I, as you know, switched to a tablet a few months back mostly, i kind of went back to using a laptop for some things, use a tablet for other things. The video that i’ve done previously about this is over here on the screen, where i talked about using my tablet and why i believe it was better than my laptop. But let me share my thoughts here about why. I think a tablet is king and really good for traders and people who are using it for even different things. First, things: first, the battery life on the tablet really completely outperforms any kind of laptop. So these laptops like, for example, the one i had and the one i still have now they advertise like a 10 hour battery life, which in reality it ends up being like about four hours, three to four hours, if you’re lucky that that can go on for, Like 11 or 12 hours easily and that’s in one charge, doing the same kind of work on the browser, the same kind of things, but the tablet goes a lot beyond, and that means that, even if you want not charges at the end of the day, you Want to keep it in one charge for two or three days, you can easily do that and that’s really easy to do with the tablet. With the laptop just forget it, you’re never gon na be able to get that one or two day for barely one day.

Maybe two day of battery life, that’s gon na be really hard to get, and so that’s a big win for using a tablet to trade, especially if you want to travel, you might be in different countries in places where you don’t have any plugs all the time Near you, so the tablet here is really convenient for that now i cannot speak for, of course, all tablets. Here i had myself the galaxy tab f7 plus by samsung, so other tablet could be good, could be bad i’m, not sure about them. But if you are wondering about what i use that’s, the one that i used primarily for the past few months. Okay, second thing is a display, so my laptop has a pretty good display: it’s, not a 4k it’s, a 1080p but it’s still pretty good. But the tablet, just like completely blows it out of the park where the display is super bright, super good super crisp and it just feels better overall now, not all tablets are the same, this stuff, that the tab is 7 plus, as a special kind of, i Think all that display was much better than a regular display that you get on a tablet or a smartphone, but it’s just really good. Overall and along with those two things the display and the battery you’ve got an amazing portability where you can just travel with it. But in your backpack it’s super super light, much lighter than any laptop you can find, and that means that if you wan na travel, you wan na be in different places.

You wan na go walk with your backpack it’s easy to carry and you won’t feel limited by having a bulky laptop or like a big thing. You have to carry throughout your your travels, so for me that works really. Well, i like things that are, of course, compact and portable, and so that was really good for me at this point, the tablet was really really portable. The fourth thing is the pen support. Now the laptop i had – and i bought a dell laptop, had a pen that i had to buy separate, of course, but i had the pen to be able to write on the screen. It was a touch screen which is really good, but it was buggy was laggy. It would like kind of freeze, sometimes the tab that just is really smooth and really good. For writing. You want to write in the screen. Take some notes. Some annotations really good on tablet, not so much on the laptop plus the laptop. You have the keyboard, which is really inconvenient because they have like flip. It have the keyboard at the back it’s a bit weird, but the tablet is slim it’s simple. You can just write on it. Take off the keyboard if you want that’s a lot more simple and you still get here’s. My fifth point is that you still get a pretty good now, depending on the tablet. Of course, you still get a pretty good desktop environment.

Uh samsung, they have this thing called samsung dex, where it kind of turns the tablet into a desktop environment with like the bar at the bottom, the taskbar, with some kind of icons for your your apps and that’s, really cool that works really well for me, and You can have, of course, different windows. You can resize them all, which is like pretty much like a laptop like a windows environment really cool which you don’t, find on every tablet. Most of them don’t have that. But i thought that was a really good feature to be able to yeah like do things more on a lot of style. If you got to work on your tablet like a like a phone or a tablet, it’s harder, but if you can work on it in the desktop environment, things are much better. You can have like different windows, different kind of shapes, it’s already good for that. So that was really awesome, and the last thing that i think makes it really big is how easy it is to use. Everyone is used to having a phone now when it’s used to having video a android phone or iphone or something similar, and that means that you know how to use these tablets, which have these systems it’s the same kind of layout, some kind of format, the same Apps or so, and so you’re able to use things really easily, you don’t have to learn a different system like you have to learn, let’s, say windows or mac os.

If you want to jump to that, so that makes it easy now it makes it tough also because not all things are the same, but at the same time it’s easy to use for most people, and you can find pretty much everything you want on these tablets. Now doesn’t mean that these things are completely outperforming the drawbacks or the cons or having a tablet to work with and to trade with, especially first things. First is basically what you do in these tablets is going to be based on the browser, because the fact that the apps and tablets are not perfect, we’ll talk about this in a few minutes, but you rely on the browser for most of the things let’s say You open trading views straight on your browser. You open your journal on your browser and that’s that’s, fine that works out fine, but the browser is a little bit buggy in the sense that you might have issues with like the drag and drop with moving things on the browser, because the browsers are not optimized. Really for tablets yet, and so even google chrome doesn’t work that well. Samsung internet was the best one that i found for me, but even then some features are lacking, one of which is. You cannot have any extensions in your on your browser, which makes it hard to do things if you do things on the browser. A lot with this extension that you have on chrome or different browsers now some browsers do have that, for example, the endx browser or the kiwi browsers.

They can support extensions from chrome. So you just go like in a normal chrome browser. You can install these extensions and use them on your browser, which is really cool, it’s, really awesome, but there’s still some bugs with the browsers, but not it’s, not perfect. Some things. You cannot do some things. You can barely do so. You have to be able to work around that, so i feel like the browsers and the ways to work with it are getting there they’re close to it, but just not perfect. Yet, and along with that, you get the issue with the limited apps and softwares forget about apps for trading journals. They don’t really exist yet, and many apps that you might use already on your phone will just like look weird on tablet i’m talking here, especially about the android apps, because they are not really built for tablets yet uh. Basically, the market for tablets is really small. So developers don’t really work on their apps to make them work on a tablet, but on an ipad it’s a bit different, you might have some more apps that optimize for app ads and that’s really cool, but it’s going to be hard to find the software. You really want that are usually available on pcs and macs, but not on tablets yet so that could be a big issue and, along with that kind of the whole theme of this, the whole con of using a tablet is many of the tasks you might do.

As a trader like the back testing, the journal, the uh looking at data analyzing data are going to be tough tougher to do on a tablet a little bit now it might be easier in some cases if you can do it faster, but in most cases you Have to you have to learn some things. You have to be able to work around some things and you got to be able to kind of find ways to do things differently, and that means that you might take more time. You might waste some time trying to learn things, or do things differently end up spending more time working when it could be doing other things instead of your work on your tablet, so that’s the main issue now. The other thing which i have to mention here is the fact that i pretty much bought the best possible case and keyboard for my tablet, but a touch pad is not good compared to what you will find on any kind of pc, and i can store my Pc to have like a really bad touch pad compared to a mac which i had before, but in the end, it’s still not good on tablet, yet so it’s still different and the double click works sometimes sometimes not. The right click works sometimes sometimes not it’s. A bit of a mess and just gon na have this precision and this really top notch touch or trackpad and keyboard, as you would do on a pc.

So like a laptop or a mac for sure and that’s. Something that if you work a lot with the trackpad and you want to like move around fast, it might be hard to do a little bit. So with that being said, i think there’s still a possibility of trading and working only with the tablet i’ve been doing it for a long time. I was okay with it. I was pretty fun with it, but some things will require you to have a laptop. If you want to really become performant and work top notch as a world class trader and that’s, why having a laptop or some kind of pc is really essential. You need that to be able to perform some tasks that the trader would perform and that’s the key part here. That being said, you can still make it work. For example, you could use a vps on your tablet where you access a computer that’s outside somewhere else. Also on different servers, many companies provide that it will cost you about maybe 15 to 100 per month, depending on the package and the speed you need. So you have this computer outside that you can access on your tablet. You can still work with it. Do things with it? So all your apps that you use on a windows environment – you can still use them on this vps it’s a virtual private server, but you will of course, need to be connected to internet and wi fi to access that, which is a fair thing.

I’M. Using this myself to access my mt4 platforms on this vps to trade with, so these are the platform who take trades with my outgos and you’re able to access them to manage some trades or to um fill in my zones for diago. It works out. Fine that’s totally good. Now you just have to keep in mind that these vps are not as performant as a normal laptop, a computer. They might be better, they might be worse, but with the connection outside – and you have to connect these other computers, it might take some more time. It might be a bit more slow. Some of them run older systems, some of them run around newer systems, and that can be a bit of an issue if you’re not experiencing it, and you have to kind of take time to learn that too, but overall still possible. And the cool thing is that, with this tab, s7 plus from samsung, you can basically connect it to your laptop and using and use it as a second monitor so that’s what i’ve been doing for the past few weeks myself a lot is, i use my tablet As a second monitor for my laptop when traveling so both are really kind of pretty light, you can travel them, you can carry them around easily. You can plug them by usbc or usb, and you can just use both at the same time, which is pretty cool. So i’m used to two monitors when i’m at home, but when traveling it’s a really cool addition to making it work faster, more streamlined and just better overall, so that’s what i’ve been doing? Let me if you have any questions about this, how to use a tablet to trade with or work with i’m curious to hear your questions and your thoughts if you’ve done it before you have some some feedback.

Let me know in the comment section below as well: i’m, not giving up on a tablet yet i’m, using it a lot still for different tasks, different things when i can go out with it i’m using it, and when i cannot and when i need some some Desktop environment or some kind of laptop windows environment i will use a laptop just depends what i’m working on, but i will definitely do more videos on that. If you want in the future. Let me know in the comment section as well and i’ll catch back here.