I know that’s been a hot topic here lately everybody’s wanting to know how to do it. So i thought what the heck tuesday’s tip this week would be the tse5 i’m planning on um, getting my review done on the tsc 5 and putting that out thursday. But i thought today we’d see about transferring files, so first things first, Music, okay, so when i unbox the tsc5, you guys probably saw that and you notice that it came with a usbc to usbc connection. Okay, not all of our computers have got a usbc. Maybe our um, our pc at the office or laptop or whatever, maybe it doesn’t, have a usbc. My origin, computer uh, has two usbc plugins, so i’m good to go. If you don’t have a usbc, you can always get a usb to usbc, cable. So i’ll tell you what i’m do i i’m down in the notes, i’m going to put an affiliate link and if you guys, aren’t familiar with an affiliate link, is basically what that means i’m going to put that on a link, and if you guys decide you Want to buy one of these cables from amazon use that link. I make pennies but hey, it all adds up right, so uh anyways i’ll put that down in the notes so um. Just because not everybody has a usbc i’m going to use a usb to usbc cable and show you guys how this works. So first thing we need to do is on our data, collector or cable we’re, going to plug it in because typical it’s kind of, like i always say about with terminal equipment right, you got to do something to get something in this case, you got to do Something to get some first thing, you’re going to do is plug it in because until you plug it into your computer, you’re not going to see anything okay, so this thing or that thing what them just chimed.

So what we’re going to do? First thing is: put the old man glasses on, so i can see the screen. Okay, so uh. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go to settings we’re going to go to connected devices under connected devices. You will only see that up the top where it says usb charging this device you’re only going to see that once you plug cable in you’re, not going to see that between now and then so. If you’re sitting there messing with your data, collector and you’re like i want to transfer the files, but i don’t see any place where i can transfer the files that’s. Why you’ve got to have something plugged in first, so we’re going to tap on that. And if you scroll down you’re, going to see where it says, use usb4 file transfer check on that once you do that it’s going to pop up here on our computer, just like it used to do with windows mobile device center. So once we have it on here, we can go in and if we go down to terminal data and we can go to projects and i’ve got a project called robert test and one called nei so either one of them right. So i can copy what i want paste it right to my desktop, so that is the easy way to transfer this now. I may also see if i can’t find an affiliate link for um, a usb c um thumb drive that you guys could actually use as well, so i’ve got something else: i’m playing with um and see disappeared off the screen here once i unplugged it.

So another thing that i’m playing with is called goodsync and there again i’ll do an affiliate link but i’m going to show you guys that a little bit more in depth, we’re going to do something with the tse7 and the tsc5 and i’m going to show you How to transfer files goodsync basically takes, and i can move a file from one folder to the other kind of thing, so, whether that’s from one pc to another or from one drive to another drive or one folder to another folder it’s, really kind of cool software. It’S about 40 bucks a copy, but it is well worth it if you want to do automatic synchronization. So anyways guys, i know it’s short, but i thought this would um help you guys out, like i said, i’m gon na try to get that review out thursday and you guys aren’t haven’t been paying attention. I fired my podcast back up so me and colt ratliff um. We um. I got him to help me with it: it’s kind of co, host um and we’ve uh. We did one podcast with me and colt, and then we did another podcast with john burton and i’ve got another podcast coming up, hope, we’re, trying to get it scheduled this week, but hopefully monday i’ll release. One james reveal, i think, is his last name. He’S from ireland – and he has that survey ipod in the podcast i said: trent keenan, trent keenan is a guy from um diamondback land surveying that does the uh mentoring monday thing so got my names confused in my head that’s.