I already did the time zone and the language which is real, easy Im gon na skip that thats. If you want to put shop information, disclaimer yeah, I agree once were in here its of course you hit your upgrades here and itll. Do the upgrades for you actually downloaded and upgraded pretty fast um? I already have tested this on my Lexus and I will say, Im not impressed its its, not a bad, more basic diagnostic system. Now it could have more features. One thing Im not happy with on Amazon. The screenshot shows the services well its not coming up. For me yet because theyre not downloaded or are they and theyre just not coming up all right, Im gon na have to come back to yall in a second with this because apparently needs an upgrade for that. Well, while were at it once you enter and you first set up, you have to do your upgrade. If you dont do the upgrade your services, dont show so youre going to go here, upgrade and its going to install a whole bunch of upgrades so were going to do update. I actually did this pretty quick when I first did it and I reset it to start from scratch. It took about five or ten minutes when I first did it. So what Im going to do is its going through and once its all updated Im going to come back and were gon na go through a little bit and Im gon na tell you what Im not happy about with one of the things that was stated.

It could do and its not a big thing because Im never going to use it, but if you, if I buy it with it, to be in there, it should be in there. You know and what other features are missing. So I already ordered. I ordered a Ansel ds, 700 Im just Im, just I spent a thousand and if that doesnt do it, then Im gon na have to go with a bigger one whats. My ultimate goal to be able to verify real mileage on ecus and on components to match to the dashboard. So when people are like buying a car used, they dont get a clock car, so thats like my ultimate goal, but so far nothings doing what Im wanting all right Ill be right back after this done. Updating all right, Im back update is done. It says theres when it gets done, itll say: do you want to continue update or exit update? I click just continue its telling you theres updates available, but there isnt. So now, when we go to services, I can show you what Im talking about so pretty much everything looks the same Im going to put a screenshot up of it. Okay, so now you saw a screenshot, take a look: where is it at so you got knock sensor seat calibration, stop start reset. Well before stop start. If Im not mistaken, it says Odo odometer, now Im probably never going to use that, but if I ever needed it when I purchased this, it showed it to me.

But when I, when I go and I plug it in it, doesnt show it to me its not there, so I think they should correct that it does check high voltage batteries thats a good thing um, so thatll be good for checking the C Max. Hopefully it does a good check, because that C Max well Ill tell you uh its a good little car put that battery and its acting a little weird, sometimes so. Its got your AF reset brake reset oil reset SAS reset battery reset ABS, bleeding electronic throttle, relearn TPMS, resets, DPF, regen, EGR adaptation, AC system, relearn, add blue reset AFS, reset coolant, bleed engine power, monitoring, gas, particulate filter regeneration gear learn, gearbox high voltage battery Mo injector Dodge and cruise control language change, knock sensor. Seeds calibration, stop start reset sunroof suspension reset, which is sus, reset transport mode, Tire reset and then window calibration. When you go to diagnose youll click, Auto detect and itll bring up the thing youll see when I put it Im going to make another video of it scanning the C Max, and then you can select, but otherwise you can go down here. Select from the list of cars, as you can see, it does many now lets see, lets see if it has Ford C Max on the list. Probably will here we go heres the list, so it wants to be connected. First weve got the bmax C Max. These are the cars.

Let me go back since a lot of you probably have like Hondas and Toyotas its theyre like everywhere lets see oh thats, pretty cool gives you a list of basic functions. It can do special functions. Apparently you can write bin thats. Pretty heavy duty can do its one thing. I will say about top Don with the teen Ninja Im. Keeping that not only did I get a hell of a deal for it on Black Friday, but when I have used it to program keys for vehicles, its smooth in top down makes great products. I mean the feel of this, and everything is really good. I just need more features. That is why Im returning it Im not knocking their quality or whats in here. I wish they would have had the correct picture on their listing on Amazon. Maybe they made a mistake Im not going to say they misled me. They made a mistake were both in agreement its a mistake, no problem, but the programming, the keys. So far I have not had the top down tell me no to vehicle. I have not tried BMW or Mercedes or VW, yet because theres, not many of those around where I live, but uh Ive done a Honda, no problem, Lexus blink of an eye Toyota, blink of an eye. I did a a Chevy Impala 2013 blink of an eye. I mean that was super quick, so yeah Im really impressed with top Downs, key programming and, if youre doing key programming only this is overkill right here.

This machine will Key Program like crazy. It does a itll itll. Do it because, if its similar, if the mo service like go to services and youre going to go down to immo immobilizer, well, its got to be connected, but itll uh, Im, pretty sure itll have quite a selection like the the top down. Does the other top down the T Ninja Pro, whatever its called the device? I have so thats, basically a basic Rundown and then Im going to show you some of the the cords it comes with Im going to set the scanner over here. This is a plug in version, so this disconnects from here just like a little serial Port. This is your standard OBD, this just plugs in to the back. This is your charger plug its rear. Your cord here goes, and this is your power button. Its got a little stand on the back, which folds down, if you want so it can lay flat. Comes your Chrysler Dodge a little manual USB plug in its got a couple of Europe connectors that are included foreign Mercedes plug. The bz38 also includes this one, which is a B20. I dont know what this is for. I think, if Im not mistaken its like VW or Nissan foreign s, got a little USB cord to plug it in so itll charge. It includes this case too. Like I said you know, I mean if youre not going crazy. This machine is 400 and 450 thats.

I got it, they want 4.99, but I got it on Amazon with a 50 off coupon, so it was like 450. and includes two years of free updates, its not like the basic art diag that Im not mistaken. That one has a lifetime free updates, but this one here has a two years: only dont know what it cost. After that I think its like 200 a year and uh the warranty on it. If Im not mistaken is one year, I think they extend it but um like I said it just doesnt have enough features for what Im wanting to do. But if youre like programming, keys and uh basic, clear codes and adjust tire sizes – or what have you – and this is overkill – itll – do what you need. Um the X tool d8 is a little higher priced, but it has more features than this one. So all right, thanks for watching – and I hope this helps you out – make your decision if youre going to get one of these, like I said, I didnt find any reviews or any unboxings of it. So I figured you know what for the price Ill buy it. If I like it Ill keep it, if I dont, then send it back, but it just it doesnt do what I need again.