I have decided to document more the history of window c, because it’s poorly documented on youtube. So since i actually still use window ce, i decided that i’m in a good position. You know to do that and i’ll go through the applications that i have that i use normally and show the features to you. I’M gon na begin with total commander total commander, looks just like the one on windows and it hasn’t been updated for more than 10 years now, and the latest version is 252 beta3. So you get the basic navigation key, so you can go up a folder. Go back to the root and, interestingly, you would get this plugins folder and here the developer added an option to connect to an ftp server and you can start a new connection into the server name here. I don’t have my network card now, so i cannot show it to you and if you go back up, you can browse your network, so that is samba and i think it’s only symbol, one so not very secure useful these days, but i will eventually test it Later and you can also browse the registry and you get all the basic functionality, of course, so, for example, if i go back up here, i can of course go through two different folders here and move files back and forth yeah, and we get some interesting options. Only for windows ce so, for example, if you go to the desktop, this is a shortcut file.

So here you get option to view the file. So if you get a text file, you could just see it. Although, since this is not text file, you get nothing yet the system is going to choose a viewer for that for the for the document automatically. So here you could have a word file, opening word or i don’t know excel, etc. You get the option to edit the file, so here in the case it opens in an internal editor right here you can copy or move from the left side to the right side, just as the usual total command option, so you can do the whole folder or Copy and move it etc. You can rename you can create a new directory. You can delete. You can zip so there’s a button in zip application, which is very useful Music. So, for example, to go here to capture ce and choose the zip option it chooses already to send it to the desktop. We can encrypt it with a password. If i do okay, it’s gon na compress it. If i go to the desktop, i have the zip file here so back to the total commander, you can refresh the view, see the file properties. There is some attributes that are only for windows c, so, for example, in rom it’s gon na show you that the file is actually burned into the system rom. Instead of being you know, writable by the user and in windows c, everything is going to be in the wrong except documents that you create yourself and that are in the ram or whatever you have in memory cards right.

So this option cannot be changed. Have a look on your disk space as well here and that’s, going to show the disk space of the device hosting the document you are seeing the properties of so, if you have, i don’t know something in the memory cards, then you’re going to see the properties Or the space related to that given memory card here, the usual options in the sub menu and some extra more right and you can refresh the view if you go to show you can see a brief. So it hides the file properties. But if you go to full, you have the usual file type modified date view, and if you go to large icons, then you have the classic windows shell option. If you, if you go to hide files in rome, then you don’t see whatever is in the rom and that’s going to make it easier to load and it’s the only documents that you actually created an offline that has been burned by the manufacturer in the room. Yeah, you can add a correct directory to some sort of hot list. Here. You can see the tree view. You know so there’s classic windows explorer. You can select multiple files and you can you know, sort things up here, it’s a great application, very useful and of course it remains one that i use very often because it’s much better than windows explorer, so it’s documented i’m. Very grateful for the developer for having creating this maintained a window c version for such a long time.