer, a pc and its the one that i use for most of my work. So i had to give it a try and i wanted to share with you guys, because what i found out is that its actually fantastic all right. So let me show you how you set this thing up, so you download the app you can just go into the website download the app and once you double click it its gon na. Ask you to install just a couple of drivers and stuff like that once it finishes, it asks you to also install it right here on the ipad you go in here you just tap on the app and once both of them are open, its just going to Recognize that both are connected to the same wi fi, and this is right now – you know like no cables connected or anything and and thats it theyre connected im, seeing my computer in the ipad.

Now it really depends. It looks like it depends on the speed of your internet and the speed of your router, how well it behaves with wi fi. So when i was just moving it around with this, i actually noticed that it was a bit uncomfortable for me to draw with my slow internet but thats. Why. I decided to just connect it, and – and this is just you know, a small, usb cable and once i plug it in then, it behaves much much much faster. Something that you would notice is, of course, where is my menu bar and everything here? The reason is because im not projecting all the screen in here. You have to choose how much of your screen you want to project and in this case i can put full screen, but this is whats gon na happen. You see, i have these big bars above and below my screen and thats. Just because my screen, my display, is longer than the screen of my ipad. So the only thing that you have to do in here is go in there. Right click and click display settings and just change the resolution, and there you go now. I can use it for everything like its not only for photoshop or painting softwares. You can literally use this thing as your computer right now. You can just type in here. Whatever you want english come in here and open photoshop back again, Music using the keyboard is one of the reasons why i like using this tool, because i am just faster with the shortcuts in the keyboard.

But if youre, the type of person that doesnt like to you know, have your left hand all the way up there using a keyboard, and you want to use this – i dont know sitting on the couch or something while it is connected to your computer, then easy Peasy, the only thing you have to do is customize these buttons. You notice that all around this screen is um photoshop, normally except this red dot that i have in here. This one is the only ui that this little app has so once i just tap on it its going to open several options, one of the options is workspace, which is where you would like to go. For example, if you would like to use the app without a keyboard, i would type in here, and it would give me several options here on the left. You have here undo redo, brush eraser size of the brush zoom in and zoom out. So its going to be very easy, like i just press in this thing and automatically it, it really does it i dont know i dont know why im surprised, i mean the app is supposed to do these things, but i guess the smoothness of it is the Thing that that impresses me like if i come, and i just select the brush, it actually selects the brush. If i select the eraser, it actually selects the reason again, i dont know i dont know why im surprised.

I know i understand that this is what the app is supposed to do, but still i dont know it. Does it in a very smooth way? Oh and i didnt even tell you about the gestures, if you would like like i, i, for example, i have a uh a wacom cintiq, and that is what i use normally to paint here on the computer. But that thing is, i dont know something crazy like two thousand five hundred dollars or something like that three thousand, and that is the non touch option. That means i cannot do this on the cintiq, its three 3000 bucks, and i cannot zoom in and zoom out with my fingers. This app allows you to use the gestures from the ipad. That means, if i come here, and i rotate this thing actually rotates. If i pinch in and out this thing, actually zoom ins and and out and another beautiful thing, if you are a fan of procreate and the and the shortcuts of procreate youre gon na like this, you can draw use two fingers to control z and three fingers To control y to redo and undo other little things in here, for example, you have some nice magic gestures, for example, something that i really like is this one? The tap plus eraser check it out and lets say im painting. If i want to erase i can hold down with one finger and erase and look at that, its just as easy as that i continue drawing and now im erasing im drawing and now im erasing pretty neat right.

So that is one another one. Very nice is with two fingers you press with two fingers and then you tap its gon na, give you the right click. So, if youre, the type of artist that prefers to, for example, change the size of your brush in here, its gon na, be super easy. You just come in here two fingers, press thats. Your right click draw draw, draw one finger. Press is eraser, two fingers press boom. All right so now lets give it a try. Im gon na draw something for you guys, so you can see astrophat studio in action and and see how it moves. Okay, Music, all right – and there you go guys here – is the final drawing final test of astropath studio and i have to again insist it. The the line feels amazing its really really smooth and im actually really surprised by what this app can do, so so really very much recommended by the way. All of this painting was done with my brushes, mostly with the lp brush pen. That comes with my pack of lp brushes that you can find in the link in the description. So if you want to support this channel and support me, you are very much welcome to go and check those out. Okay, they are compatible with photoshop, with procreate with art studio pro and with clip studio paint. So yes, if you are an artist that has a pc, has an ipad and maybe doesnt have a display tablet.

Then this is an app that i think i would consider. At least i wanted to share it with you guys, because im just trying it out here im just trying trial version of this app, and i am loving what it does, and it is something that i would have loved to know that it was out there before. Maybe i got myself a very very expensive display tablet, so im just gon na leave the link of the app of astropath studio on the description. If you want to check them out and thats it.