This is carly from trifera check out this new device from lenovo afterwards, if you like, more information or pricing, feel free to reach out hi. My name is adrian and today i’m going to be talking about our 300e windows and chrome devices. So this is our 11.5 inch, two in one device, a part of our edu portfolio and compared to our 100d device. Our 100 device is the non touch device. So again, with this being the two in one device, you’re going to have the touchscreen capabilities as well as the uh, the mode that you’ll be able to use it in so you’re gon na be able to have it in that tablet mode as well as that, Traditional clamshell mode – and this is gon na – be again your 11.5 inch device as well uh the same size as that 100d device and you’re going to have on the chrome side of things. You’Re going to be able to have the amd uh processing option, as well as the intel processing option and on the windows side of things, you’re going to be strictly intel same as the 100 as well and uh, as all of our edu devices are. This is going to be mil, spec tested and edu uh spec tested uh as well, so you’re gon na still have the reinforced lcd glass even on the two in one device. You’Re still gon na have the same test here and you’re still gon na.

Have that same durable screen, uh the same short circuit protection, uh, you’re gon na have the hinge protection and on the two in one device. Obviously, the hinge protection is really important, because it’s gon na have to be a really durable product and it’s going to need to be able to withstand all of those twists and turns that it’s going to be going through with each use and again you’re going to Have the uh drop protection so, regardless of how many times it’s dropped we’re going to make sure that it is a durable device as well uh and also going to have the along with the mil spec test, you’re going to have the impact protection. So, on the impact protection side of things, you’re going to see the uh, the rubber uh bumper on the outside, similar to the 100e as well. So with this it’s, just gon na keep you from getting those nicks and dings on the actual laptop as well. And this is a pretty sturdy rubber here, so it’s definitely going to protect you from uh from just any daily nicks and things there and uh you’re, also going to have the water resistant keyboard similar to the 100e and whether that be water or something to drink Or some type of chemical uh, you know we’re going to have you protected there. So, regardless of where the incident happens, it could be while they’re working from home with now uh in a day and as we’re in now or, if they’re in the actual classroom and something spills on want to make sure that they’re covered on this device.

As well and you’re also going to have the anchor keyboard so on here, you’re going to notice that i can’t even grab there’s no way for me to physically grab the keys off of here and that’s a obviously going to be a really good feature. Because, as we all know, students like to experiment and see how much they can do with these devices and if they try that here, they’re not going to be able to get done, what they’re trying to do so. That is a very important piece of our devices. As well and uh, as far as the specs go on the chrome side, you’re gon na have again up to four gigabytes of storage or excuse me, four gigabytes of memory similar to the 100e as well and on the store side of things you’re going to have Up to 32 gigabytes as well same as the 100d, and on the windows side of things, you’re going to have up to 8 gigabytes of ram and up to 256 gigabytes of storage, uh you’re, typically going to see uh that four gigabytes of ram. But in some cases you will see that uh, eight gigabytes in the windows side of things and on some 300ds we also have the option to have the uh. What you call the world facing camera. We don’t have it pictured in this device or on this device, but on the uh on the options that we have with our world facing camera, you will see a camera in the actual bezel of the device and that just allows the students and the teachers to Interact with each other another way more effectively in the classroom as well.

So while the teacher is up, uh presenting the student is able to flip the device around and if they aren’t able to keep up with the notes, they’re able to just take a picture and still take notes. At the same time, while the teacher is presenting, so that is a pretty cool feature to that um to that dual camera option and on the 300d device you’re also going to have on the window side of things, you’re going to have a integrated, uh pin. So this is a actual chromebook device that i have with me today, but on the windows side, you will see a uh area to garage the pin here so you’re going to have a aes pin there and uh. So if they want to get to the teacher or the students want to get to, you know more finer details or just uh anything of that nature in the classroom, they’re going to have that option as well and for the ports of the device it’s going to Be the same ports that are on the 100 e devices as well and you’re, going to see on the windows side of things. You will have the hdmi port, but on the chrome side you will not and again both devices will be powered with the usbc power. Cable as well – and that is all i have for you guys on the 300d devices. So again, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your lenovo rep.