Molecular Hydrogen Water Machine – Trusii H2 Review. Trusii Reviews h2 gas. Best Hydrogen Water Machine. Trusii H2 ELITE X (ELITEX)

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??Recently wrapped up the 3rd month on my TRUSII molecular hydrogen Elite X machine as part of an in home Case Study.

??Benefits I’ve noticed so far include increased focus during the day / more motivation to get things done / clearer head. Cardiovascular benefits. Playing basketball, I noticed that I can run a lot longer with better oxygen utilization. Also seems to help with my sleep quality. This stuff is definitely legit. Wish I would of had this secret stuff back when I played competitive sports.

??Something interesting…Benefits seemed to be more profound during the 1st month. Maybe I got used to it?

??I believe that once they roll out 5G, according to Mercola, Molecular Hydrogen will blow up in popularity in the coming years and become a necessity in order to mitigate the harmful effects of these EMFs.

Overwhelming Scientific Evidence.
Over 850 high impact, peer-reviewed studies and scientific articles support the therapeutic efficacy of H2.

Benefits for over 170 Diseases.
The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 850 peer-reviewed, scientific studies and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential benefits within the whole body for over 170 diseases.

Selective, clean, and safe. While taking high doses of supplemental antioxidants has negative health effects, it is impossible to take too much H2. Molecular Hydrogen ONLY scavenges and neutralizes the harmful free radicals, leaving the beneficial ones alone. Many antioxidants leave behind toxic byproducts, but the only byproduct of H2 is water. Click below to view the evidence based studies related to molecular hydrogen’s safety profile.

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Inspired by Luke Storey: The 5G EMF Apocalypse And Why Health Food Won’t Save You With Dr. Jack Kruse #191: