Ive been deceiving you guys for the last two years.. You all think I live in this nice place with this nice brick fireplace, but this room is actually a total mess.. So when we moved in here, we had so many plans for this room. We were going to use it for hanging out for watching TV for reading, but then I started my YouTube channel and it just kind of became a filming room and I just totally neglected it pretty badly. And its been being used for just storage, pretty much.. So now were finally taking the step to make this place a little bit nicer., And so today I want to show you my thought process for transforming this place into a more livable and functional space by just using my iPad.. A portion of this video is sponsored by Wayfair. More on their awesome YouTube series later in this video., As Ive mentioned in some of my other videos, my design workflow has changed completely. Since I got my iPad., I use a combination of procreate and more folio for most of my design work and if you want, you can check out some of the brushes and backgrounds that I use on a daily basis in the link in the description.. So I have gone ahead and cleaned up the room a little bit just so that I can show you around., And so I do have a fairly interesting set of constraints in this room.

. So the filming room is in the basement.. So, first of all, its got a pretty low ceiling, height. Its about eight feet, which is about 2.4 meters for the rest of the world., And I have this very narrow strip window and very little daylight, which is actually perfect for filming over here.. I have my filming setup, which is constantly constantly a mess. Ive got my camera and my equipment, my lenses, my cables all on this shelf – and I have my camera right in the center. And sometimes Raf will sit here and hold me. And typically Ill have like A bunch of lights around here and Im like sitting here with my laptop and my notes, and I do like to keep the set up fairly permanent because it just removes a lot of the friction out of filming.. And if any of you guys are interested in starting YouTube channels, I feel like thats one of the easiest things that you can do to keep your videos consistent. Just to have like a permanent setup. And over. Here. I have the couch right now and I have this really ugly bulkhead sticking down and it brings down the ceiling to about six foot eight.. I think thats about two meters. And it is in the same datum as the top of this window.. So because this room feels very like fragmented right now, Im going to try to use this datum to try to create a little bit of order in the space.

And, of course over here. I have my filming backdrop and I am kind of considering whitewashing this.. I dont know. Im getting a little bit sick of this red fireplace.. Are you guys getting a little bit sick of it Im getting a little bit sick of it. So well see., But even when Im not filming, it is kind of the hearth of this room.. Its the place where your eyes are naturally drawn to when you enter the room. And because the space is quite small, with a fairly low ceiling height. I want to visually extend the length of this room a little bit. And when I first moved in here that was the intent of these low horizontal shelves.. We just cut up some wooden panels and set them on these concrete blocks., But over time we realized that theyre great for displaying things, but theyre, not very functional and the spaces got really messy, really fast.. So before I had my iPad, I would have probably drawn up an actual true elevation and started sketching on that., But these days I find it the easiest to just like take a photo and start sketching on top of that.. This way, I can really just quickly sketch out some ideas and see which ones I want to develop further, whether its in a 3D model or in a render. And its a really fast way. For me to try out different options. And as Im doing this, I am simultaneously going on Pinterest and picking out some inspiration images for the room because thats, I think, one of the most fun parts of an interior design project.

. I think my style preference is somewhere between mid century modern and Scandinavian, but I also love the rough natural textures of that Mediterranean or the Japanese wabi sabi look.. But as I was finding these images, I kept seeing the term Japan the independiente of Handy, and I discover that there is a very specific style. Thats, the perfect combination of all of these., And actually I learned this through Wayfairs YouTube channel.. I knew Wayfair as a website where you can buy affordable, chic looking furniture, but I never knew that they had an educational YouTube. Channel. They have a new series called A Style is Born where they discuss how and why certain styles came to be.. I love how they break down the history of that style from the social and economic conditions and why its making a comeback. – And I think, when you understand the context behind something you can appreciate it, a lot more beyond just the esthetics of it.. It can also help you understand why youre drawn to that specific chair or table or vase. Anyways. I would highly recommend you check out their episode on Japan.. Its really well produce its really well researched and its really fun to watch., So yeah go subscribe to their channel.. Its full of really great content. All include the link in the description., So Im going to put this photo on as my bass player, and the first thing that I do is Im going to set up the grids and Im going to use this to set up.

My baselines and then I adjust the photo to have straight horizontals and verticals as much as possible without going into Photoshop and fixing up the photo. And then Ill put on the perspective grid and Im just going to leave this on throughout the duration of this process. Try to align the perspective lines as best as you can and create another layer on top., So this layer is going to be your base, outline your walls and your doors or your windows and basically elements that are already in the space.. Once you do this youre going to have some lines that naturally come out and Im using that, as my starting point for the design. Weve got the strip window and this bulkhead that are kind of more or less on the same level.. And we also have this wall that drags in a couple of inches. And because this room has a lot of fragmented elements. I want to use this as a datum to try to bring some order into the space. Before I start sketching., I draw out a very rough plan of the options. I want to look at. Im going to need about eight boxes.. Those are Kallax boxes of storage, which probably means I should get about 12 to 16, because you know I want to be realistic.. I think a good rule of thumb for life is to account for double the amount of storage that you think youre going to need.

. So I want to explore an option where I have a large storage unit that goes up to this wall jog and an option where I have low storage units broken up into two sections and maybe Ill do some iterations off of that. Ill? Have my desk and my camera set up right here, and sometimes my partner sits right next to the camera, to help me film., And so, if you have these non negotiable constraints like this, you can just put them right into the base drawing.. So this large storage unit Id align it for our datum and maybe this corner can be its own thing.. So what Im doing here with the curtains is Im pulling it just past my window, all the way to the end of the wall.. So it looks like the window continues all the way, through. And Im starting the curtain right from the ceiling all the way to the floor., So it adds some height to the space.. But as you can see already, I think the storage unit is a little bit big for the space, especially because weve got this very low ceiling height and its already starting to feel a little bit overwhelming.. So we can try something a little bit smaller, but that just doesnt really work with any of the grids., So it just looks a little bit awkward in the space.. I think a lower storage works a lot better with the proportions of this particular space.

Maybe, with a wall shelf along the state m line., And you can see how Ive done something really similar with my home office, which is also really fragmented., Like theres, a window thats off the center theres. This bulkhead and theres doors in kind of awkward places.. But in this case I was able to create a continuous perimeter with the shelving, so I decided to put lights to up like the ceiling and give the illusion of a taller space., But with this room Im not going to be able to continue this line across The room so Im not going to be updating this. And instead, Im probably going to use it for storing books or my models or anything that I dont reach on a very regular basis. So proportionally. I think these smaller shelves work a lot better.. So I like how this options creating its own little zone and Ill, probably put it in, like an area rug just to emphasize this filming zone by the way Im just drawing this furniture in as placeholders. But I am going to go through the process of selecting the furniture later, but probably Im going to go with IKEA shelving anyways, because its the most cost effective and I dont want to spend a ton of money on the space. Im going to try flipping the Tv and the couch so that when you walk in, you see the couch instead of the TV.. I kind of like this arrangement because it creates more of an enclosure and I might end up changing it like this.

. So I kind of go back and forth between these different elevations, just to make sure that the space feels coherent as a whole. Once Ive got this design to the level I want. I model this and to sketch up with some generic furniture blocks, just to get a more accurate sense of scale.. So, as you can see, Ive created a little bit more order into the space by creating some continue lines with these shelves and by reinforcing symmetry with the artwork. Im. Also trying to make the space feel a little bit more open by using low furniture elements and a scones around eye level to bring down the sight, line. And Ive added some tall artworks and tall curtains to elongate the space. A little bit. Im also creating two zones with the shelving and the area rug. In the next phase, Im going to go through the process of developing a mood board and a material palette., And at that point Im also going to print out the perspectives from the Sketchup model to play around with the materials so that I know exactly what pieces I should buy before going to the store.. If youre interested in this procreate brush pack, I have everything from pens to markers to brushes, as well as to peoples slides. Im going to leave that in the description.. If you have any questions on anything that I went through today, just let me know. Down at the comments.

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