We have considered their product quality features and values when narrowing down the top choices possible. If you want more information and update pricing on the products mentioned check. These links in the description box below number one anchor power core essential: twenty thousand milliampere hours, anchors 20, 000. Milliampere hours, brick is lighter than comparable Bricks by a few ounces, but its charging scores are consistently behind by three to four percent. Its other win is seen in its USBC input for faster charging of the brick, but since it only has USB output youre going to be refueling at a lower rate than you might like, it also has one fewer USB output than competitors. All that said, though, we could see an individual finding this to be the right charger for their needs. Anyone who is looking to primarily charge their own phone and wants a high capacity pack, so they need to refuel less frequently, will appreciate the more portable weight. All you need is a pocket big enough to hold it and youll have juice for days. This product has been reviewed by over 50 000 customers on Amazon and received 4.8 out of 5 stars. The product anchor is amazing and I highly recommend it said: a reviewer who rated it 5 stars number two in EU 10, 000 milliampere hours, portable charger, a shocking upset for the top slot anchor the typical standard Bearer lost to any use: 10 000 milliampere hours charger. This brick is one of the best portable chargers.

Not only did its charging times and speed sit near the top of the chart, but its got two USB output ports to the Anchor power core – slim 10, 000 single USB at charging port, and since that second Port can be the difference between powering a secondary device. While you charge your phone or helping a friend out when they need it were giving the any you, the overall nod for a brand were not that familiar with this anyu charger stood up in 15 minute and one hour time, charging at 22 78 with times that Were within one to two percentage points ahead of the power core Slims times, it only failed to beat the anchor to fill a complete phone once putting up a two hour time. Four minutes behind the anchor both Chargers refilled about 2.2 to 2.25 iPhone 12s. So its practically a tie, anyu also has a longer warranty. Its three year plan is twice as long as Anchors 18 month window. This charger has been reviewed by over 9000 customers on Amazon and has been rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, a reviewer who gave it five stars, said: number three, miyadi, 10 000 milliampere hours to pack. This miyadi portable charger 2 pack is popular for one reason, and one reason alone: you get two 10 000 milliampere hours chargers for around thirty dollars normally and while that looks great on paper, sharing is caring, especially with a household filled with devices to charge the math Doesnt work out that said: a 10 000 milliampere hours power bank cost between Seventeen dollars to twenty dollars.

So there are some savings here. Those savings are not worth what you lose on charging performance. The miyadi Chargers took the worst scores in each category. Its three hour time to refill an iPhone 12 was ‘ minutes longer than the Equus second worst score, and it scores on 15 minute and one hour charging times 12 and ‘ are also quite low, with the latter being exceptionally poor. The next highest is 62 percent. This product has been reviewed by over 60 500 customers on Amazon and received 4.5 out of 5 stars, a customer who rated it 5 out of 5 Star, said number four anchor power core Plus 26800 PD. If none of the previous portable batteries can fulfill your devices power needs, then you should check out the anchor power core Plus 26800 PD. This Beast of a battery can supply enough current to capably charge. Some of the most power hungry devices, such as newer MacBooks laptops or gaming systems, like a Nintendo switch, it uses the more modern power delivery standard with USBC connectors, letting you charge compatible devices at their absolute fastest rate. It has plenty of juice to fully charge most newer smartphones, five times or more, and it recharges itself quite fast with the included fast charging wall adapter a rarity for larger battery packs. The Anker power core Plus is one of the largest and heaviest portable batteries. Weve tested its cumbersome to carry around in a pocket cutting down on its convenience quite a bit, however, just toss it in your backpack, with your laptop and youre in business.

As you might guess, this product is also a bit more expensive than some smaller models regardless. We readily recommend this battery module to anyone that needs to charge their phone a handful of times or needs a battery that can handle the higher power draws of larger devices. Number five electric power Pi P10. Are you feeling the Need for Speed? This power bank can recharge your Gadgets in a hurry with a hefty 20 000 milliampere hours capacity. It can simultaneously charge a laptop and a phone you can get up to 45w from the USBC port and 18w from the usba. It also supports pdpps, which means you can fast charge a Samsung smartphone at 25w. It can even deliver 30w to an iPad Pro most portable chargers. This size take an age to recharge, but provided you have a 45 watt USB CPD wall charger 35. You can refill the power Pi in just two and a half hours. I have been using this power bank for around two years now and its still going strong. Sadly, it looks as though the P20 is sold out, but you can snag the P10 with half the capacity 10 000 milliampere hours, but all the same features One USB. A port and one USBC can charge most phones two to three times number. Six anchor mag go 633. One of the biggest problems we run into with portable chargers is forgetting to charge them. So this clever Gadget from anchor is one of our favorite iPhone accessories, ostensibly its a wireless charging stand with magsafe support that includes a charging spot for your airpods on the base.

The clever part earning it a place here is the detachable portable charger that slides out of the stand. When you need to go, it stays stuck to the back of any magsafe iPhone and continues to charge it wirelessly. You can also recharge the power bank or charge another device with it via the USBC port number, seven imodo, 20, comma 000 Ma offering mostly everything you could need at this price. The imoto 20 comma 000 ma power bank has a 20 000 milliampere hours capacity. That means you can charge the average smartphone over four times without a problem. The price is that its a fairly bulky power bank and its certainly heavy, but with two ports and a screen that shows you how much charge is remaining its certainly practical, if not particularly portable number, eight charmass, 26 800 milliampere hours. Charmast is a less well known brand compared to other power bank supplies, but its keenly priced. It can charge your iPhone over eight times, as well as a Macbook, twice with a choice of USBC or regular usba, its capacity isnt as vast as some options here, but its surprisingly slim and lightweight for what it offers, meaning its pretty convenient number nine Belkin, 10K Usbc power bank, with integrated cables, belkins charge plus 10K USBC power bank, is a capable mobile companion in its own right. Both its USBC and Thunderbolt ports are capable of delivering 18 watts of battery power to your device or 23 Watts total.

If both ports are used simultaneously, but its the built in cables for each Port, that really sets this power back apart. Of course, youll pay a slight premium for the convenience. Belkin boost up charge plus 10K, a 10 000 milliampere hours 37 Watt hours battery pack. That has two built in cables: one USBC, one apple, lightning, connector, the housing comes in the standard battery pack, color of black, where you can pick the blue color option that, to my eyes, looks almost purple, while the cables themselves remain black on the front of the Housing are four LED indicator lights, a USBC port and a power button. Each light represents 25 of the batterys capacity, while the USBC Port is used to charge the pack itself or connect a cable of your own to it and provide up to 18 watts of charging. In either direction the built in USBC and lightning cables are also capable of up to 18 watts of charging power. But the pack has an overall limit of 23 Watts if youre using more than one connection at a time number 10. Mophie power station double XL best. Overall, the power station double XL has a 20 000 milliampere hours battery for a total of 74 Watt hours of power. There are three ports: two usba and a lone USBC Port indicator lights and a power button. The fabric material covering the top and bottom of the pack are a nice break from the usual plastic housing.

Although the edges of the pack are black plastic, the pack itself is roughly the same width and height as Samsungs. Galaxy S10 plus youd need to stack three of those phones to approximate the Packs thickness. The passports live on the front of the pack, with the USBC Port between the two standard USB ports, the USBC Port is used to charge devices or charge the pack itself. It can put out 5 volts, 3A 15 watts of power, while the standard USB ports are limited to 5 volts, 2.4a and 5 volts 1A respectively. The power station double XL can charge at a maximum of 5 volts, 3.4a or roughly 17 Watts. I was able to charge the pack from empty to full in five hours and 6 minutes. As for efficiency, the power station double XL is the third most efficient pack Ive tested overall at 92.51 percent. The Mophie power station plus XL is still the top pack at 93.41 and the Zero Lemon tough juice is second at 93.27 percent. The average efficiency for all portable batteries, Ive tested is 83 percent included in the box with a double XL is a USB a to USBC cord thats, far too short, but appreciated. Nonetheless, number 11. Inova laptop power bank compared to the majority of power Banks, which typically consist of black plastic housing with a power button and a few LED lights and some ports on one end. Inovas design stands out. The ultra fast power bank has a fabric covering on top and bottom, a small display on the top that shows the exact battery percentage and three ports, two usba and one USBC, the USBC Port pulls double duty.

You use it to charge the pack, and you can, of course use it to charge your phone laptop or even a Nintendo switch. The USBC Port supports charging at up to 20 volts 2.25a 45 watts of output and up to 20 volts 1.5, a 30 watts of input. The middle USB port supports up to 12 volts 1.5, a 18 watts of output with the standard USB port offering the base charging speed of 5 volts 2.4, a 12 watts of output charging. The pack was Speedy, going from empty to 100 in 2 hours and 40 minutes when charging at its full 30 Watts max speed.