Today we have a product that i’ve been using for the past couple of weeks, and this has been a complete game. Changer, i bring you trio max by mobile pixels, a high quality external display, with a twist and tons of amazing features, which is now a must have thing in my setup now, big thanks to mobile pixels for sponsoring this video they’re, actually working on two brand new Models, dx, lite and dx plus definitely check out their crowdfunding campaign link in the description to learn more about these devices. Okay, let’s. Take a look at the trio max we’ll, be taking a look at the unboxing experience. First, we’ve got a really nice packaging opening the outer cover reveals the inner box, and if i quickly look at the inner side of the box, there is a step by step instruction on how to attach your trio max to your laptop now. First up we have the user guide that has everything you need to learn about the product. Then another paper which has qr code slash a link where you can go and download the drivers for your windows or mac os machine, and then we have the trio max on top in this metallic look, we’re gon na put that on the side and let’s take A look at the accessories first, it comes with a usb type c, to c usb, a cable for connecting it to your laptop thanks to this cable. You don’t need any dongle.

It will work with almost any laptop out there. Then we’ve got some magnets that allow you to attach this to the back of your laptop. You actually get plenty of them so that you can use them in the future and finally there’s a clip that allows you to dash more trio max screens. If you go for the triple screen setup, okay, let’s, take a look at the trio max display and build quality. It’S rocking a bright 14 inch display with 1080p hd resolution. They also offer a 12.5 inch model as well, depending on the laptop size you can order. Accordingly, as for the build quality trio max is rocking a solid plastic design with a nice metallic pattern, look it’s got a cool logo as well that glows, when it’s connected we’ve got two usb c ports, one for power and one for connectivity. Now you can slide the display out from the side pretty easily. It also rotates to 90 degree. All the way up to 180 degrees setup is very simple. Just attach four magnets on the back of the triomax and place it nicely on the back of your laptop it’s, pretty simple, and if you want to remove it, you can just slide it off and now the fun part begins for those who follow me on instagram. You guys know that i edit my videos on an ultra wide samsung, monitor i’m, so used to this wide screen experience. So i absolutely needed this for my workflow now i can open multiple apps like watching a youtube video on one side and using final cut pro on my main display.

It opens up so many possibilities for amazing multitasking experience. You get three keys on trio max that allow you to change the brightness of the screen, as well as play with different modes like changing the temperature or calibrate the screen to a different mode, it’s, even rocking that eye care mode to reduce the blue light emission. Now, what you’re looking at right now is the normal mode, depending on how you attach it, you can move it to left and right. In addition to that, you can use this display in portrait mode, which is perfect for programmers or readers. I use this when i have to read long page content, especially youtube comments. Then there’s, another mode, that’s called presentation mode. You can tilt the screen 180 degrees all the way to the back, and now your laptop has a screen on the back as well. This is perfect if you want to work and show off at the same time, what’s happening on the display, hence it’s called presentation mode now, i’m, currently rocking a dual screen setup. But if you want to go to a three screen mode, you can have two trio macs on each side of your laptop. Creating that ultimate ultra wide experience now trio max is a light product which makes it perfect for traveling and also for mobile gamers. Yes, you can connect any smartphone to this external screen, especially if you have a samsung device. It’S, an absolute must have with my galaxy s21 ultra.

I use decks with this all the time i can watch movies on the screen and best of all, i can play games on this big screen after pairing up a controller. It makes the whole experience amazing for this. You don’t need any external accessories. The built in type c2c, cable, that comes with the trio max works flawlessly so yeah guys i’ve, been absolutely loving. The trio max and it’s definitely going to stay in my permanent on the go setup now. As i said earlier, mobile pixels is working on next generation models. Already they have dx, plus and ux light models with even better design, thinner, bezels, faster speeds, auto rotation and more features, making them even more of exciting product. Please don’t forget to check out the crowdfunding campaign link in the description to learn more about their upcoming new products that’s all for today.