Favorite drawing programs clip Studio, paint reach out to work with me and is a sponsor of todays video, in which I highlight some of the apps best features for Android users. Clip studio is a cross platform illustration program that works on various operating system, not just Android. You can get it on Windows, Mac, iOS and more. You can receive a three month free trial of one of the most reputable Earth software. By clicking, the link in the description below will tackle the companion mode functionality first, this feature basically allows you to use your phone as a remote with clip Studio paint, and the very first step that you need to get started is by clicking this little phone icon. On clip Studio paint make sure you have it installed on both your tablet and your phone and simply open up clip Studio, paint on your phone and click. The little menu bar and youll see the companion mode and from there you simply have to just scan the QR code and it just connects seamlessly. This feature has been such a life changer, especially when working on the tablet, because I could finally hide my menu bar now and have a lot more space for my canvas, which has been super fantastic. The main thing that I love using it so far is for the color wheel, but it also has a lot of other shortcuts built in as well, where you can access a lot of the different menu bar functions.

Being able to flip your canvas, youre able to even see like a little preview of drawing in one of your menus mix, the colors, as well as, like certain shortcuts combinations. I definitely definitely recommend this feature. I use this throughout the duration of this painting process and it did not drain my battery too much on both devices, and I was just so surprised to see how stable the connections was uh. I definitely recommend checking out this feature and playing around with it yourself. Since it has a lot more options than I thought it was, I mostly sticked on the color wheel, since that was just my favorite use for it, and this is how I have it in real time. I switched over to a different stand since that day. Wasnt super comfortable and the pencil that Im using right now is called the Norris pencil uh, the Norris jumbo pencil I like it down below. I also did a whole separate review on it and I love using this thing with clip Studio paint because the eraser also works. So I like, showing these tips and tools how I use them in my actual drawing, because when I see these tips and tools – videos, I wonder oh yeah, this is so cool, but when would I ever use this myself? So I find it really interesting to see how other people use these tips in their workflow, so Im curious to see how you use this in your workflow.

Maybe there is a feature that I didnt know I could use in combination with that Music, and I must add that all these features are available on pretty much all versions of clip Studio paint, whether youre using it on your desktop your iPad or Android. I personally prefer to draw on Android specifically Samsung, since I love the ability to use multiple different s. Pens and onto the next feature is the active mirrored Window mode uh. This feature has been such a life changer when drawing thats. Also, why I really like the previous feature with companion mode, because it allows my screen to be freed up to have the second window of my current drawing another active window per se, and that means that I can draw on both. It applies to other one. It basically just gives me another view, so that way I can keep my drawings symmetrical, and that has been a thing in my whole workflow throughout this whole painting – and this is a feature that I recently found out – that I could do it clip Studio paint and I didnt know why I didnt know about it before I really wish I learned about it before, because I love flipping my canvas a lot, but with this feature I can just keep one of my instances flipped on one side versus the other. This means so much endless possibility. I can easily check if my draw is looking wonky or not, but instead of having to flip back and forth and its so nice, its a great one for when doing portraits, but to even better when you try something full body.

So that way you can be super zoomed in on one specific area of your drawing, but then you can still see the overall bigger picture and its a little bit bigger than the navigation menu and you can still like draw on it. So if you see something on one instance, you can also draw on that instance, and it applies to the whole, drawing because its just basically youre drawing duplicated again – and I dont know these things – I I love this thing so so much. It helped me fix a lot of the insecurities that I normally have with my art it and it approves my workflow so much faster and even on mobile, too thats crazy thats. What I really love clip Studio, bait and uh until the next feature, which is the AI, Auto colorize tool. This one was super interesting because I tried this tool before and I had trouble to really make it work with my art style, but lately Ive been using. It as a way for me to slap on the base, color and heres on screen how you apply it. You basically have to set your line, art layer as a reference layer. So that way, the AI tool knows what to reference in terms of where to apply the color, and the next thing that you do is you just apply? Uh your base, colors as like a hint for the computer to know what to do it.

Doesnt need to be super perfect, just put like random scribbles around the area that you would like it to be at and he tries to get it the best that it can for me. I ended up doing this step multiple times since I I wasnt unsure what colors that I wanted. Music feel free to experiment and try this tool multiple times different combination, because, depending on your art style, it might apply to a dear friendly personally. For me, I do not do liner, I just do very loose sketches, so the way it applies to my art would vary a couple of times, but its really fun way to just lay down a bunch of Base colors if youre really lazy. Like me, one of the downside to laying down colors this way is that you dont have access to separate layers. If you want to easily change like the hair color per se, so you really have to commit with this method, and I personally like it because Ive been trying a process of over painting like after I lay down the base, colors and use the ER color tool To get the colors down, I start painting on top of it and the reason I like this tool, a lot is because the way it Blends in a lot of the base colors is nice. It gives this like this. Like light type of look, I I dont know if Im makes sense, but if you guys can see right now as Im drawing how it applies to it at first, depending what youre drawing it might not do exactly what you want to do.

But I like that, because then it gave me a lot of like fun in the painting process to bring back some of the colors that I really wanted, and you made it super fun and it took out a lot of the thinking that I had to do. When it comes to filling colors, because that process is super painful and if I ever do want to change like something or hair color, I kind of just paint over it and Ive been liking. The way that looks with my art style recently, even though I still do have a super anime style and thats, how I apply it to my workflow, you probably might apply it differently, and also another thing about this. Ai colorize tool is that it makes the layer completely not transparent. So if I didnt add in that pink background, um color, I would actually have to apply it on top of it because, as its no longer see through anymore, it works as a multiply layer. So you can still see your liner underneath it, so you can still go back in and edit your light and line art separately, but you wont be able to see your background layer if that makes sense. But otherwise I really did enjoy this tool since it just took a lot of the on fun Parts about drawing for me. So that way I could focus on the more fun Parts. I hated filling colors and it was a great way for me to just slap on colors really easily and just kind of paint over it and have a lot of fun since that works with my flow.

Let me know how I can work with your flow and my other favorite features with Clips Studio paint on Android is being able to use keyboard shortcuts so thats. The combination of all the previous features Ive talked about because it makes creating professional work anywhere. I love that I can undo redo a lot of the shortcuts that I use on. My desktop computer also works on Android, which helped a lot with my workflow mixed with the companion mode being able to have the multiple instance of my drawing open with that feature. Really helped me Breeze through my artwork and those I made it so much more comfortable to just draw and create, and even though that I was using a much smaller screen with all of these different tools combined, I was able to have a lot of more screen. Real estate and over here I switch over to my screen recording. So that way you guys can see how my layers are set up. I love seeing peoples processes, especially with their brushes, their colors layers, and I know that sometimes just recording my screen its a little bit difficult to see that so Ive included this point of view in this video, since I personally find it interesting. So let me know if you guys personally find it interesting too, especially since I Ive been doing an over painting method, and that brings us to our next feature, which is masking layers. Masking layers are fantastic, its actually.

The slur that Im on currently thats highlighted right now, which is my line, art layer and Im using it to temporarily erase the line art around the eyes. And the great thing about masking layers is that you can basically erase something – and you still have access to it in case you change your mind later on, like as you guys can see, Im working through this painting, I erase the liner for just around the iris Area, but I can go back and change that if I want that information is still there thats the great thing about masking just temporarily mask it and the way that I access it. I normally just access it through the layers panel. The masking icon is like right. Underneath um, you guys will see right now as Im toggling on and off another way you can toggle on an office. If you have the keyboard shortcut, you can just press shift on the masking layer itself and, and it will bring back that information when Im showing you what it exactly that in Mass. I used it a lot when a house were in, like details, um my pieces with the line, art layer or the sketch layer that Im not sure if I want to bring back or not another way to access. This information is by going your layer property at the top um menu bar clicking layer, mask and Im clicking to enable or disable mass, and you can use it a combination with the lasso tool.

I personally just like turning on the layer and just use the Eraser tool to just erase thats, basically how I like to use it, but you can use it more precisely with the lasso tool. So I really love using that in my workflow, since I can be indecisive about certain parts of the drawing and I dont know if I want that feature back or not, and right now Im adding in some details of the US in real time. I try to mix in some slow parts and some fast art to that way. This video isnt super long. Let me know what your favorite part of the drawing process is so that I can know which parts to slow down or which parts not. I personally love shading. Shading is super fun. I love playing with a lot of colors and another favorite thing. I love in clip. Studio paint is just being able to have the color history panel, as you guys can see right there. It makes it easier for me to go back to a lot of the colors that I picked and its just really nice to go through, because sometimes I pick a color before Im like. Oh, maybe I want to use it again in this part of the painting. Theres, not a lot of thinking and having to color pick that color again, I can just kind of scroll down foreign Music, rendering and over painting, and I have an identity crisis with my art style.

I really wanted want to be able to do the one layer of painting style, but I also love the ability of having multiple layers and be able to change my mind and Ive been getting a little bit closer with that by using less layers, since, especially when Youre drawing on mobile, especially the tab S7. I cannot handle as much layers and I dont have as much space. So I have to like and work a little bit smarter and I have a whole bunch of layers so thats. Why Ive been? I really want to get to that one layer style but theres, just I Im still indecisive and especially when it comes to shading the hair right now, Im doing some butterfly locks and theyre a bit different from regular locks right, theyre, super detailed theyre still super curly, But then theyre also locked, so they were really tricky to shade and color, and I switch back over to showing my hands and my experience since I think thats a way to keep the video interesting to see how I do a lot of the details. Since with the rest of this drawing Im just doing a lot of rendering and a lot of the times, I keep blending my my layers together, so I dont take up as much space since I am limited by the hardware. Um taba 7 is powerful, but it sounds super powerful where I cant have like 160 layers yeah, I know thats I can.

I can get to that much. I get super decisive that I make a layer for every little thing, uh, so thats. Why Ive been trying to embrace more that painterly style? So I could see you down on resources and also save myself from, like the mental headache that I gave myself when it comes to picking colors and being indecisive. Indecisiveness caused me to slow down with my art process and stop me from overthinking, like with this painting method. When I put a color down, I have to come in theres, not a whole lot. I can undo unless I saved a previous version so, and I think over time it helped me be a bit more confident in my line. Strokes. Normally, my lines are Super Chicken Scratch G. If that makes sense like, I just have a lot of like very unconfident lines that are like super shaky, that dont look super nice with this method: Im learning to combine the painterly art style with like a clean, sharp edge look, even though I dont necessarily like Doing line art I just go in and just clean up and add in color I love playing with colors so much and by the steps of the process. I decided not to use too much of the keyboard just because I didnt have much space for it. Where I was sitting at so I just mostly use the companion mode and the other features, as mentioned before the companion Motors, its just been so convenient.

I suddenly found in a way to organize my workspace in clip Studio paint where I can still see my brushes. So that way, I dont have to open up that side panel like I could just leave everything on the right hand, side and heres me going again adding a lot of the details for the butterfly locks. The hair was the most challenging process of this piece and this is an original character and I was using a lot of different own references from Pinterest. I was looking out on another screen and I think I might turn her into an OC. I know a lot of people have been asking me: did you have a LLC? Do you have an LLC? I think I really like this character. I wanted her butterfly locks to to look like water because I love the whole concept of like just you know: hair water locks, I think its so beautiful. I love painting with a lot of Blues and purples. Shoes are some of my favorite color schemes, and I try to incorporate that with eyes, but have it not to be super similar to each other? It still stands out and I had a little bit fun with the eye makeup, even though I did not make the eyes look. Super semi realistic. There were still huge anime eyes, but I still left enough space in there for me to add in that semi realism. Shea theres still so much clipping to your feature that I enjoy.

So if you guys enjoyed this video check out this video right here to learn, my favorite shows on how to install them on Android, and let me know what your favorite part of this video was and Ill catch.