99 right now. It is a true gem, thats, absolutely unexpected. In this video i will examine and explore the book flex. Two alphas features: camera keyboard, security package, peripherals components, connectivity list, the pros and cons, and then i will render my overall rating and review of the galaxy book flex. 2. Alpha 2 in one laptop lets, go the galaxy book flex 2. Alpha is an ultralight, laptop thats made of a high quality aluminum metal material. It is 12 inches long by 7.95, inches wide by 0.55 inches high. It comes in a mystic black color and weighs just 2.62 pounds. It can be configured into four different modes, laptop stand, tablet and tent modes. The screen is a 13.3 inch full high definition. Cue lid touch screen display with the 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution, a 16 by 9 aspect ratio and 400 nits of brightness. On average, the brightness can be increased for outdoor use to 600 nits simply turn on the outdoor mode. With the combination keystroke of the fn and f10 keys. The web camera is a 720 pixel high definition, camera its decent for basic video conferencing with meets skype teams and zoom, and it can take decent photo pictures. Having 1080 pixel resolution would have made this webcam a better quality level camera. However, it also would have bumped up the price point to about another 200. So this is the pixel resolution. This laptop has to keep the price point cost down and within a certain dollar range to be a budget level laptop device.

The keyboard is an 80 key keyboard that is backlight capable and has a fingerprint sensor located next to the right shift. Key, the keys are full size, very responsive, easy to touch and comfortable to type with the trackpad is made of glass and is intuitive and very responsive to all finger gestures for this laptop. This keyboard does not have a 10 key numeric keypad, the keyboards fn key. When turned on activates the hotkeys that are available for your use, just press and hold down the fn key to turn it on, then all the hotkeys from f1 to f12 will be activated for your use, heres, the listing of the hotkeys and their specific functions. This list is page 31 of the users manual. I will leave a link for the entire users manual down in the description box for your review and or download when in tablet mode, you have seven distinct keyboard modes to choose from in order to customize your work style with ease and comfort for performance and productivity. Your way, they are simplified, qwerty keyboard, the mini keyboard, the split qwerty keyboard, the standard, qwerty keyboard, handwriting keyboard, this method using a stylus pen. You simply write your text and its converted into keyboard style text, the fixed keyboard and, lastly, the floating keyboard. The security feature for the galaxy book flex 2. Alpha is the fingerprint sensor located next to the right shift. Key this grants you access to sign into windows, operating system, your apps and services provided to you and teaches windows how to recognize your fingerprint for future success.

There is no facial security recognition technology in this laptop with respect to the battery the galaxy book flex 2 alpha comes with a 54 watt battery. The battery life is reported by samsung of 18.5 hours on a single charge, with recharging time being just 105 minutes to fully recharge the battery, using the enclosed recharging, 40 watt, ac adapter and your ac outlet theres. No usb support or adapter for battery recharging. The book flex 2 alpha works well with any windows capable active stylus pen like the walcom bamboo pen. The stylus pen, of course, is sold separately. The components for the galaxy book flex 2 alpha are one. The operating system is windows, 10, home 64 bit 2. The cpu is the intel core: i7 1165 g7 processor, with 2.8 gigahertz up to 4.7 gigahertz speeds and a 12 megabit l3 cache. Three, the graphics, processing unit or gpu is an integrated, intel, iris xc, graphics card. This card is soldered to the motherboard, so there is no upgrade capability. Four. The ram is 16 gigabytes of lp ddr4x memory. This 2 is soldered to the motherboard, so theres no upgrade capability. 5.. The internal storage is 512 gigabytes of solid state drive or ssd storage. Six, the micro sd multimedia reader card slot reads these cards: sd, secure digital sdhc, secure digital high capacity, sdxc, secure digital, extended capacity and ufs universal flash storage. Seven, the audio sound, is configured this way. Two 1.5 watt stereo speakers with adobe atmos and sound alive effect, plus internal dual array: digital microphones, Music, the connectivity for the book flex 2 alpha is as follows: on the left side of the laptop, you have one: the dc jack port, two one hdmi port, three, One usb type c port and four, the 3.

5 millimeter headset jack on the right side of the laptop. You have one power button: two one micro, sd card multimedia reader slot and three two usb 3.0 ports. The pros are one: the design style, material, composition, weight and color mystic black are great. Two, the screen size, pixel resolution aspect, ratio, color, brightness and brilliance, and the touchscreens diverse functionality are all superb three. The keyboard both in laptop and in tablet modes are very good. Overall, four decent component configuration package for this two in one laptop tablet and five quite cost effective right now, with the price point of 499 9 usd at the samsung website, the cons are one windows. Compatible stylus pen is sold separately, see links in the description box below for comparable stylus pins to buy with this laptop two, no usb connection or adapter for fast charging capability. Three, no thunderbolt ports on this laptop for fast data transfer or data sharing. Four, both the ram and the graphics processing unit or gpu are not upgradable. Both are soldered to the motherboard and five no confirmed word as to whether or not this laptop is capable to be upgraded to windows. 11.. I give the samsung galaxy book flex. 2. Alpha the two in one laptop tablet, a rating of a for these reasons, one this costs effective price point of 499.99 right now, when tech prices seem to be escalating across the board and especially with regards to new and first generation innovative technology we are seeing, it Is quite refreshing to get comparable quality technology at reasonable budget prices? Two, when i consider the vast versatility and overall functionality of this laptop tablet to me, it lives up to its building as being a budget, affordable, lightweight, multi, faceted on the go type of performance and productivity device.

I respect and appreciate that i think you would too three i feel samsung did not skimp on the technology too much in this laptop. Yes, there are some areas where it could have been a bit better like the webcam could have been 1080p, at least instead of just 720p, maybe at least one thunderbolt port, since they are intels product in the first place, and we already have intel cpu and gpu In the system factory installed and, of course, adding facial recognition feature for an added security measure in this laptop. Yet the price point would definitely be a lot higher than it is now for these technological additions. Four, i feel the samsung galaxy book flex 2. Alpha can facilitate a great amount of business niches, serve as an excellent tool for both high school and college students seeking to complete court study requirements and provide dependability, reliability and performance stability needed for todays, solopreneurs entrepreneurs and small business owners to affect and conduct their business. Well, be it at home out with clients at work or on the go in traveling mode between appointments, the samsung galaxy book flex 2. Alpha can fulfill these tasks effectively and consistently. If you found this video helpful, informative and it provided you with effective, useful content, please click that, like button click that subscribe button and turn on the notification bell and join the srt family, i post new videos on saturdays. If you want to see more videos like this one leave me a comment below leave me a comment and share your thoughts about this video check out the links below in the description box.

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