This is a wireless adapter it’s, a usb adapter uh. If you can see it has a 180 degree angle for the antenna um, we got good connectivity with this one. So we have a couple walls we’re going to be testing it on and, of course, there’s instructions how to set it up and we’re going to see how simple it is to set up uh if it’s, even worth it. If it doesn’t need any software, can it run without the software we’re going to find out right now so stick around all right. They give you some some floppy thing. I don’t know what this is. No i’m just kidding it’s a cd. I don’t even know why they even include that, so they do give you this and in case you don’t have a cd. You could always download the application, but if you don’t have internet, you’re gon na need a usb to transfer. So sometimes some of these devices have it built in the actual, usb and we’re gon na see if it has it built in, if i do, require any kind of software or anything. But this antenna looks steady enough. Um, inexpensive, we’re gon na put it together and see how well it works so it’s just pretty much. You could put this anywhere and that’s it so let’s go ahead and plug it in so we’re going to plug this one in first but we’re turning it on the computer, and i have a couple usbs.

This is usb type, a um. If you can see it, it doesn’t have the blue in there, so you can plug it in to any of these usbs and of course we have our usb system here. Our computer, the older machine, does not have a pci card slot available for this. So those older machines i’m going to see how well this works. I don’t have any internet or any plugs in right now, we’re just going to plug it in directly, so just plug it in and that’s it i just plugged it in. You can see it and, of course this is bendable and the lights are coming on we’re going to go see the software see how it works. It’S, very simple. So if you have windows 10, the 1909 version or maybe the the lower one, the 1809, it will work with those os uh, so we’re at windows – 10. If you guys can see it i’m going to go down here at the bottom. Lower lower can right here and i’m going to go into the windows, because i don’t have any internet connection and look at this all comes out, and this is mine. Your mama that’s mine, so we’re going to go ahead and connect that we are on the computer itself. We’Re gon na do a speed test right. We’Re gon na do a speed test here, a local speed test – and we have it here on google, so we’re gon na do a speed test with the wireless um, the router’s, sending about maybe 30 feet away from me.

There’S two walls right in between. So i always like to run this spay test that google has in here it’s very simple. If you can see um. Currently i have a 400 and in the 400 of course, 400 megabytes per second on the download, and i have around 20 on the upload. So you’re going to see it’s not going to hit a 400 of course because we’re doing a wireless connection, but if you can see it’s working really well uh, i see no problems whatsoever. So, if you’re going to buy something like this very simple automatically install no drivers necessary, i didn’t need the cd. As long as you have the latest updates on your os it’s fine, you might have issues with the older machines if you don’t have the latest os uh. If you don’t do the updates, i would recommend you maybe using cd or transfer or download it from another system to a usb and put it on your system uh, if you, if it requires, if it doesn’t pick up, but no software needed. I didn’t need to do anything that’s why it’s number one in amazon, so it has dual band on these and it has a five hertz and it has a 2.4 hertz. Now, maximum speed on the five hertz is going to be 433 megabytes per second on the two on the 2.4 it’s gon na be 200 max on this one. So, whichever broadband you have um very simple, very easy.

If you don’t, understand i’ll, put some information here, uh how much speed um you can upload and download on this, but you know what i like it it’s, very simple, nothing necessary to install uh. The band is huge. The the antenna is pretty large. I like this. You know so it’s a little large antenna compared to my hand, um you could twist it around. It has a little knob right here. You can twist it around like it all around. I was very pleased with the actual um setting. Now the only bad thing about it, it sticks out in the back of it, so you’re gon na need some space between your computer and the wall. So you need to have that and um of course, it’s necessary too, so not to overheat machines, but really awesome for those that need something like this to stretch out to a larger range of an antenna. This is a great find easy to use easy to set up i’m very pleased. So if you guys have any questions or any comments, please help the channel grow and help us bring content like this. That can help you guys out, and you find some information that helped you guys out.