Music, tp link, axe 16000, quad band 16 stream, Wi Fi, router or Archer ax E300 from tp link sets out to be the ultimate Wi, Fi, 6E router and in most ways it is. This router can handle a full speed of 2.4 gigabytes per. Second, wireless device connections at both 5 gigahertz and 6 gigahertz, so whether youre trying to make the most of a fast 160 megahertz, Wi, Fi 6 connection or a Wi Fi 6E connection. This router keeps up with ease beyond the technical details. This router is absolutely beastly. Even compared to other Wi Fi 6E routers, the Archer axe 300 is gigantic and tp link hasnt done much to make it blend in, in fact, with the modern design and impressive materials. This routers as much of a statement piece as it is technology. Well, as long as that statement is about how much of an extreme power user you are, the tp link, axe 16000 router, also known as the Archer ax E300, is an excellent choice for people who want to keep their Network on the bleeding edge of Wireless technology. As a member of the tp links latest Wi Fi 6E series routers, it is designed at the top of the line specifications complete with several antennae and styled angles among other high spec features. Wi Fi 6E is a relatively new advancement in Wireless standards. Having appeared not long after Wi Fi 6 in terms of time to provide a briefer explanation, this newest wireless standard includes an extra frequency of 6 gigahertz that has less interference and better latency.

It also provides an additional 7 160 megahertz Ultra wide channels to increase data transmission speeds. This increase in streams provides higher connection speed and your client devices have more paths to communicate with your Wi Fi router. In fact, Wi Fi 6E enabled clients devices to enjoy nearly triple the speed of its predecessor, Wi Fi 5.. However, keep in mind that Wi Fi 6E capable clients are still in their infancy. As a result, it may take some time before the full potential of this routers Cutting Edge capabilities is realized. On the other hand, future proofing a purchase May frequently be a wise idea, particularly in the case of high end technology. A router like the Archer axe, 300 costs around 599 dollars and you dont want it to be out of date in a month, let alone a year after you purchase it. If youve considered buying a router like this youre looking for as much power as possible, the quad band axe 16000 connection is second to none with 4.8 gigabytes per second on the 5 gigahertz and 6 gigahertz bands, plus another 1.2 gigabytes per second at 2.4 gigahertz. These massive numbers are thanks to 160 megahertz support at both 5 gigahertz and 6 gigahertz, making the Archer axe 300 in absolute performance Beast. If you havent seen 6 gigahertz of support, show up on any of your devices. Thats not surprising Wi Fi 6E saw the debut of these six gigahertz bands and so far only a handful of Foams support the new tech as well as some high end Windows 11 devices.

Now, for the most satisfying part, unboxing tp link, Archer axe 300 comes in a huge cardboard box. With the usual trademark, tp link colors, you see a picture of the router on the front cover, as well as its most important characteristics, starting with its specifications and Wi Fi 6E compatibility on the sides and on the back of the box, you will find further information About this product, its hardware and software features, if you take the time to read everything, youll have a pretty good idea about everything. This router has to offer. Opening the box and after taking everything out youll, have the following items: the Archer axe, 300, router itself, its power adapter, an RJ45 ethernet network cable and a quick setup guide. As this is a very powerful router, it requires a large power adapter the size of those used for laptops. The unboxing experience of the tp link Archer axe 300 is both Pleasant and straightforward. You definitely get the impression that you just bought a premium router. If you look on all the sides of the tp link, axe 16000 youll see that there are ventilation grids everywhere, thats, because inside this router resides some incredibly powerful Hardware, quad core broadcom chip running at 2, gigahertz one gigabyte of ram. Yes, you heard that right and storage for the firmware. All this Hardware emits the Wi Fi signal on four vans. The first one is the 2.4 gigahertz band using either Wi Fi 6 or Wi Fi 4.

Depending on your preferred standard, the total theoretical bandwidth is 1148 megabytes per second. The next two bands are the five gigahertz bands using either Wi Fi 6 or Wi Fi 5, depending on what you want. The total theoretical bandwidth for each is 4804 megabytes per second, when using Wi Fi 6. and lastly, the six gigahertz band, using only the Wi Fi 6E standard, the total theoretical bandwidth for it is 4804 megabytes per second summing up all four bands: you get a maximum Theoretical bandwidth of 15 560 megabytes per second thats a whole lot of bandwidth. However, as always, no router is faster than your internet connection and youll be happy to learn that the tp link axe 16000 quad Band Wi, Fi 6E router works with regular internet connections that are up to one gigabytes per second, but also with newer and much faster. 2.5 gigabytes per second and 10 gigabytes per second internet connections, but enough with the technicalities, lets, take a small break and speak of its design. A bit more. The antennas themselves are rather thick and there are eight of them on one of the sides. You find the convenient buttons for its WPS Wi Fi, LED lights and an on off switch plus a USB 3.0 port on the right side on the bottom of the router, there are even more ventilation grids a sticker with details about the router you bought and two Holes for wall mounting with dimensions of 9.

1 by 9.1 by 2.7 inches that is 232 by 232 by 68 millimeters and a weight of 3.75 pounds or 1.70 kilograms. It is unquestionably a substantial router here. Are the specifications of the tp link Archer axe 300, Wi Fi? 6E router, the Archer axe 300, includes a variety of ports that provide certain features not available in other routers of a similar price range. To begin with, there are four gigabit Lan connections and one 2.5 g when Lan port on the system, which is rather impressive. Next, this router goes One Step Above and Beyond by including not one but two dual 10g Wan Lan ports, which makes this router future proof for Wired connectivity, Archer axe 300 provides flexible support for both fiber and copper connections, so no worries there, Wan Lan options and Flexible 10 gigabytes per second 2.5 gigabytes per second and one gigabytes per second ports, make it an ideal solution for future proofing. Your home network, its USB 3.0 Port, offers up to 10 times faster transfer speed in USB 2.0. This routers Hardware specifications also include a 2.0 gigahertz quad core 64 bit CPU, with one gigabyte RAM memory that handles huge throughput to eliminate any lag which results in fast connections and minimal latency, even under the heaviest transmission loads. Archer axe 300. Future proofs, your home Wi Fi, with higher capacity of up to 200 plus devices spec wise. This router includes everything you want from Wi Fi 6E support to 160 megahertz y channels on Wi, Fi, 6 and wpa3 encryption setting up and using the tp link.

Archer axe 300.. The installation process works the same as for all other routers you plug in the internet, cable into the WAN port, or you connect it to the modem provided by your internet service provider. Isp turn it on wait for it to boot and for all the LEDs to light up then connect a mobile device or a laptop to the Wi Fi emitted by the tp link axe 16000, quad Band Wi, Fi, 6E router. Then either start the tp link, tether app on your smartphone or tablet, or fire up a web browser on your laptop and navigate to or the IP address of the router, its usually For this review, I use the tp link tether app for the initial setup. Then youre asked to enter the username and password for connecting the router to the internet. If your connection requires one that is once that is done, you create your Wi Fi network and provide the network names and passwords for all four bands: one 2.4 gigahertz band, two 5 gigahertz bands and one six gigahertz band. The tether app then asks you to set up the admin username and password for your router. I highly recommend you use the different password than the one youre using for connecting to the Wi Fi. Next, your settings are applied and a network optimization process begins. It shouldnt. Take more than a minute Wi, Fi and ethernet performance, I tested the tp link Archer axe 300 at my home, where my internet fiber plan lets me upload and download at speeds of one gigabit per second at a short distance to the router.

My iPhone 13 Pro Max was able to get around 500 megabits per second in download speed and 700 megabits per second through the 5 gigahertz Wi Fi network. The next test was to see how the Wi Fi range was. I was getting a speed of around 100 megabits per second all around and far from the router in the 1300 square foot house, the signal dropped from three bars to two bars at a specific location in the first floor front room with the router located on the Second floor, end of the room with an ethernet cable, directly plugged into my PC to the router. I was getting around 900 megabits per second in download and upload speed. As expected from my gigabit internet connection, foreign. This router also features one mesh capability for those staying in a bigger home, its possible to link the Archer axe 300 with a one mesh extender one mesh is a simple way to form a mesh network with a single Wi, Fi name for seamless whole home coverage. Connecting a one mesh range extender to a one mesh router results in eliminating weak signal areas with Wi Fi coverage for the whole house. Tp link 1 mesh can combine both the tp link, wireless router and wireless extender to be a mesh with wi fi system. Youll need a one mesh supported, router and extender, and they will provide a mesh Wi Fi network with all the benefits like seamless, roaming, unified, Wi, Fi name and centralized management.

Thank you. Tp link Home Shield security feature available for enhanced security, defense against the latest. Cyber threats, tp links, premium Security Services come with Advanced iot and network protection features to keep your home network safe Home Shield keeps all connected clients protected against malicious sites, poor intrusions and DDOS, providing a safe and secure network environment Home Shield blocks. Unauthorized access protects against cyber threats and encrypts your data to keep these safe. It also provides strong parental controls and provides more detailed reports on your home, Wi Fi with Home Shield. You have all necessary tools to manage your network. So what do I like about this? Router well, it works with 2.5 gigabytes per second and 10 gigabytes per second internet connections, Wi Fi, 6E support and four Wi Fi bands plenty of high speed, ethernet ports, powerful Hardware that can handle many Network clients. At the same time, many features for extreme users top notch security tools and parental controls, tons of advanced features, including VPN, much more affordable price than the competition, easy setup and use and the easy firmware upgrades now. What would I change? Unfortunately, Home Shield Pro requires a subscription. The router itself is massive and heavy. That would be about it conclusion. If youre looking to upgrade to the fastest Wi Fi 6E router, you can get look no further. This router Nails just about every aspect, theres, simply no getting around that the price of the router is nearly two to three times higher than the vast majority of people should be spending all.

That being said, this router was Flawless for the weeks. I ended up testing it overall if youre on the market for a router that can handle 6G devices and need to upgrade your home setup. The Archer ax E300 is certainly a choice to consider its reliable and quick, and the setup is a snap. This is a set it and forget it type of router perfect for those who dont want to fuss with their home network, but need something that will work efficiently with many devices without slowing down for those looking to also future proof, their Wi Fi, the tp link Axe 300 would be the perfect device for it. We highly recommend it as always, thanks for checking our review also, if youre interested in learning more about this product, we provided the links in the description below if you like and found this video helpful, do not forget to give a like and comment and hit that Subscribe button see you later Music Music.