This is a famous design, so it’s an intel m5 uh. Eight gigs of ram 256 gigs of storage. Now the thing that makes this different, this particular device is, it is actually essentially toshiba’s version of the surface pro or probably even closer to the surface book now. What do i mean by that is for those that don’t know the surface book is actually a tablet with a dedicated base and that’s more or less what this is so on the side right here you have a little release clip. So if you want to lock it unlock it, then you just have. Whereas surface book has you know, fancy little magnets and everything else. This is more um, shall we say old school in the way that it actually works, and there you go so, as you can see uh so spec wise. The screen itself is a 1920 by 1080. um. This currently is not running uh windows, because uh windows and me just we have a love, hate relationship and the short version. Is i really really really really don’t like windows on these type of devices. So what we got on here is actually uh garuda linux. So plasma for those that want to see this is an ips display, but it’s got a matte screen on it. So viewing angles are actually pretty good. Um brightness isn’t the best, but it does what it needs to. So for me, the biggest thing with these devices, though, has always been portability and battery life.

One of the areas that the surface book had was the battery life um. It was you had the base and then you had the tablet portion like that. This has a dual battery setup, so you have the screen or the tablet portion, which has one battery and the base has another battery, so it’s about 7 200 watt hours of a battery. This is used so obviously they claimed 17 hours earlier when this came out. Like 2015 2016. i’m – not expecting that but i’ve gotten somewhere about seven hours of usage and for what i need this, for this is very, very usable uh. The keyboard is typical small travel’s, not terrible. I i’ve used. You know this thing over here, which is the elite book. I’Ve used consumer portions i’ve used. Take your pick uh. This is somewhere between good and better for a small frame notebook so for me, that’s totally cool uh performance performance um. So one of my favorite applications that i use for like video editing, is cinelyra and this being arch, uh compiling from the aur because it’s from the get repository it takes quite a while i’m, not gon na lie, but for what you’re getting so let’s talk? Uh ports and stuff uh, so the base for this thing, this thing has a lot of ports so the base you have two usb 3.0 ports. Uh. You have your actual ethernet adapter power, adapter headphone jack, which is an oddity nowadays and let’s, see microsd card on the actual tablet mini hdmi out, and then you have uh thunderbolt, and then you have your volume up and your power buttons.

On the other side, lock, kensington, lock, vga out and full size hdmi out nothing on the front. Nothing on the back, as you can tell this device in 2021, is good if you’re looking for portability above all ounce. So, for me, linux and port linux and portability work quite well uh. It does have its issues just like any other piece of order attack. For me, the biggest thing is obviously some of the performance issues and what i mean performance issues it’s, not so much that it performs badly it’s that it is a limitation of the design of the device and the process that they chose, which is that famous design. So there’s really not much. You can really do about it. As far as that uh it gets a little hot when it’s running a full compile of uh cinderella so i’m not gon na lie there, but overall this device has been an interesting experience. If you’re, looking for a two in one – oh forgot to mention five megapixels on the back, i don’t know why. I use it and there’s a two megapixel on the front. But as you can tell, it is not very thick and if you really really really really really really insist on just using the tablet, it is not that bad. That is the thickness of the tablet, and your bottom has obviously all the lovely portage for things um. If you’re using the tablet down here, is your power cord, so in, like i said in 2021, don’t expect miracles out of this device, but this device is actually well worth it because i only spent 200 on it, so it’s definitely worth getting.

If you can get it for cheap and you’re in the need of a surface kind of device, so uh definitely worth getting again i’m, probably giving this like a seven and a half um just because the keyboard is hit or miss some people like it. Some people, won’t uh and some of the performance, which is more of a limitation of the processor and not so much to the actual, like device that they use and the battery life has been fantastic though, and that’s really. What i needed, because this is literally a machine that just gets thrown in my bag – and you know kind of goes that’s what i needed this for, and it succeeds tremendously at that. But, at the end of the day you guys know what to do.