com, this video, i wanted to quickly show you how well the windows 11 tablet mode works. Windows 10 didn’t really have a lot of improvements over windows – 8 1 for tablet users, but there are some nice changes in there. So i thought we’d have a quick look at. This is the first build of windows 11 that windows inside so that’s test. So it could change, but i thought i’d do a quick video anyway, so here’s the surface go and um. First of all, you’ll see you’ve got these nice smooth rotations, which i think rather nice when they, when that rotates um, i should say performance as well works really well on this surface go i did install windows 11 and then do a reset. So it sounds nice and clean because we installed hundreds of builds on this in the past, so i thought it was about time to clean it up so so there you can see, though, when windows um 10 is kind of in the desktop model. You get that centered taskbar when you’re in tablet mode, especially in um portrait mode. You notice it. It moves the start button over to the left, so it gives you plenty of space so actually there’s more space on there than there was in windows 10, where i was using before you hit the start button and you get the new style start menu, which is Easy enough to use with uh finger in tablet mode and unlike windows, 10, where, when you’re in tablet mode, everything was kind of full screen until you took it out, tablet mode that isn’t the case on here you can, you can put it into full screen mode.

It doesn’t do it by default, so you can still have windowed apps, which you didn’t get before, because what you have got the option of moving around and getting to dark and everything else. Um like you could in windows 10, but it doesn’t automatically go full screen. If you swipe from from the left, you get the new widgets screen. So here you get the widgets which is customizable and you can set this up to be your own sort of news, feed and traffic, one drive weather and that kind of thing, if you swipe from the right you get your notifications calendar. So you get your action center on there as well. You’Ve still got the task switcher with the desktops and uh you can still search as well and um. You have got gestures as well, so there’s a three finger gesture which gets rid of an application and three fingers to bring it back up. I think it switches between them as well and three things again seems to test switch, so the old gestures of dragging the application down doesn’t work anymore. So if i have um an edge there and in the past it was full screen and you slide it swipe. It down with your finger like that to dismiss it that doesn’t work anymore, but you can use uh three fingers and that dismisses it that way as well. So of course, you’ve got live channels. You’Ve got the start menu now with the recent used, and that makes kind of sense.

It all works fine on there and i think, having the left and the right. Swipes actually makes the most sense with your action center file explorer. It automatically has got more space in it than it had in windows, 10, so it’s easy to navigate around and you can take the selection items like that, so that you’ve got uh doing group selections of files as well. I think i like about it as well as the there’s, a nice smooth rotation as well on it as well. I think that looks pretty pretty good, so as a tablet operating system. I think it makes a lot of sense. I’Ve got um keyboard off surface go. I can swipe down to close applications swipe up to switch between applications, but the main thing, i think, is you’ve got easy touch. Targets you’ve got widgets on there and you’ve got action center and it all kind of makes sense, really it’s it’s easy to use. As a tablet operating system you’re not forced to full screen anymore, and i think it works pretty well, you just see what microsoft do with it, but it all works.