Robot 4 000 pascals looks like this. Guy can sell clean itself. Has a lifting bottling system? Wow that’s? Perfect? Oh hey, guys, how’s it going well. I was just doing some research on my upcoming product, but who is hot in here in colorado, like 90 degrees, huh that’s, better whoa, you guys guessed correctly. If you said, monitor, fan bar or pc fan well good job. But yes, this little do. That is from toys, it’s, basically a clip on fan for your computer for your tv, your laptop pc, whatever the case may be, it runs on usb power, so you don’t need to recharge the battery and you don’t have to get a separate wall outlet. Uh let’s go ahead and get this guy open. So when you have hot days you can clear yourself off. I believe this guy has about three fan speeds and check out that sleep profile. So i can’t wait to get this guy opened up. Let’S just go and spin the box here and they say: it’s like 44 decibels, so it’s fairly quiet, uh, probably quieter than most traditional pc fans and this box is definitely well taped. So i pretty sure this thing came in one piece: yeah let’s see it says tape on here: let’s i’ll, just pull across there. Okay, so enjoy yourself. Yes, uh here in colorado, it’s like what 90 degrees so it’s, fairly hot and i don’t like to have to run the ac all the time.

So this should definitely be nice when i’m editing my videos on my computer or watching uh tv. So here you go. Okay, so here’s a look at the design, so up top it’s a nice flat bottom gives it a nice clean look, and this is where you can adjust the airflow just manually, push it up and down. So i do like the logo and the fact that it’s really easy to clamp. You almost do this with one hand and adjust to different thickness of monitors. Now here’s the air inlet right here and you may notice the tubular design the fan blades. So it does offer a lot of uh airflow um now off to the left. There there’s nothing, but this is just simple control: it’s capacitive touch so plus it wants to start it and you got three different uh power levels. Now you do have some legal information in the back here, and this is your type c charging port uh. They recommend using a power brick, but you can use a rechargeable battery or you just use your pc uh, 5 5v outlet and it does work pretty well see. What else is included, looks like we got a nice accessory box, see what’s in here. So let’s start a wonderful journey. Yes, let’s start a wonderful journey and there’s uh your warranty information and also you get a nice little booklet here looks like it’s in japanese, i’m, pretty sure there’s an english version somewhere yeah right here, uh yeah, i think there’s an english version, but kind of tells You how to get everything started and, yes, you can use a power pack.

You use your laptop a power, brick uh yeah here’s, the english version, so cool, so very, very nice, so yeah reading those instructions and that’s who else is included? Oh, so you got this nice little cleaning tool uh brush off the dirt, so i like to provide that and here’s the uh type c, usb cable with the standard usb right. There basically works with any power, quick and that’s. Basically it so you found it throw that stuff out of there log in with my eyeballs okay, so so what you’re supposed to do let’s see, if i can do this without reading instructions here unwind this, do that it’s a very long cable. I believe what four feet five feet so nice job, uh let’s, see if there’s a power connection yep it’s in the back right. There we’ll just plug it type c, so it can either go both ways and let’s see how this thing clips on so it’s like a spring loaded system right here see it looks like it’s pretty sturdy, just kind of bounce right there, and then we can just Take out cable plug it into the side here, so this is low, medium and high, so very, very nice, so uh thanks so much toys for sending out this cool little pc fan. I think i could definitely use this in a hot summer days and, yes, you can use it for your pc, monitor your laptop uh, even your tv, if you sit pretty close, but i can definitely feel the air all right, so cool, very nice little gadget and If you’re interested i’ll put a link down below and you guys be safe out, there have a great rest of the day and i’ll catch.