I hope you guys, like it lets get straight into it all right, guys. The thompson host lets test this build the unlimited blade trickster yeah, if you guys are new, definitely subscribe, looks like we find someone. Two people here saw two birds flight. There we go hey better run well, hes just put himself in the open now thats, just the easiest thing: weve got thats our main event charge there about a third as well thatll help us out with them quick reloads. They will be able to get this gin. Sadly, but yeah well do some damage from afar speed of this reload thats about two seconds right. There thats why youre going to be pairing iron maiden with this add on what the hell he was surprised by the iron maiden he didnt expect it. So we get the answer on him and on the hook he goes looking for tinker next, i think maybe over there theyre staying really well hidden on this map, but it looks like theyre here there we go snuck up on her yesterday and i stumbled back here. Herman doesnt see it come on push him around that corner and then just double back easy right lets get a nice pop on that giant. We are close to our main event, get that ultra add on in action. So right now i dont even need to reload just watch when we charge up this main event. Whos this i see yeah there we go a nice easy engine right there, just because im trickster now whats the reload hes going down by the way main event im going to be scanning for someone else, yeah theres someone right there thats fine, though we are restocked.

We can ready to go there. You are asteroid all because of that purple outer pink atom right there take that vault, yeah youre screwed, if only i had like two more blades. That would be some dangerous position were in right. Now. Lets get these hooks. We have the main event almost charged up already by the way i used it like one minute ago. I said that dangerous well guys, definitely use it. Look theres that against the reload thats, why i call this unlimited blades, Music, so im just going to use this main event. When we go over here watch this yeah. I choose this person. I think look at that fully stalked theyre, all just panicking to get on heels now, theyre, not even on the gyms at all and thats. This person dead, so yeah theyre at the koi tree right now, Music. There we go Music. What are you going to do? Yes, i try stirring a small loop here. Yeah you cant, really shoot over. This actually lets break it. If someone was here for that, a mig theres that dead horde, if we had to win for the m1 we might have, must ah were charging our main event for that its the reload there we go. Shes got a really strong one right here, lets catch up. So much you can do there we go. We got someone right here. Music lets see where she goes like crazy im dead, oh in the open, she does have corn blindness to help her look nah, not enough, though, for thine iron maiden value youd love to see that where did he go? Ask the question air saw bird hes over here, m1 iron maiden two good ggs guys lets have a look all right guys.

We are into our next trickster game right here. He dropped it early very nice heres, the engine were looking for and he ran right into that one as well lots of power, man thats a solid star. We have a nice quick down for us. Yeah lets make this a nice fast, paced game for you yeah. There he is hes trying to get that passport. Hes one shot away. Oh man, oh he tried to come for that pack up, but he actually just took an injury. Thats perfect for us Music. Is that two lines we got right here. That is indeed that destruction of trickster damn it nowhere to go. Everyones injured, youd love to see that lets see. What we can do is our basement main event ready for someone right now, Music. I couldnt use it in time. Just must it right there, oh someones around the side right here: Music, oh, that last snipe. The last bleed we love it all the take damage. Oh, i love that the snake through the wall, this guys dead there, we go theres, wolves, no powerful, right someones over here Music at our last. This way, Music, theres wall literally just cast it for that reload right there, oh geez, guys. Ah, the dc take ggs. There are two videos on the screen.