This is scott, and today we got another nice little tablet here from tusito. This is uh purchased off of amazon. This is the box that comes in here again. This is another one of what i call the white label tablet. Pcs, though, no real art or anything on the on the box just tablet pc, it is what it says. It is i’ve already unpacked this, so let’s go ahead and put the boxes aside and take a look and see what we actually get in the package, and here is the tablet itself and again, just like one of the other ones. I took a look at. It comes with this nice little case, nice little folio case. Let me get this off here, so you can just see the tablet itself, so it comes with this nice little case here’s. The tablet itself right here, pretty standard, nothing too crazy about it right here. In this side, here you have your volume rocker and your power button, headphone jack. You have a usb type c charger up here at the top. Nothing else over here, nothing on this side, it’s got a plastic kind of feel to it, but it’s it’s fairly sturdy. You can pop off this little section right here and you have a spot for a micro sd card. It looks like you might have been able at some point to use uh dual sims. You can see there’s a little bit of some indentions where it might have said that, but it doesn’t look like this particular model actually has that included.

So there are no no sim cards for this guy see we can fit this back on here. There we go camera, obviously flash on the back and front here’s your screen right here and your camera up there at the top here’s the case that it came with just a fairly standard, folio case it’s, not a heavy duty case, but it’s enough. To give you a little bit of protection – and this part flops over the screen so that you can carry it – have a little bit of protection there and there we go. You can also, of course, use it as a stand. However, you want to flip that thing around all right. Let’S put that aside, you have your wall adapter, i haven’t taken that bag. Yet we have a let’s pull this out here because i’m, not sure if this is two cables or one cable, two cables here. So you have a really small micro, i’m, sorry, uh, usb type c and usb connection. So this is your other cable here. This is the usb to type c, which would go with the charger. I assume it came with a little stylus it’s, not battery powered doesn’t. Do anything special it’s, just a cute little stylus, you have a another cable here. This is a micro usb to regular usb, and that is for charging. This comes with a little keyboard and you can see here there’s a connect button on off power button and get a few different indicator lights up here for power charging, bluetooth caps and just pretty standard layout of a keyboard here, no track pad nothing like that.

Nothing! On the bottom, just a little metal plating here and that’s about it, nice, nice little nice looking little keyboard and then it also came with a mouse a little mouse as well. So it’s a nice little productivity kind of kind of a package deal here trying to get this open, so we can see we have two aaa batteries in here for that and the usb connection. Now this not particularly thrilled of i’m guessing. This is what this little guy is for, so that you can plug this in here and then plug it on to the type c connection on the tablet: Music, yeah, i’m – not i’m, not sure i would ever use this type of setup. It seems it would have been a lot easier just to have the mouse have a bluetooth connection, so you could just connect to it through bluetooth like the keyboard. Does i don’t think this was a particularly good design choice? I haven’t even tried it yet. I don’t even know if i bother or try yet i mean mouse i’m sure works fine, like any other mouse, but i don’t see in any way shape or form that i would ever take this tablet. Traveling anywhere uh and and use this dongle configuration to to use the mouse there’s too many extra pieces and too many things flopping around but that’s the whole setup that’s everything that came in the box, so you get quite a lot out of it again.

Tablet: keyboard mouse plethora of cables. Two little stylus nice little package deal if you’re looking for something. Okay, just to talk a little bit about the specs on this. This is again a 10 inch tablet. Eight cores it has android 10 on it actually has android 10 android go, so that is a little bit more of a lightweight version of android we’ll get in that a little bit later: 2 gig of ram 32 gig rom ledge 72 hours standby on the battery Of course, wi fi it’s got your keyboard. It’S got the mouse that we took a look at and the the case here as well. So it’s got a lot. It’S also got the stylus in there. You know all the all the cables all right. So we also mentioned that this has android go on it. So, in a nutshell, stock android comes directly from google it’s on something like the pixel devices stock android. This is android go and it replaces android one which you might have seen for some lower end phones and some other other countries and stuff like that. It does provide a more optimized experience, what they say for less powerful devices, and this one actually is not updated by google. It is updated by the oem, so that is also a big difference between android go and regular, android and again it’s, just kind of a scaled down version of android that is used on slightly less powerful devices.

To give it a little bit more smoother, smoother feel. But more smoother operation, performance, wise and whatnot, so that’s it that’s. Basically what we got for this tablet: let’s go ahead and put everything together and get the keyboard connected and the mouse and all that stuff and see how it works. Okay, so here we go we’ve i’ve got this all set up, i’ve been messing with it for a little bit, and you know a couple days and so let’s talk about performance and i’m going to talk about everything. I’M, talking about the mouse, the keyboard, everything let’s talk about the good things. Well, the the tablet itself is is fairly decent. It’S got decent performance for what you’re going to use it for something like this it’s got android go on it you’re going to use it mostly just for web browsing. You know, looking at your calendar, looking at your email, maybe some some low level game playing stuff. Like you know, bejeweled or candy crush, or these kind of these kind of games you’re definitely not going to do any hardcore gaming or anything like that on it, and for that it works really good. It does have android go on it like i mentioned, so there are, you know a few differences here and there you know, especially in some of the previously used applications, is a little bit different, so there are going to be some clear differences and and there’s a Reason for that, like i said, it’s scaled down version it’s, to give you a little bit better performance on devices that are a little bit less powerful than your your normal devices, so the tablet self does that great the screen is fine.

The resolution is a little low for my liking, but again for what you’re going to use it for it’s it’s going to be just fine. The cameras are nothing spectacular, they work. The speakers are loud. Speakers are really good as far as that goes it’s, not great sound, but it is you’re, definitely not going to have any trouble hearing it, and i like that they’re placed down at the bottom, because, when you’re, holding the tablet or even if you have it, set Up like this, it definitely gives you plenty of sound, and you don’t have any problems using the speakers. As far as that goes all the buttons work. Just fine. The battery life is really pretty good uh. If you as long as you’re, not you know trying to play any games or watching movies or anything like that, then you are definitely going to get easily a day plus worth of of use of battery life out of it, and i could easily i didn’t try The 72 hours of standby, but i could easily see that happening with this tablet. It definitely runs the battery. Pretty good keyboard worked really good. It was easy to connect it’s. Just your standard connection. Through bluetooth, you go into bluetooth. You hit the connect button. It shows up as keyboard 3000 or something like that connects real easy works, real good. The keys are, you know, it’s it’s, not a high quality keyboard. It’S, a decent let’s, get a little bit better in here, huh it’s, a it’s, a decent looking keyboard.

It works fairly well, it’s easy to set up it’s, got lots of options, lots of different functions, and everything like that. Like i said it was very easy to set up. I haven’t had to charge it at all. It’S ran very well the mouse itself, the mouse i’m, not really too fond of it’s a little too flat for me, it’s hard for me to use it especially hard to use the the wheel here. The wheel is just a little too too flush and is there’s. Not enough real grip on it for me to actually use it very well, let’s get past the fact that you even have to use this silly dongle on here uh. As far as i’m concerned, i wouldn’t even want to use the mouse at all i’d. Take this thing off and just pretend the mouse never existed because it’s it it’s not a very good mouse, it’s it’s, a it’s, clearly, a low quality mouse, uh, all plastic very light. I despise using this this this dongle here it should have been a bluetooth mouse. It’S a way better option, i mean, certainly you plug it in it goes immediately. You don’t have to mess around with connecting it bluetooth wise, but i guess that’s going to be up to you if you don’t mind using a dongle like this or if you want to get a smaller, you know connector or something, but this is definitely not something That i would i would like to use or would would try using i’d end up getting a regular bluetooth mouse and just connecting it up that way.

So the keyboard itself, like i said, keyboard work, worked really good. The only real problem i have with the keyboard is: the keys are a little clunky and there is absolutely nothing on the bottom here to give it any kind of grip. Now, i’ve got this big mouse pad thing here that i’m i’ve got it sitting on right. Now so it stays fairly still, but if you i was using it earlier on my desk, just a just a wood top – and this thing just slid all over the place. I mean it was horrible. There was there was no stopping it from moving all over. So definitely if you are going to use this and it’s not a bad keyboard, but i would uh invest in some little rubber feet to put on the bottom to keep it from sliding all over the place, because it definitely was a circus trying to use it On my on my desk now the case for this thing, i thought was awesome, i’m glad that they send the cases along with these. However, this one and i i’m a little disappointed in this one, in fact that i think it’s just that this is so slick on the back here. There’S, just no texture at all that when you flip this thing back and try and use it as a stand, it doesn’t it rarely ever stays. I you have to fight it for a couple of minutes, at least just to get it stay in there and it falls over.

I mean it. Uh it’s it’s, not it’s, not very good. As far as that goes i’ve been fighting with it for a little bit. The last few days so it so it is a little more into the shape than it needs to be, but it you know if you bump it all with with keyboard or the mouse or somebody bumps a table it’s going to fall over so hopefully, maybe with More use, then this gets a little bit more scuffed and and stays a little bit better, but for right now, it’s it’s, pretty pretty obnoxious to use it because it just it just doesn’t want to stay very well. One thing i didn’t mention earlier that i do want to mention, because i think it’s it’s also another good addition to the package is that there is a screen protector on here. Uh you can see here. I got i haven’t taken this off, but you can peel this off and there’s just a screen protector on there, so that does that does help to you know, keep this thing in a little bit better condition. So, okay, so overall tuxedo tablet ten inch. Eight core android go two good gram through two gig rum. The tablet itself for what you’re going to buy something like this for actually works, really well, some of the accessories aren’t the best, but they are workable. You can still use them there. There probably could be some better options out there for you.

If you really want to get a keyboard and a mouse or something like that, but but they do work there there’s nothing terribly wrong with them, they’re just a little less quality than what i’m usually used to or what i would expect, but other than that. The tablet itself worked really good. It’S it’d be great for somebody like my mom, who is just using the tablet for checking emails playing. You know. Little games uh browsing the internet looking at videos that we send her looking at pictures. That kind of thing it would be absolutely perfect for somebody like that, so, if that’s the kind of tablet you’re looking for this is definitely one that i would take a look at. You do get all the extra benefits of the the case. The screen protector, the mouse, the the keyboard, the stylus, all that stuff, but there’s a few things that i would tweak on all those and i would maybe get a different mouse if it was me, but it just depends on what you’re planning on using it for And and how much you know you want to put up with as far as dongles and stuff like that, so definitely something to take a look at for the price. I didn’t think it was too bad got a lot of nice accessories to it. Hopefully, this video was helpful to you and we’ll see you again next time on hyperdog digital thanks, hey! This is scott for hyperdog digital thanks for watching.

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