Dreamliner right, Thats, the Dreamliner Boeing says on it, its being loaded. Now, of course, I can help a little …. Yes, exactly … wonderful There on the left, the Concorde. Yes, there is also a Concorde., So thats, a very small one. I would also like to fly it one day. Yes, I would like to fly one too. I even built it as a paper model. … Look there.. I made it myself. Yes, thats not bad either, but its bigger and it has to go on the large scale. Shelf., Well, we are definitely here in the sacred halls of the IPACS company in Tbingen, you have to look over. There Have a look over there, … and I have to … by the way thats Jan hello, Jan Hello. What do we have over there? You have to look through the door … Through the door. Look what Marc has on the screen. Oh theres Marc. We can do that …. We have to open the door. Then we have to disturb him for a moment. …, Marc Cant. We just disturb you for a moment. What is it What you have there? Oh you cant see that yet Thats Marc …. We cant see that yet You arent actually allowed to see that yet … Ah well …. May I still see it even if youre not allowed to Youre not allowed to see it, but I can still see it.. May I get closer Ill cut that out otherwise Marc.

, Yes, better cut that out, because … Thats push back. Aha, yes, then show us something. Yes, hes already driving Thats cool Now lets go backwards, here., Yes, but you must have programmed it physically correctly again right Knowing you … Thats totally right here. Show me …, You see if we brake here then … Ooh …, then everything swayes, … and …. Yes, thats the same for me sometimes, but then I dont brake. You dont brake, then thats obvious …, Ok, but now it looks cool there Now lets see if we want to push the plane here, … … somewhere onto that taxiway …, yes, and this truck … Itll push itself and steer itself automatically right Im. Currently controlling it manually, Aha Thats cool, You drive the truck., I steer the truck and then the plane, because thats calculated with normal physics …, but you cant see the truck I mean from the plane. You probably cant see it because its very high – Oh, oh, oh, Ah now you can see it Now. You can see the truck … Mega. What happens now when you apply thrust in the airplane? What happens then Uhhh? Then no good things happen …. How so Does the plane then take the truck with it? Shall we do that Come on …? Shall we do that, Give it a go …, So …, Im curious, then lets get on the plane right here: …, okay, … and Ill increase thrust.

Now: …! Yes, … Well that go well. You know … eieiei ohhhh That will be an expensive repair now its getting worse. Oh, oh …! Now the truck is broken. Now we broke it now everything is broken. Haha, ok, …, definitely …! Yes! Now we saw it anyway. Yes, had we definitely had our fun And are we now allowed to … No were not allowed to show that.? No, we didnt see anything Youre not allowed to show that, because its much too early Were not showing that … Its far too early. wink. We dont show that … then well, let you continue working Marc … And then well go … somewhere else.. Look. You also have a small helicopter collection here. I see Yes, Marc, the helicopter fan.. Yes, they can build and program helicopters at IPACS. …. Marc is good at that. Thank you. We didnt see anything See you later ciao ciao. Of course we didnt see anything. … well continue here again, but of course you could also stop here. That looks pretty good too. We might take some of that later. A few people are also working over there and here …, ah thats the book collection thats. Why theyre all so clever here.? Now I understand it too, And here it is Marc. We were here the last time we made a video Jan is sitting here. Yes, Jan of course Now lets see what we have there. Your old airplane .

.., But that is what we actually wanted to see. So now we have the mobile version here, … and yes, we want to show something there too, …, yes, thats the old version. Now, What do you mean the old one thats, the current version, Aerofly FS 2022 Mobile, And we can now Ill show you something. … now were going over here and thats the new version, And if we take a closer look now, the landscape Ill show the old one again later. … thats it new version very high resolution with the iPad thats, not the PC, but really the iPad now Ill. Go over again and thats the old one. It might not look bad, but they look like this. Yes, but the new one looks pretty clear, better look! Yes, I can do it again. … maybe Ill get about both and you can see the clear difference Ill. Do it like this …, yes, thats, how you see it but thats how you see it isnt it Exactly? Yes, both are now Innsbruck, of course, … Both the same plane.. Are they both flying now? Yes, the co pilot lands for us, now. Weve, already shown how its done. so thats, fantastic thats. Quite a difference is when you look at the runway now and show it again like day and night as they say, right. Okay, weve already seen two new things: now. Dont spoil too much No, but I dont know when everything will be finished now, whats coming in the next version.

I cant say that yet, but weve seen it now, … Therell definitely be a better resolution. Is that coming in the next version? Yes thats? How I understood it., Then I hope that youre right. It doesnt matter when that comes. I dont know when either but theres more to come, … Whats next. So now we have the UH 60 helicopter, which we already have in the PC version available for purchase as part of the Aircraft Add On package … …, and it will also be included in the new mobile version.. So youll be able to fly the new UH 60 Black Hawk helicopter, But now were talking about the … uh … Thats, coming to the mobile version for the iPad iPhone and Android Exactly.. It comes into the mobile version as well. Thats, where the Black Hawk comes in right., OK And we also have more landscapes, now., So new regions.. So you can then fly in Washington, for example, so the east coast between Boston and Washington is completely full of airports. So not just in New York as it was before, but a lot more. I already saw a bit of that, including the White House or something Yes exactly …. I hope its already on this device. … lets see …, Maybe its not on here yet …. So, just to understand correctly, this version what you now youre showing that is not available yet. This NY region already existed, but now we actually have to look at it on the computer.

. Yes, this version … it doesnt exist yet, but its coming. Is that the 2023. Then Itll come at some point: exactly. OK. And if you look again on the map here. On the computer, …, Okay, just hop over there. Here.. All of these East Coast airports are coming to mobile. So for the iPad version too. For both Thats already available on the PC thats, definitely coming for the iPad too. And the White House as well Thats in there too. Theres the White House.. But I wouldnt find that so quickly, now, okay …, but you do yes, there close to Washington. Ive started there a few times already hehe. Youve been there a few times. So do you know where that is. And what did? What did you have on the screen? Earlier Havent seen it yet have you Oh.? Yes, there it is Thats what we had in the model. Thats great Yes, but youre not allowed to show it yet. Actually. 2x Thats still top secret yes. 2x, But thats actually coming yes In the next version, Its secret hehe Theres, another one coming …, Oh Im crashing Just then a plane came from the left.. Yes, it was up there. There. He is about to land.. London is always busy. … Are all the planes approaching. Look at the London city over there. Do you see that Wow. Theres another one up there on the right.? Does that mean youre approaching London Heathrow right now Or do a low pass Exactly Ill? Try to land there.

Looks great, this typical delta wing, look. Yes., Oh lovely., And now all this in this version, where the resolution is significantly higher there right Exactly So thats the PC version now. But basically, if you look here again on the iPad., So what were seeing now is the PC version. Exactly.. But its almost the same for the iPad version. Is that then taken over one to one? So we probably dont make the houses in the same quality and that remains the advantage of the PC version., But theres no runway, you cant land here.. Yes, its a bit further to the right., Oh oh. Im heading straight for the taxiway. haha. Okay, then it will be more of a low pass. Then it wont be a landing …, Its amazing. What an angle of attack the Concorde has when landing., But it also looks great and has to be like that, because it is a delta, wing. And then nice with afterburners reheat. Engines glowing. Now you can see that too yes.! Yes, great, Yes, thats! A lot! Thats! New., What else do we have Well? Weve already shown the Concorde.. We also have the UH 60 Black Hawk now.. Yes, I would like to see that. Look again on the tablet below., So the Concorde would have to be there somewhere, here. Thats, exactly where she is. Theres the Concorde.. Here you can also set different variants: Old variants. And the newer ones., And then we have The other.

Planes are, of course, still there too …, And then we have the Black Hawk helicopter With several repaints.. I like this one, the best., But there are other, i.e. different military paint schemes or a bright red Taiwan repaint.. I like these military liveries. Thats the normal standard painting.. I like that, a lot too. Yes., And then we have already seen so here. The resolution of the aerial photos has become much better.. You can also just show the helicopter quickly. We already know that one from the PC version. There we have the interior. And now the whole cockpit of the helicopter. Is it also … …? So you can operate everything yes.. You can operate everything in the entire cockpit right And Ive. Already seen a video like that … uh …, where I saw or heard that a helicopter pilot who actually flies this machine, he was enthusiastic and he wasnt enthusiastic. He almost freaked out, I think you can say it like that.. Of course he was also very good at controlling it.. Then he looked for one or the other button just like in real life, and he went completely crazy that everything worked like that and that the thing flies so incredibly well above all. Yes.. But as I said, that really is a real specialty of the IPACS company.. I have to say We also have a lot of system depth in it.. Now Ive just turned on the autopilot in the helicopter.

It can just keep hovering just like the original can Without me having to do anything., Then it automatically hovers on the spot, just moving ever so slowly and holds the current position for me, even in windy conditions, yes. Thats, great isnt it So you dont, need to Be able to fly a helicopter anymore, it does it on its own., Yes, but you can still fly it properly And its also controlled fly by wire right Exactly so that the computer always makes sure that the helicopter really does what you fly. Exactly.. Now it can also start automatically. Of course, I can do it again. … …, you should be able to switch it off again.. When you have a certain forward speed, you can switch it off again, Wonderful, Jan. What else do we have thats new? Yes, we have already shown most of it.. We have, of course made improvements for the co pilot. Some bug fixes many features have been added which we have developed …. Yes, I just wanted to know the most important things and what is happening here at IPACS at the moment., because basically most of you will know that the version that we have in the picture is the mobile version that is produced here. Then we have the PC version that is similar in terms of features. Of course, we have a much better computer on PC and can access more resources in terms of resolution and computing power and have more possibilities.

And then theres. This so called Aerofly, RC version, the model flight version thats, also incredibly popular and thats. Probably the best thing you can get right: now., Thats, awesome, yes., Thats, awesome, then.. I learned how to fly a model there. That was great yes.. Yes, thats great. You can do that really well with it, of course, And then theres …. Regarding the PC versions. We currently have the Aerofly FS 4 version, and then we had the version before that. The FS 3 series, but you have to say that its the one for Switzerland also make helicopters for VRM Switzerland.. This means that these helicopters are then actually flown by real pilots. From a so called motion platform., That means you sit on a motion platform with 3D glasses. And can then fly a helicopter with it, and the software for this also comes from IPACS. And theres. The one Im seeing right now here I have to pan for a moment.. This is also the helicopter that you can fly in the motion. Platform. And thats actually been certified to train the helicopter pilots. Is that right? Exactly not this Aerofly FS 4 version … …, but the Swiss VRM version, the FS 3 version. If you will., We had the FS 2 version before.. Then there is the FS 3 version thats. The Swiss version Officially called the Aerofly VRM Its not for sale as standalone, and you wont find it that way. And this current version is the FS 4 version And thats this one now.

. But of course you can fly the R22 there too. and you might also find that its really really really realistic. Take a look on the left. Look at the R22 in Las Vegas at night.. Ok, Brilliant. Great., Fantastic. Thats all included in the PC version, but you can also fly it in the mobile version.. Wonderful. We took a look behind the scenes. We saw whats new with you. And also seen what we shouldnt see.. Yes, you didnt see anything Im. Happy of course. And Ill just say. Thank you very much. Jan Youre welcome. Thank you for watching And have a nice day Until the next video Auf Wiedersehen.