Have this old school pc laying around that you have no use for. Maybe in this video i can show you some interesting things that you can do with it. This is a quite interesting setup. This is my test bench it’s, an i7 3000 model cpu in combination with an nvidia gtx 560 ti it’s, not let’s, say the latest system, but it isn’t quite powerful system for back in the day. So therefore, i just wanted to make more like maybe we can make this thing, an immolation monster that you can use to play some retro games or you can build it inside your arcade machine. Nevertheless, maybe you can pick up these parts for not a lot of money or again, maybe you have some parts laying around so consider subscribing hitler well because of the wicked family and let’s go and let’s see what we can do with this me machine Music in Total i spent 150 dollars on this used kit and it includes mainboard memory, cpu, gpu power supply, ssd and an extra hard disk for storage, because the big games need a lot of storage capacity or you can just buy yourself and use pc. There are so many ways you can go with these systems, four gigs of ram and quite a powerful i7 cpu, and we have a lot of options when it comes to. Maybe so let’s do a quick eta prime moment and let’s talk about the specifications. So the main board itself is a gigabyte g8h77m v3h, the intel i7 3778 core cpu with the gpu that’s, an nvidia gtx 560 ti with one gigabyte gddr5, then we’re having kingston memory, that is 16 gigabyte in total 1600 megahertz ddr3.

But i think the most important element is the i7 or you need to have quite a powerful cpu in combination with a very powerful gpu. Of course, i think the windows 7 is a great operating system when it comes to this old cool retro emulation so because it’s not really demanding playstation 1 will not be an issue. I am running this on the 1080p original resolution in combination with opengl, and you will see that a lot of game drills just fine on this, with 60fps round Music, one Music, um, Music, um, Music, wow, Music Applause, Music, alright! So next up playstation portable let’s, try it out on eight times the original resolution Music come on round one fight. You win Music, Music, god of war chains of olympus, we’re, going to put them on four times, rendering simply because, with eight times it’s too much for the system, and it will have a lot of slowdowns four times. Resolution no frame skip and this game plays amazing. On my old school gaming pc, i must return fire, hmm next up, redream emulator in combination with sega dreamcast, and this system runs on 1080p internal resolution. So it is quite high, but i cannot run it on 4k because that is too much for the system: Music. Music, Music go that way go straight now: Music, Music, hey Music, one fight, Music; Music. This victory strengthens the soul of nightmare. You will Music assume level 1 defense, emergency formation, Music, next up, let’s, try gamecube on the dolphin emulator and what i did notice that i can run most games on 720p, but some of the games.

I need to lower to the native resolution to get better performance sword, dance cuts through enemies. Fine. I accept your challenge. One fight Music, you we’re too easy. Just as i thought, uh f. Zero gex is a very demanding game, but i must say that i was very surprised to see that it was running on this device and even with 480p Music power Music. All right next up, playstation 2 portable running on 720p native, take consideration again it’s more like a mixed bag. I did see a lot of glitching and also some games. I need to put it to the low resolution because it will not run on a stable Music 60fps Music round one fight. Ah, Music, Music get ready Music, but sadly, with that alive too, you can see that the problem is that it is not powerful enough and we’re not going to get unstable 60fps. So let’s reload, the resolution and let’s play the game again: Music, uh, Music, huh, Music. All right guys, so this is what you’re going to get with an old pc like this. You can also mess around with it like having an i5 in combination with and maybe gtx 6060. If you like these videos, i can always check out for a better setup or a better gpu card and do the same testing all over again to see what other performance that you’re going to get. Then i got this kit for a not a lot of money.

Maybe you can buy yourself a secondhand pc that is similar with the specification of this. It depends, of course, where you’re going to buy all your parts, and maybe you can pick it off even cheaper, but this performance, what you’re going to get you can’t, get it with a single board pc. What i mean with this is more like an android box like the gt king nvidia shield, the gt game goes around let’s, say 150 dollars for the pro version, and nvidia shield goes even over the 200. So if you compare it with this, i think it’s. Just a pretty good deal: if you’re going to get yourself an old pc, you can play up to playstation 1. You need to do some little bit of tweaking and messing around with the resolution to getting the best performance. I want to thank you for watching.