If you’re out there looking to purchase another monitor for your setup, you might want to hold up just a second. I found an application that works on android devices, boxes, nvidia, shield, um, android tv, os televisions. If you have an android device, it does work. I have not tried it on the amazon fire tv stick yet, but i don’t see why it would not work. You must follow these directions first, in order to be successful with adding a second third, four, fifth, six. So on monitors to your setup now. The first thing is: you have to be on the same network. So if you’re, if you’re going to use your tablet and this wi fi, your pc must be on that same network, whether it’s 2.4, or rather it is 5g all right. You have to be on the same network on my computer right now, because i’m using windows 10 all right that’s, where the first install must go first, i’m using windows 10, and i am on wi fi right now, so we and i’m gon na use this tablet Right here to show you all right to show you how it worked. I have two setups. I do have a monitor a lot of y’all know. I have two display monitors this one right here. This tablet right here, will be my third all right. Let’S get into this video now here it is right here. Let me show you uh what you’re getting.

Let me slide this over here so guys. The name of this service is, it is called space deck. As you see right here, that’s, the name of it. Remember you got to go to space debt.net first, if you’re using windows – i i don’t have a mac. So i can’t tell you about that. I do have a windows 10, and this is what i’m using. So you got to install the drivers on your pc first before you do anything all right, that’s, why it’s good to watch the whole video all right. So what it’s doing what it says right here, multi monitor application for windows. Then you got the disk play drivers. All right, you got to put the drivers on first, so when you click on the drivers, it tells you a little bit about it and you can go from there and then you know you can you can read all that at the end of the day you Got to go down here to the download tab, right, click, download tab and it works on windows. 10. Windows. 8.1. All right! So you got your windows! 10! Um, 64 bit! You got your windows 10 32 bit whatever one you have use it. You can hit that on windows icon in the bottom left right, click it and go to properties to see which bit your you know you have, and the same goes for the windows 8.1. All this right here. So if you have it good i’m telling you it is pretty pretty good.

Now you can read up on this. You know it may not concern you or like that, like i say, it’s good to read, but at the end of the day you have to install the drivers, guys it’s very important to install that on your pc. First, then, you will go to your google play. Whatever device you are using, you will go there and install the application space deck application onto your android device. Okay, now, if you’re using the nvidia shield, let me give you a disclaimer: it is not inside of the nvidia shield play store. You’Re gon na have to install it sideload it. I will put the application into my file link and i will leave all of that in the description in the description of this video it’s as simple as that and again, the application is called space deck so i’m grabbing this monitor. I have this right and again you have to be on the same network. I can’t stress that enough, so once you do it, you install it. You know the application on to your android device. So if you have a tablet, just like i have right here, you can go from there. I can go over here, i’m gon na open it up all right now, it’s going to tell you the connection down here. All right, i don’t know if you can see it, but let me lay it a little down right here. It tells me right here to the connection after i install the the drivers on the pc first, all i have to do once you have it on your android device is click where it got the connection and the ip address right here? Okay, once i click it, you should hear that little noise.

In my background – and this is the display right here – this is my computer i’m – going to come i’m going to prove that it is my computer. All you have to do if you drag whatever window, you have and now i’m gon na open up espn. So let me do this. Let me bring this over here all right. Let me open up espn.com all right, i’m gon na open up espn.com. I visit that one a lot. I probably spelled it wrong, but it is all good so it’s giving me some information now i’m gon na take this right here. Espn and i’m gon na go to the right it’s gon na go to my second monitor all the way over to my third monitor so it’s, going to show up down in my monitor on my tablet, all right so check this out, pay attention to the android Tablet: okay, i’m, gon na. Take this all right. Why don’t one? Let me pull it’s all good. I don’t know why i won’t. Let me pull all right all right. There we go. I don’t know why i wouldn’t. Let me pull so. This is where i’m pulling i’m going all the way over and watch this it’s going to show up over in my tablet all right. So what i’m gon na do i’m gon na go over there and make it fit? I don’t know if you can see if you can pay attention down here.

You see me moving the mouse. All right, i’m gon na go over here and i’m gon na make it fit there. It is all right, i can go down here and i can look and i have a monitor you can you can use it, you can type in say i want to go to www myvipon.com, so you can use this. As that spell oh shoot. I added the s sorry about that. All right. I can go to myvipon.com, which is right here and you should see it come up. My vipin is slow. I don’t even know why i even use that there you go right there. It is very, very slow, it’s, not my network. So if i go to uh youtube, no i’m go to what uh fox sports you see, it shows up. You know just how it is that’s, how that’s how we go uh, pretty you can use it. You can touch it, you can still use it and use your features. Let me move this out the way that way you can see it. Let me come back on back over because i’m gon na move this out the way i’m gon na put this on. My second monitor all right. That way. I got my display, which is right here, showing you this. I got my other monitor, that’s right. You know on the right side and then i got my bottom one and so check this out. I can come over here.

I can i can go to the right and i can take fox sports watch this. I could take fox sports and bring it all the way over. To my main monitor all right, let me fix that right, quick get on up in there it’s as simple as that guys. This is very, very nice. So if you have a android box, all right look at that! You see that you see that and it’s it’s as simple as that guys. Let me bring this back up it’s as simple as that, and you can just go and grab your your material and um and get everything going. I mean it’s very, very nice again. Watch down here, i’m gon na drag it to the right. Until i get to that monitor – and you will sorry about that – and you will have this on your screen and then that way, you can just go over there and sometimes you may have to just pin it it’s all good, all right and one in the zone. Here, that’s, all you have to do is just go over there and maximize it. That way, you can use it and you can use your. It is basically just a a monitor and it’s real, real, real good guys, i’m telling you. So if you, if you have a 10.1, you have an 8 inch monitor. Some of y’all have larger monitors that are like 12 um. You know, and it’s android and it’s running is running android guys.

This application here is the truth. Okay, it is the truth again. You have to be on the same network in order for it to work. If you got the nvidia shield, you can use that you just have to sideload it. I will get this inside of my file link store that way. You can just go if your nvidia shield has the following app on it. You can just put in my code, get it and it will work. I can’t wait to hear the response to this thumbs up this video share this video for anybody who’s about to go out there and spend a lot of money. Sometimes we spend unnecessary money and part of my job is to help you save money all right. If you with that, and let me show you, let me go over here and show you um uh – show you the display again that way people don’t, oh, i don’t, know it’s called space deck. Y’All saw it y’all get it i’m, not gon na go back and do it um enjoy guys um. I appreciate the love and i’m just trying to i’m just moving some things over here and i’m, just just messing around and just just playing around with some things. So i’m telling you it’s very very nice can’t, wait to hear your comments. This is super dell salute guys uh thumbs up the video shout out to my boy, pcd philly cable day for actually uh energizing me again to to get out and start having fun with looking at these uh devices and coming up with some uh some things that We can use to benefit us all right, big salute to him.

Hey guys, y’all be safe out there.