Okay, in this video i’m going to talk about how to turn your amazon tablet into a desktop computer. Okay, let’s get started so the first thing you’re going to need to do is to buy a bluetooth keyboard and a bluetooth mouse. You don’t need to spend crazy money. If you look on aliexpress, you can pick a bluetooth mouse up for around five us dollars and you can play a bluetooth keyboard for around 10 us dollars. So 15 will get you a desktop setup. I will leave a link in the description of the bluetooth keyboard and mouse that i purchased i’ll also put other options in probably more expensive ones. Um, if you, if you want to spend it splash out and spend a little bit more money, so once you’ve done that you just need to connect them. So all you need to do is drag down your notification bar hold down the bluetooth. Obviously, you can see i’ve already connected my mouse and my keyboard. Next, you just need to click on pair new device turn on your bluetooth, keyboard and mouse and connect them um. You can actually connect believe it or not two bluetooth devices. At the same time, i think, actually, you could even do more i’m, not actually sure how many devices you can connect on the new bluetooth, five but i’m, assuming it’s more than two. The next thing you need to do is to download the google play store onto your amazon tablet i’m, going to do a separate video on this of how to do it and you’ll see it now in the top right hand, corner here once you’ve downloaded, the google Play store: you’ve got access to almost all the google apps, okay that you would get on your smartphone, with the exception of a few like banking, apps and maybe netflix netflix, just doesn’t just doesn’t support it, but you can actually get that off the normal amazon store.

Next thing you need to do is open up the google play, store and we’re going to search for an app called sentio that’s it so there it is sentio desktop. You need to download this app open it up now. It will go through a few options. Obviously, i’ve already installed it it’s, pretty simple to do and once you’ve installed it. This is the screen you’ll get to and basically, as you can see, we’ve turned our amazon tablet into pretty much what looks like a desktop computer. There are obviously some slight differences which i’ll talk through now, but pretty much. This is a desktop computer, so it works pretty much like a desktop. If you just click on the left hand, corner you’ve got all your apps here. If you want to put a new app onto the home screen, you just hold it click. It drag it like like a normal smartphone, so some of it is like using a smartphone, but overall it’s like using desktop. One thing i do want to mention is: every time you want to do it, you will have to load the app one thing you can’t do is make it your home launcher that’s, just due to how i’ve set it up. I haven’t rooted the amazon tablet and i don’t think rooting is a very good idea because i think that opens you up to malicious malware attacks the moment you start pulling custom launchers and custom os onto this onto these tablets.

Basically, all your security is out of the window, so it’s best just to keep your amazon fire os. That way, you’ll still get the latest updates. Amazon allows you to sideload in google play store without rooting it, which is absolutely fantastic. So, as i say, those are the limitations you won’t be able to change your home launcher and, i think it’s a good compromise and, to be honest, i do want to keep some of the amazon features. I, like the fact i can just say alexa anytime and it’ll fire up. I like the fact i’ve got my amazon music. My amazon photos, my amazon prime, you know on my amazon, um video. Obviously you know it’s all there is, i think, it’s a good compromise. So this setup, you just need to load the app and then you can use it, which i think most of the time is it’s quite convenient, because if you’re in desktop mode, you’re working, you’ll, you’ll, obviously load it up. When you’re working then turn off. When you don’t need it, okay, next let’s look at the actual layout of the this desktop, so obviously the apps you can drag around. You can put them when you want you can as well just remove one um. I would recommend removing this i’ll be honest. The tutorial didn’t really teach me much um. Maybe a logout is quite handy, but basically you can you know you can move the apps around as you want the apps load, pretty quick um.

I have actually tweaked my amazon fire tablet a little bit to speed it up, and i will show you in a separate video in this right hand corner now how to do that. It really does help. The tablet i have is the amazon fire 8 hd plus 3 gig ram, which is pretty much right. Now you fastest one you can buy, they are bringing out, obviously the 10 inch three gig and i would recommend buying that one paying the extra money it’s. Just that, at the time this was the fastest one you could get. So i decided to get one with the extra ram in it rather than the quicker processor. Okay, as you can see, that loaded up canva pretty quickly, i can just go and i can create a new design. If i want to um you know and obviously using my keyboard and mouse, you know i can it pretty much acts like a desktop, as you can see, it’s pretty quick, i wouldn’t say it’s the quickest thing, but you know it’s. Definitely usable um i’ve never been a person who you know, worries too much about our computer being the fastest i’m, quite happy to pay 100 pounds and get this kind of. You know this kind of service. You know to me that’s, pretty quick. So when you want to come out of that, it is slightly different. You can’t go into the top right corner like normal. You need to come to this bottom left hand.

Corner click on show desktop. Will then take you back to your home screen and pretty much. Obviously, you know just acts like an old desktop uh. I will now go through these different shortcuts. We’Ve also got keyboard settings. We can, you know we can change it. I always have grammarly, but you can change it back to the you know back to the english or, if you want to put in a different language, obviously that’s quite handy based. Obviously all of the settings are going to open up the amazon fire um set settings. Basically, that’s that’s what it will open up the next one obviously is the battery and that will open the battery apple wi fi volume settings now it’s, not settings it’s, not the amazon fire settings. You’Ll have to actually grab that out of the um at the menu. Here, if you wanted that and then drag it in, so you could have settings on your home screen. These settings are actually do with the app. So you know we’ve got a sim card, so actually it it actually can you know it can support hotspot um. Obviously this is not loaded onto a phone, so, but if it was then i could you know i could see my phone on my sim, so that’s quite handy the next one. You can minimize the tab to get rid of it. So we’ve got a bit more real estate on the desktop and then the next one you can log out and that completes the the um tab bar at the bottom.

Okay, to summarize, basically, what we’ve got is we’ve got a setup really like chrome os. You know that just basically displays all your apps and just lets you navigate quickly with a mouse and keyboard around it and giving you a more desktop feel i always feel more productive. When i’m on a desktop system, i always feel like i’m, going to get more work done or i’m in work mode. So for me this is perfect. I just really like this this layout and i feel more productive. Now i can get more work done. So the reason i looked for this i was – i want to use my fire tablet as my main computer and get rid of my chromebook because i’m, a traveler it’s quite heavy, so this little lightweight setup is perfect for me: okay, guys that’s it for this video. I would really recommend downloading sentio desktop if you want to get some work done on your amazon tablet. I really think it helps with your workflow.