In fact, i reviewed quite a few on my channel and they are good for the price, but the problem with them is that they are usually not leveled with your laptop screen. You always need to adjust the angle separately and there are some other issues like the need of external power source when mobile pixels reached out to me asking if i wanted to review the trio max, i immediately said yes, because their implementation of external monitors is quite Unique in fact, mobile pixels is a boston based company and they have launched a few very successful kickstarter campaigns. As a matter of fact, mobile pixels just launched a new campaign, dx plus and ux lite, make sure to check out their new, exciting products and you’ll find all the links and show notes in the video description down below now. Let’S, come back to the trio max once you open up the box, you’ll find everything you need to get started: a cable metal plates clips and some paperwork that explains very clearly how to set things up. If you still don’t want to read it. This is how to install the system simply put the metal plates on the monitor, remove the white stickers from the adhesive tape line up the hinge side of the laptop to the trio max and stick it up. You don’t need to be very precise, because the monitor position can be slightly adjusted since it’s being held by the magnets.

Make sure that the monitor is seated against the table top to remove the pressure from the hinge of your laptop’s display. If you have two trio max monitors like, i do simply stack them on top of each other and slide the supply clip into the slots of the trios. Repeat that, on the other side install the required driver, connect the cables and you’re good to go. The beauty of this setup is that both monitors simply slide into the slots, and the entire setup can be detached in just a few seconds. Also, both displays are at the same level and angle as your laptop screen, and they move together. If you decide to adjust the angle, unlike other external displays, i’ve tested, in other words, you can extend your screen symmetrically. Also, i love the fact that trio max works with jesse single cable. I say this because some of the monitors i’ve tested before require an external power source which leads to more cables and more clutter on your desk. The triomax is made mostly out of plastic, but the overall build quality is pretty good. You get an additional usb type c port on each monitor to connect external devices. There are also a few capacitive keys that allow you to adjust a few image settings like brightness contrast, color temperature and so on. The screen is 1080p. It has a 16×9 aspect. Ratio 60hz refresh rate, and it has 300 nits of brightness in terms of quality.

It can’t compare to my macbook pro, but it is still plenty sharp viewing. Angles are good and i’m happy with the overall image quality. Unfortunately, the display does not have touch screen capabilities, but that would have made the product more expensive. So here is my usual workflow i’m editing the video on the main screen, checking out the product information on the left trio max and editing the script of the video on the right monitor, or vice versa. It is also convenient to check out the camera samples or compare them side by side. The possibilities and usage scenarios are almost endless here, and it really depends on your workflow and creativity. You can also switch from one screen to another, just like using any other external monitor setup. There is also the presentation mode where you can rotate the screens to provide a 360 degree viewing experience. Well, i didn’t use this feature much, but it is a convenient way to show what’s on display for your friends or colleagues when we all get back to work in the offices. The trio max is compatible with mac, os windows and android, meaning that you can connect your phone to one of the monitors. This is actually one of my favorite features as dex mode on my galaxy s21 ultra works without any additional setup or adapters. So i have a pretty much another portable computer right at my fingertips. Overall, i really like the implementation of this dual.

Well, a triple monitor system. I think that mobile pixels did it right. It simply works just after a few minutes of installation. The ability to slide the monitors in and out and detach them in just a few seconds makes the setup really nice and practical. Finally, i found these monitors help increase my productivity as i’m, simply able to view more at the same time, and i can multitask more efficiently. A few flaws include a bit plasticy build, but the reason for that might be to make the monitor as light as possible. Another complaint, the supplied cable, could be slightly shorter and more flexible, but that’s just nitpicking other than that. The trio max is a really cool setup that i’ve been using for the past couple of weeks. One monitor costs about 300 bucks, which is not very cheap, but you are paying not just for the monitor, but also for the implementation of the system. It simply works and it offers a better user experience compared to other external monitors, i’ve tested. I can say that this trio max monitor system has served me well and it definitely increased my productivity while i’m working from home. Therefore, i can recommend you that, should your maxis, it is a pretty awesome product that works well in practice. Tell me in the comment section down below what you think about the chuyamax and also like the video. If you liked it, please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and as always it was lions.