I bought this through Amazon, Japan thats because I live in Japan before I open this package lets head over to Amazon Japans website youre, looking at Amazon Japans website – and this is the Bluetooth adapter – that I bought its called a tp link. Ub500, Bluetooth, USB 5.0 compatible PC tablet, compatible adapter Bluetooth, handset. It costs 1 299 Yen, which is about 9.30 U.S over here it says, enables Bluetooth 5.0 communication here it says: Bluetooth, 4.0, higher speed and wider range of communication, and here it says, simply build a Bluetooth environment. So you can connect all these devices once you attach. The adapter – and here it says, compact Nano size design with a width of 14.8 millimeters height of 18.9 millimeters and depth of 6.8 millimeters, very easy to carry around no stress very portable here. It says Sports a wide range of Bluetooth profiles. Since this Bluetooth adapter supports 21 types of Bluetooth profiles, you can connect various Bluetooth devices compatible with Windows, 7, 8.1 and 10.. Im running Windows – 11 Pro, hopefully, theres, no problem three year warranty a peace of mind and there is a domestic support center here, wireless LAN, all right guys. I am going to open the box three year, warranty made in China. Okay, in case you need to fix it. You call this number Music, the user manual, Bluetooth 5.0, Nano USB adapter, quick installation guide. It has different languages there. It is the adapter, oh maybe this is in English, very small foreign.

Yes, this is in English. Okay, so connect to a computer disable all existing Bluetooth devices, both built in and third party from the device manager on Windows insert the adapter into a USB port on your computer directly then install Bluetooth driver download the latest driver at this address. So Im gon na follow the instructions and then oh it tells you how to pair it all right. So Im going to get to this Im going to have a look at my computer youre. Looking at my homemade computer, it has an MSI, Motherboard, okay, Im going to plug this into my desktop okay. This monitor is connected to my desktop, as you can see, theres no Bluetooth symbol here, but thats going to change right after I connect this so Im going to connect this directly to my desktop. Did you hear that nothings happening? I changed the location of the Bluetooth adapter to the back and now what happened to it there? It is the Bluetooth symbol, is here Ill, just double click that and there it is at the top bluetooth, discoverable, add device, but first im going to update the drivers. Then Im going to connect my Bluetooth headphones. Hopefully everything goes well youre. Looking at my main page https colon forward slash forward slash, www .tp, hyphen link, dot com forward, slash download down load Dash Center, its in Japanese, but were going to switch it to English. It has many languages. Okay, now we need to find the drivers so go over to support download setter model number.

My model number is UB: 500. ub500 un home its not showing it didnt work. So just typing UB in the model number then select this ub500 there. It is, and mine is ub500 UN as of June 15. 2021. lets do that open file, foreign, it says setup. Yes, please wait its almost done its almost done updating the driver, so I recommend doing this before doing anything else. Updating the driver its my first time to use this so bear with me. Yes, I want to restart my computer youre. Looking at my Bluetooth Sony headphones, I love these headphones Im going to connect these headphones to my bluetooth, computer okay lets see. Where is that Bluetooth icon should be down here in the taskbar there? It is so Ill, click on this and add Bluetooth device. Oh okay. What I need to do is turn on my Bluetooth, headphones. Okay. It says Bluetooth connected that must be to my iPhone, but I want to connect it to the computer. So Im going to add it here. Okay, here it is Bluetooth, come on make sure your device is near your desktop headphones, a little bit closer to the adapter. I think I know the problem. Okay, these headphones are connected to my iPhones Bluetooth, so Im going to switch this function off there, it is, It should read. Wh chch510 so Ill connect this okay, its connected so Im going to bring my page over lets. See, if you guys can hear it, you hear that it works excellent.

Oh my god, it works perfectly guys. It really works, have a listen anyway, guys that is it for this video. I love it now Ill have a peace of mind with Bluetooth technology. In my PC, I recommend getting this if you dont have Bluetooth and headphones connected to your computer, I love the idea that I can turn my computer into a Bluetooth Hub just by using this adapter. I highly recommend getting this.