This one is another 1080p, but it has 7500 lumas. So the quality of the image should be pretty cool. It has bluetooth connection plus wi fi and it costs around about 200 pounds it’s, not too expensive. So with that let’s get on with it and do the unboxing in order to save a bit of time, i am going to stick some timelines in the video description, so you can skip the bits that you don’t want to see and go straight to the bits That you do want to see just to save you a bit of time plus i’ve also took out the box already just to save again a bit of time. I’Ll quickly show you around the box quickly, but to save a bit of time after everything out already and we’re, going to go straight into it right now, so it says: topro 1080p, video, projector, home theater, video entertainment and the model number is a tr 82 and A bit of information on the side, i’m, not sure if you can read all that and the same again so that’s the box out of the way so actually comes in a nice little bag. This little baby here and that is for the projector so nicely packaged, and that has a nice bit of padding as well. Yeah very pleased and it’s got a little pocket there, like for your legs and stuff, so yeah very nice nicely done comes with a mains lead which you’re gon na need anyway, and that is quite a thick lead, actually which i’m very pleased about it even comes With a spare fuse in case something pops, hopefully we we will never need that.

Hopefully, so i’ll move that to one. So i don’t want to lose that and a glass cleaner again a nice idea as well a manual multilingual, which i will have a quick read over a remote control that has no batteries in it very basic. Hopefully, it’s nice and easy to understand comes with a hdmi connection, which i probably won’t use, but a nicer idea and a couple of connections again. I probably won’t use any of these. But again very nice right let’s have a look at the unit itself. We’Ll start with the bottom first, so we have a foot this little baby here and i’ve already got it open, because i wanted to sit on a tilt and we have an access point there, and i think you should leave that alone, but we also have an Access point there for the filter, so if you need to clean the filter, that’s how you get to it, i’ve had to go at trying to open it up and i failed. I want an idea it’s, probably something really easy to do, but i couldn’t open it. We also have melting points here, so if you want to mount it to a ceiling, you have a few options of how to do it. So there’s three there and three there, and that is the bottom right let’s go to the back. So, on the back, we have an on off switch mains connection, two hdmi connections, a audio out audio in and a video out plus two usbs, and that looks like a sensor so that’s, the back on the side, like i said, you’ve got filters on both sides.

Looking at that – and we have your keystone and focus at the top and let’s go through the little controls at the bottom, so we have a on off. We have a back button. We have an okay button. We have a menu button i’m, not sure if they got that in the wrong way or not, but that’s a menu button, and that is input, button, so menu button, input, button and obviously up and down, left and right. So that is controls, and i do believe that is a light to tell you whether you’ve got power or not. So that is all the controls. What i’m going to do now is i’m going to set it all up and we’re going to have a look at the video quality. Hopefully it’d be really impressive. I don’t have a projector screen. I did buy one, but i wasn’t very impressed with it. So we can’t use it and i’m going to be sticking it on my wall, so the video you will see will be on a plain, slightly yellow colored wall, but i’ve used this wall before and the picture quality on. My other projectors were amazing. I was quite impressed considering considering those really budget ones and yeah. They look really good so i’m. Looking forward to doing this one, it should be even better so i’ll shut up for a couple minutes and i will set it all up. A couple of things to go through setting up was really easy.

Menu was a breeze easier for yourself a way around and it didn’t take long for me to connect it to the wi fi. Once i put in my code, it was really easy to do. There is a bit of lag on the menu selection on some parts of it, but not all parts, but there is a little bit of lag. That was the only downside i found with it so far, adjustment of brightness and contrast and color again easy to do. I left the color alone. All i had done was adjust the brightness and the contrast – and i just reduced them slightly to suit the wall that i’m using i’m using the yellow wall. And there are some screws in that in the wall, because we normally have pictures on there. As you will probably see along, you know, as you’re watching the video you might see some little black dots on that they are little screw holes or screws that i’ve or even little hooks that i’ve actually left in there. But the picture quality is amazing. Absolutely brilliant! It’S only 1080p don’t forget, but the picture quality is extremely good in my opinion, so i am very pleased with it i’m pleased with all of it also connecting to my phone, i downloaded miracast and connection to that again was very simple: straightforward. It found it come up all the information i needed on the screen and when i found it on my phone connected again no issues and i actually put the projector in one of my cupboards just to get it at the right height.

So i didn’t have to do too much keystone adjustment and yeah. It looks really good. I will ever measure out of how big the screen size is that you are looking at at the moment because that’s the only thing i haven’t done yet, and i will do that and i will post it up on the screen right now. The miracast i was very impressed about a little lag. There was when i moved anything, it moved virtually instantly, and that was very easy to do. There is a youtube app already installed on there and it works extremely well had no issues setting it up. Just click on it and away you go. I didn’t put in me login details but i’m guessing it’s going to be really easy to do so. Yeah. Overall, i am very impressed but amount of money. It cost. What round about 200 pound and like i said i will stick a link in the video description in case you want to go and check it out for the amount of money it costs. I am very impressed with it. Quality of picture is very good. There is one more thing that might annoy some people, and that is the sound coming from the fans. The decibels that i measured were coming around about 58, so you might find that a bit loud. I don’t know didn’t bother me, but it might bother some people. 58 decibels, it is blowing quite windy through there, but it has to cool down a lot of equipment.

That’S inside, like i said, i’m impressed with it. I think it’s really good quality of the speakers, which i haven’t mentioned yet quality of the speakers. They’Re, reasonable don’t expect them to be fantastic, they’re, a lot better than the ones i’ve had previously, and i thought that was okay, but yeah don’t expect the speaker to be fantastic, but it is okay, it’s, not a bad little speaker or speakers. It has stereo mode or you can use external if you need to so yeah overall for the whole package yeah. It definitely gets my thumbs up i’m well, happy with it and uh. Let me know what you think about it, whether you think it’s good, bad or indifferent.