I looked at left quite a bit to be desired in terms of base and even volume output, but not these ones right here. So these are the t. 3S they're from a company called tranya let's check them out. So in the box, you'll find two leaflets ones: a user guide, the others, a user manual. We have some spare ear tips and a micro, USB cable we've got the battery indicator right here, there's a magnet on the top of the lid well in the lid right here. That holds it closed. I wish it was a little bit stronger because it has actually opened up inside my bag. Now they've gone with this clear, smooth style plastic here that already has a couple of scratches on it, so I can see after long term use. This is going to get quite scratched up because it is transparent. However, you can see when they are charging so right now you can see that one of them is charging with the white light on, and this is good, though, because you can quickly look at it and realize that hey they're, fully charged now and they're ready to You so the charge time for them is going to be about 40 minutes. It takes and then run about two hours to charge the headphones and the case, which gives you an additional 60 hours of playback time on the back cause. We will find the microUSB now. I wish this was type c, but it's not really too much of a deal breaker.

I feel there's type C on my Pumas slides. We can see the difference in case size, so this one really is huge, much better battery life. Of course, I do like the build quality of the case of this one. The material is used, but I think the size wise when you look at them there's a huge difference here and I prefer having the smaller one, of course, cuz it's, just a little bit more portable and more pocketable. So your total travel weight is 56 grams, which is very good and then the earbuds themselves. They only five point: five grams, each making them super light. So the build I find to be good, that's, fine, the plastics they have used, there's, no sharp edges or anything like that, so the outside of them. They haven't gone with rubber right around here, which would give them a little bit better grip, but as it is, they don't fall out at all. So we've got hardware click in buttons. Once you place them in the course they start to charge, taking them out. They automatically pair up to your mobile phone if you've paid them before otherwise, on first use, for example, they will enter in the pairing mode, so these earbuds they do not use apt X. Unfortunately, so the latency is not great on. I do not recommend using them for watching youtube videos or just movies and video content in general, because you will find that it is out of sync by quite a few milliseconds making it very annoying.

It looks a little bit like an old, Bruce Lee movie, so to comment on the comfort of these that they do have a good seal, and so they fit in your ear good, but it doesn't have rubber around them, like I have with the Puma slides. So at times it feels like they might fall out, but they have not fallen out for me. That includes jumping moving around you're, not really, I believe, going to have any issues, so they do have a good seal to them and they do block out quite a bit of ambient noise as a result, so there's a bit of passive noise reduction there, which is Great, the other thing to note is that when you use the touch controls, weather control because it's a physical click in button, it works out of us in at the time other ones. For me that using the touch controls you have to tap and there didn't work. Okay, stop the music tap again now it works next track, tap, tap, didn't work, tap it again, it's very hit and miss, but not with this physical click in button. You can actually hear it click, of course, when you press it in which I can now so the audio quality is one thing, of course, that is personal preference, but for me these do sound good, definitely a lot better than the puma's slide, which has surprised me. The Puma slide, as I mentioned in that review, I found to be lacking a bass and I really had to bolster and boost up with a equalizer the lows on that one: to get some decent bass out of them and I still wasn't a hundred percent certified.

But these very good on bass, you, if you're a bass, lover, deep bass and you want really good high volume than these are ones to go for, but I did notice that when you start to pass about seventy percent volume, the bass comes a little bit too Much now that I had to tone it down a little bit, because the bass will start to affect the mids a little bit and vocals. You will notice won't sound quite as good, but when you're listening about 50 volume or 40 that I did all the time. I found them to be balanced area, whether our lacking is perhaps a little bit with the treble doesn't sound, quite as crisp and it's clean, as I would want it to compete to some of the wired headphones I have so it is a big difference there between Still the Bluetooth and the wired, at least for me, give me white any day, but they do sound good and recommended over the Puma slide for me there for me so battery life you're. Looking my testing, I got 5 hours and ' minutes from a single charge. The case will give you an additional they claim 60 hours but it's more, like 45 50 hours more, that you're gon na get from the case, so that it's good in terms of better because there's so many out there that only lasts for 3 4 hours. I would have liked to have seen eight hours because they claimed six to eight, but it really depends on your volume, so my test was at 50 volume.

I just left them running. I used them all the time and I always had my phone relatively close to me so the further the distance, I think, the more energy they need to consume to keep the single signal there. So the signal strength breaking up were there any problems? No okay. I can walk two or three rooms away and they still keep going and they don't break up so the antenna the reception on them is excellent there. That is another good area of these, so they don't have epics so you're going to get a bit of lag with video in terms of audio there. You will notice it's, not in sync so they're not for watching videos or YouTube videos were the worst. It looks like a Bruce Lee movie, you see the person's mouth moving and then the sound comes a couple of milliseconds later and yeah it's. Just not no show for me. For that really wide is the best or apt X. Of course it had better lettin, see it's or overall, I think these are decent. I would like to have seen the update. Support would have been great. A type C port on here also would have been great, but that's mine. I mean it's, not a deal breaker. The case does pick up some scratches the magnet could be a little bit stronger one time in my bag. I noticed it was open, so a little bit of dust and things got in there for the forty nine us price.

I feel the sound quality. Yes, definitely recommend over the Pumas slide better life year, okay, which was a little bit better, but I think they're good, but the price could come down a little bit because it's a very competitive market. There are a lot of other good options out there too, as well. So thank you so much for watching this. Oh, I almost forgot voice call quality from the microphones their hairs on here and not the best. I think we're lacking a little bit it's, not quite as clear as it could be. I gave these to my wife, so she was calling me. I was a sneaker phone on the air. Then I thought you know it's not as good as the phone. Definitely not as good as a phone, I think because of the noise cancellation it's not gon na be the same in our area there. Now I couldn't get them to work in mono, either they're supposed to be able to work individually. So only the right one would work for me, remove it from the case paired it up and just use the right one without any problems. But when I tried to use just the left by itself, I couldn't connect to it. I searched what bluetooth couldn't find it. So that is another area if you wanted to use them both separately. These stuck we'll just using if you want to use as mono for voice calls only the right ear and not the left one.

Thank you so much for watching this review.